Autumn monsoon rain expected nationwide until Wednesday _ 090919

Chuseok is just around the corner, and for
those looking forward to the bright round full Chuseok moon, pay attention: the moon
will rise at 6:38 PM in Seoul. Other major cities, like Busan and Ulsan,
will get a glimpse at the full moon at 6:26 PM. But because of the position of the moon, it’s
expected to look the fullest the day after Chuseok, or Saturday. Weather conditions are expected to cooperate
with only a few clouds drifting by. The capital has been under a cloudy sky with
just a drizzle today whereas the southern provinces have been soaking with some heavier
rain caused by the monsoon front. However, the rain will concentrate over the
northern parts of the peninsula tomorrow,… soaking the capital and surrounding areas. The rain will start to clear off tonight in
the south,… whereas the capital will see a good amount of rain mostly between 30 to
80 millimeters until tomorrow,… but some areas may even receive more than 100 millimeters. Checking out the readings for tomorrow,… Most regions across the country will get up
to similar readings,…Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu and Jeju beginning the day at 24 degrees Celsius. The daytime highs will be higher than seasonal
norms,… with Seoul reaching 28 degrees, while Busan
and Jeju hit 29 and 30 degrees respectively. But rainy weather is in store until Wednesday,…
luckily before the Chuseok holiday kicks off on Thursday.. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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