Auto Meter Diesel Tachometers Connected To The Alternator Installation How-To Install

Announcer: Brought to you by JEGS! Instructor: Looking to hook up a tach to your
diesel engine? With Auto Meter, it’s no spark plugs, no problem. Auto Meter offers two diesel
specific tachs that come with a small inductive pick-up design strapped to the outside of
your alternator. Once in place, it reads the rotation of the alternator as it’s creating
energy and translates that into a tach signal that’s read by these diesel specific tachs.
So, we want to put the pick-up near the center line of the alternator or right on the laminations. Strap that down and make it nice and secure.
Then we’re going to run the wire up to the back of tach, conventional power and ground,
and then the twin lamp cord style wire goes to the pick-up. Now we may see it be a little
erratic at first. No problem there. Sometimes we got to tweak where the pick-up is on the
alternator. When we find that sweet spot, it’s going to fall right in line. Now because your alternator spins at a different
rate than the crank, we’re going to need to calibrate the tach. We can open up the back
of the case here, it’s just one bolt. And you’ll see there’s a small hole where we insert
a screwdriver. Now, inside there’s a set screw. We’re going to turn that and adjust it now.
You can use a strobe or a scan tool to get that. We started with a scan tool here and
you can see we get that matched up. And there’s our sweet spot right there. Now we also tried two different diesel strobes.
There’s the Monarch PT99. This was a little more expensive. And then we have the Uni-T
which was our budget model. Both required a piece of reflective tape to be installed
onto the crank pulley. You can see that right there. Now the Uni-T was a little bit harder
to get the signal, didn’t have quite as wide of a dispersion of the laser pattern. With
a little bit of tweaking, we did get that dialed in and we saw this unit to be very,
very accurate. The Monarch on the other-hand, super easy
to use. Big, wide beam pattern. We could move around while we were using it. You can see
right there how easy it is to grab that. Both of the units, again, compared with our scan
tool, very, very accurate. We had no complaints about accuracy. We just preferred the ease
of use of the Monarch. Now, between the two of them, you’re going to expect to pay around
$80 or so for the Uni-T. The Monarch hit the wall a little harder. This one ran us about
250 online. Once everything’s hooked up, you can see the
Auto Meter diesel tach. As quick, as accurate, as responsive as your conventional auto meter
tachs. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Announcer: Brought to you buy JEGS! Fast delivery.
Your source for high performance and quality. Delivering performance since 1960.

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