Background RF vs. Smart Meter RF

This is Matt with Smarter Meters I’m here today hiking on the Appalachian Trail Near the Vermont/New Hampshire border and I am looking for radio frequencies. As you may know, radio frequencies, or RF is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by antennas including radio towers television towers, cell towers, cell phones many common household devices, including microwave ovens. The reason that I’m out here in the woods is because I’m looking to find background RF in other words I’m trying to figure out what is a level of RF that would be a baseline or ambient level that you would expect to find anywhere
even out here in the woods far away from any transmitters or homes that might have RF devices. So, I have with me three radio frequency meters. I’m just going to quickly tell you about them. This is a wide range meter that picks up RF between 1 and 8,000 Mhz, or 8 Ghz. This is a similar meter
that has a more narrow range that picks up between 100
and 6,000 Mhz, or 6 Ghz. this meter has the narrowest range it measures between 50 Mhz
up to 3,500 Mhz, or 3.5 Ghz. It is tri-axis meter
and it’s very sensitive. Let’s take a look at what they all
are reading here out in the woods. So, as you can see on the tri-axis RF meter
we are getting a reading of 0.0 microwatts per meter squared (琺/m^2). So, that is no RF right here. On the medium range meter we’re getting
a readout of 0.001 milliwatts per meter squared (mW/m^2) which is the same as
1 microwatt per meter squared (琺/m^2). That is the lowest reading that this model
will display, so that’s as good as nothing. And last, you can see on the wide-range meter
that we’re also getting a measurement of 0.001 milliwatts per meter squared,
or 1 microwatt per meter squared. so again, you can see that all three meters
are displaying, are showing that right here there is no RF. I might be able to make a cell phone call in an emergency and that would increase the RF in this particular spot. But as of right now, this is as low as it gets. So, I’m going to head into town and see what
kind of RF we can find there. I’m going to measure a couple of different locations and let’s compare to these background levels
that we’re finding here. So let’s go. So here we are at the Norwich Historical Society in Norwich, Vermont right on the green, across the street from
the town hall and the elementary school Norwich is a small town but it has a lot of activity.
There is a general store. There is an Inn. And it used to be the home of Norwich University. I’m noticing on all three meters some
spikes of radio frequencies. And, it appears as though they are coming
from this device right here. This is a Smart Meter that was recently
installed by Green Mountain Power. Looking at the meters, standing here
I’m about 4 feet away from it. I’m getting spikes in the neighborhood of
4 milliwatts per meter squared or 4,000 microwatts per meter squared. So here we are in Norwich, Vermont right next to King Arthur Flour Bakery and Studio
on Route 5. And you can see there’s some RF picking up on
the tri-axis meter. Some considerable spikes. Let’s look around and see if we can figure out
where this is coming from. Oh! What is that?
Let’s take a look behind this bush Okay, here we have four recently installed
Smart Meters. This building happens to be vacant, so, presumably,
very little electricity is even being used. But they were installed anyway. Let’s see what kind of RF we can measure here. This is about three feet away from this
bank of meters. So, as you can see, that’s a lot
more than we were finding in the woods. Between these four meters they’re almost always creating an RF field. So this is what a bank of four Smart Meters looks like
on this RF meter. As you can see, each of those spikes represents
a pulse from a meter and they’re going off every couple
or three seconds. Some of these pulses are reaching
10,000 microwatts per meter squared. There was another strong pulse As I’m standing here I can actually feel my heart starting to beat more quickly. My chest actually hurts and its
really not a pleasant feeling. I feel bad for the people who
are installing these. But I feel even worse for the people who
don’t know that they can opt out for free and don’t know yet about the health effects
of this kind of pulse RF radiation. I think I’m just about done standing here. There was another strong spike of about
12,000 microwatts per meter squared. I’m gonna leave it at that. I would encourage anyone, Any Green Mountain Power, Central Vermont Public Service,
or Burlington Electric Department customer to call TODAY. Opt out. called the Department of Public Service Tell them that you do not feel that it’s fair to have to pay to avoid this kind of radiation
in your home, outside your home. Call the Vermont Department of Health. Tell them… That their report is completely inadequate. It doesn’t protect our health. It only protects this Smart Meter program, It only protects the utilities, and ignores decades of research that shows there
are harmful effects from this kind of radiation. Be safe. Opt Out! Thanks for watching.

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  1. The Cornets are incredible meters for their price. The one advantage to the ED65 is that it displays V/M (mV/m), while the ED85EX only shows mW/m^2 and dBm.

  2. Based on your username and vague critique, I assume you represent Green Mountain Power. Care to provide some specific professional insight?

  3. So called 'smart' meters are a nuisance and present a serious health hazzard to the general public in several ways, including fire as well as RF. They also are easily hacked. The tree was probably planted after the smart meters were installed but regardless will probably die soon.
    In Canada, BC Hydro works with Corix, an American company that doesn't even hire electricians, but instead trains guys for 2 weeks only so insurance doesn't cover fire!

  4. The shrubby thing was there prior to the smart meters. It's still alive 6 months later. Some plants are better suited for microclimates with extreme fluctuations, like those near wireless smart meters. This appears to be one of them.

  5. Keep up the great work and thanks for the informative video to the public!
    We need to keep sharing this info since many people are not aware.

  6. Maybe you could say something about what these levels mean? I get confused at all the different units. Isn't 1000 microwatt per meter squared considered the limit for "safety?" I am aware that "safe" standards are based on fallacious arguments, but my point is, isn't this way way way above even the perceived "safe" limit?

  7. The 2012 BioInitiative report suggests that health effects can result from levels as low as 3 µW/m^2, so with out a doubt "the lower the better." Pulsed emissions like these seem to have a different effect as compared to steady levels because our bodies are "caught off guard" by each EMP. Google: Andrew Goldsworthy smart meter autism

  8. I am using the ED75 now and it is a nice meter. The magnetic/LF antenna in the ED75 lacks the precision that I've come to appreciate in the Trified 100XE, but it is still useful.

  9. I used to live in a larger city and being a ham radio operator I had several types of transceivers in my car and one in particular, a Hi-VHF model, would go nuts due to interference (bleed-over) from adjacent channels, mainly from pager transmitters.
    Once I left the city all interference would cease and the "noise floor" would return to normal. It's a well known fact there are far higher levels of RF in the city, and the bigger the city the higher the noise floor over the whole spectrum.

  10. I wanted to go on to say maybe this is why people are so crazy anymore in the world, or rather, in the USA, Canada, and other developed parts of the world that use this stuff.

  11. Who can afford professional equipment? THE point is the relative difference between RF in the forest and the city is HUGE. Chronic ambient PULSES are exposing the public 24/7 to INVOLUNTARY radiation. Thousands of studies for decades show biological damage. See Zory Glaser military list at Magda Havas site. See 2012 BioInitiative Reports. READ about earlier studies in bks The Microwave Debate by Nicholas Stenek and Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette by Robert C. Kane of Motorola. Truth will out

  12. Smart meters pulse even if there is no comsumption of power. Plus they make dirty electricity. Right now no one in California has had to pay an opt out fee.. No one with a brain would allow a smart meter on there water, gas or electricity. Use your rights.
    Thank you.

  13. It is strange that XYZ meter didn't pick any RF from your video camera, as You held meter at almost no distance from camera.

  14. while my camera does generate a very small magnetic field, it produces no radio frequency EMR. It happens to have GPS, though, so it can "listen" to a certain frequency (somewhere around 1600 Mhz) to determine where it is and tag each video with the lat/long cordinates. This function can also be turned off, unlike smart meter radios. Only newer cameras that are designed to upload footage over wifi/bluetooth emit RF.

  15. Did you notice the relationship between some of the RF spikes and when a car passed by?  It looked like quite a few of the spikes occurred in correlation with the traffic. I would assume that the vehicles could have RF emissions from radio antenna or other communication devices within them (cell phone, CB radios, etc.).  Not a very "controlled study."  I wish you would have shown some other RF measurements of things besides the smart meter so we can gauge whether they are "truly" dangerous.  There are so many RF emissions around us.  Are smart meters really the large offenders we should worry about?  We don't sit in front of one all day long (we are generally quite a distance away from them) or talk into them/carry them around with us.  What about the wifi computer, bluetooth, cell phones, wireless home phones, microwaves, kids electronic toys, "walkie talkies"?  Any actual confirmed unbiased studies out there?  Let's see something from someone who doesn't have an agenda PLEASE!  High levels of RF are not good for us, true… what level is unacceptable?  Aren't these other devices putting off a similar amount or more RF?  Most people don't stand next to smart meters or high voltage boxes (pay attention to warning signs).  Could your heart have been beating a little faster because of the traffic speeding past you and your adrenaline for what you believed to be danger?  -Still wanting answers  

  16. Thanks… shame people just don't get it.  Effects of EMF and RF are cumulative.  You are not isolated.  You get your neighbors Sat signal on you, your neighbor's wifi, your neighbor's smart meter, the power lines in your house and overhead, etc.

    Wake up.  We don't need RF smart meters.  They can easily be wired.  We also can use the fiber optic network for cell use, which I read recently that they are starting to use more fiber… have to ask why?  Is it because many scientists can now confirm RF damage to cells?  Why didn't they start with using less RF?  We have fiber that runs across the oceans… one can actually view the lines on certain sites–I forgot which one I visited lately that shows the main lines.

    At any rate, wireless isn't needed in the home because we have tech that uses plugins, etc.  You should be able to use wireless if you want, but at your risk.  Funny how the default is 400mw for wifi, yet I turned mine down to 100mw and still reaches the furthest point in my home.  Everyone should turn theirs down to the lowest setting they have and start there… move up until you have a decent strength.  You don't to send your signals next door.

    Also, 'smart' meters do not save money.. .in fact, companies made money off these installation scams and all smart meters do is spy on you.  Your power meter does not block or let through varying amounts accordingly… it is always on just as an analog meter, and, if I use a certain amount of electricity every day, I will continue to use electricity everyday.  I'm not going to change how I live because I am told to do so.  I make decisions, like not leaving lights on, setting the thermostat lower or higher and dressing appropriately, etc.  So, why do  we need meters that track every minute of our day and relay that to the power company?  Supposedly, the wifi and RF frequencies act as radar and they can also basically see inside your home.

    The fluff sold to the general public is just that… fluff.  Those that tell us it's good for the environment still fly in private jets, have yachts, and have rolling tanks as cars with bullet proof glass and many have security that follows them around–so, additional cars/fuel.

    Propaganda rules the perception and minds of this planet, and the unseen rules biological life.  Glad to see so many are waking up to this fact, because it is fact.  Every living creature is energy and we know all energies interact.  Some are actually beneficial, but, most of today's tech is not.  Too much is too much and we have far surpassed that.

  17. great  video you seem to quite a bit of rf signals and i was wondering if you can help me out with an unknown rf signal im getting the link to my video is unknown rf signal need help it only a minute or two long but i can use the help. so if you or anyone might know where its coming from id appreciate. thanks

  18. Wow, like you JUST discovered the smart meter near the bakery…. how contrived. While I do not like the proliferation of smart meters, I would like to remind people the TEST meters he is using are showing the average of a broad spectrum of emissions. The meter is all over the place because, it is seeing short bursts of signal from a variety of sources. For example he could be seeing everything from WiFi signals in a home nearby to RF from Cel phones to the cop car down the street, to the kids with FRS radios playing in the woods, even RF interference from the mixer in the bakery to the POS system in a restaurant. Even the sun puts out RF in one way or another. He could be seeing interference from the CARS driving by since they all have alternators and electrical circuits in them and many have multiple sophisticated computers for everything from better fuel economy to sensing  and avoiding brake lockup in a panic stop and even the vehicle stability system is a computer with RF emissions.

    Now before folks start flaming me I am not arguing Smart Meters are good for you or for society, but this is not good science just because he whips out a frequency meter and tells you there is RF out there. What item is responsible for each of those wildly fluctuating readings is what you need to know for an informed decision about your personal RF environment. Yes there is less RF in the forest, that is a no-brainer. But unless you plan on living without electricity in that forest, your going to be exposed to RF to some degree or another. How you manage that environment is how you can positively effect change for yourself and others.

    I now return the soap box to you.

  19. It took you so long to walk up, and then paused. I expected you to say "It's…"

    (Monty Python's Flying Circus!)

  20. Put the Coronet in audio mode out in the woods.  It allows you to hear stuff too faint for the graph to register.

  21. Great work I live within 300 yards of about 97 smart meters and since i moved here i have had migraines and nightmares. Orgonite saved my life and let me exist in this space with all these smart meters. I am moving in 30 days and cant wait. I handed out flyers telling people about these smart meters and no one could care less. They are all happy with their mcdonalds and wifi killing them plus this crap, when are we gonna change humanity…

  22. Where's your baseline to show that it's not just being near the live power lines causing readings?  I didn't see any old-style meters measured I bet it'd be about the same.  How do you know the signals aren't from other transmitters?  Where did you measure frequencies to determine it's even the same band?  The readings you show on the second meter are too irregular to make sense.

  23. Thanks for the video. I recently purchased a RF (the Cornet) as I want to move to a new house that has low RF readings (more and more cell phone towers have been installed where we live,so for this reason I want to move to a safer zone) What I am confused about are the readings and what is considered safe? Apart from visually seeing the spikes that go into the yellow and red zones which I realise are dangerous, it is the (max reading at the bottom) that I am not sure about and have not found a reference as to what is considered relatively safe. Any advice would be much appreciated – thank you. Keep us the great work of bringing awareness to this silent danger. 

  24. Hi, at the end of this video, you take your measurement at 3 feets. With the first one meter, it indicates never than 2 mw/m square. With the second, it goes up to 10mw/m square. Pretty big difference. So, why? And plus, you got its whip antenna on the second, which the frequency response for these kind of frequency (1000mhz) is near of -10dbi according to the manufacturer 's user manual. 

  25. FYI thanks to the great North Face warranty you can exchange your jacket for a new one.  I had the same issue that you are having and didn't have any issues taking it to the store and swapping it out for a new one.

  26. Oh my gosh! 10 Milliwatts of NON IONIZING rf energy! Lets freak out! Not. I wish people had some brains. You know most smartphones can generate in excess of 750 mW at 12 inches? Duh. Besides non ionizing radiation doesn't do anything to cellular structures or DNA. Only certain frequency bands in the electromagnetic spectrum are ionizing and can break up DNA chains, in particular X and Gamma have the appropriate wavelengths for these structures. In addition to particle radiation in the alpha and beta varieties, which are completely different from electromagnetic radiation. These frequencies that this guy is looking at can't do any damage unless much higher powers in the hundreds of watts are focused on human tissue resulting in internal heating of the tissues, which "might" lead to cancerous conditions. These conditions just aren't present in everyday life and locations. These tiny amounts he is showing are completely harmless. 

  27. This is another way of selling products. Let's face it, radiation is almost everywhere. You can't tell your neighbors "could you please turn your Wifi off because my head hurts and I am getting irregular heartbeat".

  28. DT-1130 Digital 2.0" LCD Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMF Meter Dosimeter 
    My $10.00 meter goes into alarm at 35 feet.   WOW. 
    Care to make yourself look stupid again GrimmEngineer???

  29. I was shopping around for these RF meters since its the first you see on ebay and amazon. This helped me decide a lot.

  30. Man that is nothing. I have a 100 watt amateur radio station! That is 100000000 µw RF!!
    (Greetings to Joshua's Recordings)

  31. Get a spectrum analyzer that goes down to 50 Hz and see what is ACTUALLY all around you and you'll forget about power meter R.F……I hear tin foil hats help…;-)  Oh, if you really want to scare yourself get a Geiger counter instead.

  32. Thank you for this great video. In Arizona it cost you $26.00 per month and a fee of $38.00 to opt out. hopefully this will change!!

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