‘Autumn monsoon rain’ followed by typhoon Lingling

have an umbrella handy this week here in
Korea because there’s an autumn monsoon heading towards the country now on top
of that it’s highly likely that typhoon ling-ling will hit this weekend
Aram Ji Young has more heavy rain alerts have been issued for jeju island and the
provinces of tralana MO and gyeongsangnam-do the southern parts of
the country are already getting drenched and by this evening the rain will spread
to the central western regions toward the surrounding province and komando
will get up to 300 millimeters by Thursday meanwhile the 13th typhoon of
the season ling-ling is likely to reach Korea by the weekend if this stays on
course the entire nation will be under its influence right now it’s a few
hundred kilometers southeast of Taiwan forecasters expect the storm could cause
serious damage if it hits Korea so people are advised to make thorough
preparations on Ji Young Arirang news

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