Autumn monsoon rain to soak most of Korea_090919

Good afternoon, the second week of September
is kicking off under murky clouds and autumn monsoon rainfall. Monsoon showers in southern parts of the country
are spreading to central western regions. Northern regions will see 30 to 80 millimeters
of rainfall into Wednesday morning, the rest will see 5 to 60 millimeters of showers. Temperature-wise, it’s been relatively warm
September. This week is also forecast to be warmer than
seasonal norms. Today’s highs will go up a couple of notches
higher than yesterday for most regions… Gyeongju and Daegu will see highs above 30
degrees this afternoon. Thankfully the rain will let up in time for
the Chuseok holiday. We are looking at bright skies with noticeable
temperature differences between lows and highs during the Chuseok holiday. That’s Korea for you and here’s the international
weather for viewers around the world.

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