Autumn monsoon rain expected until tomorrow, weekend under the influence of typhoon _ 090519

Heavy rain alerts have been issued in the
central region and with the season’s 13th typhoon Lingling approaching,… it’s expected
to bring an extra amount of rain to the Peninsula. For more details, let’s turn to our Michelle
Park at the weather center, Michelle? Rain clouds have developed across the central
region dumping heavy amounts of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. And right now, precipitation is pretty strong
in the northern parts of the nation, with some regions currently under heavy rain warnings
and advisories. The autumn rain is forecast to soak the nation
until tomorrow mostly before noon,… but unfortunately, fast approaching typhoon Lingling
is expected to bring another bout of heavy downpours starting tomorrow. The typhoon will track its way through the
country by Saturday and dissipate in Russia by Sunday. In the meantime, the capital and parts of
Chungcheongnam-do and Gangwon-do province will get up to 80 millimeters of precipitation
until tomorrow and less amount in the south for now. Checking out the readings for tomorrow,… It’s going to be stuffy and humid when we
get up,… with similar temperature readings as today,… mostly hovering at 23 degrees
Celsius. Your Friday will be overcast or wet. With Seoul and Daegu marking 30 degrees, while
Busan hit 29 and Jeju 28 degrees Celsius. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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