What’s up! Good morning from Lavasa. Good morning from Lavasa. and Today I’m going to tell you how to reach Lavasa from Mumbai. how to reach Lavasa from Mumbai. Watch the vlog Have Fun. You need to keep in mind 4 things No 1 Tires should not be worn out No 2 Petrol NO 3 – Protection and endless amount of water bottles. Not 1, not 2 but as many as possible And yes, a friend too. Today Chirag is accompanying me in my journey Get up at 5.30 in the morning and leave so you can reach at ease. We have reached Khandala from Kharghar without any stoppages The wind is really strong here. Our plan is that we’ll go to Lonavala from Khandala. Lonavala Lake, Bhushi Dam And after Lonavala, we’ll go to Pawna Lake And from Pawna Lake, directly to Lavasa. We’re not making much stoppages Not gonna eat much, just gonna have some tea. TEA is COMPULSORY Enjoy the Scenz. It took us 2 hours to reach Lonavala. To reach Khandala, it took us one and half hour. *should have said this first* We had left at 5.30 And right now, we are Lonavala Lake But it’s all dry up here. This is Chirag’s first time and he did not like it here. He is wondering why did we stop here? Chirag – Yea, Why? No issues, lets go forward. Lets see Bhushi Dam, then Tiger Point if poossible Pawna Lake, then Lavasa You guys already know the plan And if you guys are wondering why i am speaking softly It’s very cold here. We have reached Bhushi Dam But its all empty up here The water flow has been stopped The gates have been closed. Chirag’s day is going bad If you guys are coming to Lonavala I’m suggesting you guys some places to visit here. First things first, its best to visit Lonavala in the monsoons. Places to visit – Lohagad Fort, Bhaja Caves These 2 places are really amazing Bhushi Dam is also good. I’ll show you how it looks! But the best time is monsoons *disappointment These wooden blocks does not stay here during monsoons The wooden blocks are removed And the water flows throughout the place. Right now, we are at Pawna Lake And before showing the feelz Im gonna tell a few more places to visit in Lonavala No 1 Rajmachi Garden Raiwood Garden There are alot of wax museums here You’ll find alot more places on the screen. And now i’m gonna show you guys the feelz Feelz This is Pawna Lake’s camping site Here you can do activities like boating and Rafting Right now, we have reached Temghar Its a 20 minute journey from Temghar to Lavasa We had filled up our scooty’s tank 450 full tank We reached easily, didn’t have to stop in between for petrol Temghar Dam is not open right now *Just like our whole journey Gonna show you the scenes as it is Now direct stop to Lavasa Pay and Park 2 wheeler – 200, Four wheeler – 500, Heavy Vehicle – 1000 Got the bill But i had watched other vlogs They got a bill but also discount coupons We didn’t get any discount coupons Very unfair! *frustated We have reached Lavasa And Chirag will tell you the scenes The scenes are wonderful. You guys have a look for yourself. Previously we were around there. And right now we are down at Dasve Lake The scenery down here is just mesmerizing Let’s show you India’s Italy If you guys go to the other side of the bridge That is Lavasa’s developing area This side of the bridge is fully developed Here you can do adventure and water sports It’s an honest vlog We don’t have the budget otherwise we would do it. There’s this shop here Now & Wow There are some beautiful souvenirs to carry home I’m seeing this for the first time God knows where the water is generating from Chirag is drinking tea here Akash : How’s the tea? Chirag : Its really good If you guys want to ride a bicycle Its 200 for couples and 100 for singles and kids There’s a toy train here which gives you a tour of Lavasa *Minimum of 6 people Had Fun, wait, don’t go. I have something more to share If you guys are taking the route to Lavasa from Pawna Lake You won’t get any tolls But if you guys take the Mumbai Pune Expressway You’ll have to face 2 tolls And the Pawna Lake road is really bad Lavasa is a good place to stay But there’s no point to stay there for more than one day If you guys are leaving for Lavasa You’ll must know that the price for one night stay is quite high. But the place is worth it. I’m very tired lets end the vlog here. Take care See ya Bye


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