Autumn rain in store_20190909

good morning the typhoon has passed but
you will need to prepare for autumn rain now right now some parts of the country
are seeing showers with a heavy rain advisory being in place on Jeju Island
but rain clouds will gradually expand it to central western regions and northern
regions will see 30 to 80 millimetres of somewhat heavy rain falling to wednesday
morning and the rest will see 5 to 60 millimeters of showers and it’s a
relatively warm and humid start to the day and morning temperatures range from
21 to 25 degrees Celsius bili ice will go up a couple of notches
higher than yesterday for most regions Gyeongju go will get up to 32 degrees
Celsius this afternoon while Busan should have a rain free Monday
thankfully rain will let up in time for the Chuseok holiday we are looking at
mostly sunny skies with noticeable temperature differences between lows and
highs that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers
around the world

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