Autumn monsoon rain continues, typhoon on its way

good morning most parts of the country
are waking up to a rainy Wednesday and heavy rain is set to drench the Capital
Area during the morning commute so drive with care and there could be 30 to 50
millimeters of rain per hour meanwhile coastal areas of Tallinn and O province
are under a heavy rain advisory the autumn monsoon will continue into
tomorrow in southern provinces while central regions will see monsoon rain
into Friday night and solar and the rest of the capital or central region cities
will see up to 300 millimeters of downpours and after the rain we’ll need
to brace for date 13 typhoon of the season leaning leaning formed as
tropical depression but has now developed into a typhoon the typhoon is
likely to move north toward a peninsula passing through Zalando province and
possibly hitting Seoul by noon on Saturday so please do keep an eye on the
updates and checking on today’s temperatures now morning temperatures
are similar to yesterday ranging from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius daily highs will
be a tad allured and yesterday ranging from 25 to 30 degrees that’s Korea for
you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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