BAKING SODA IN GARDEN | TOP 10 Uses of Baking Soda Hacks in Gardening and Plants

Hello Friends! I am sure, all of us have a container of baking
soda in kitchen. Today we will discuss the Top 10 uses of Baking
soda in garden and at the end of this video, a very interesting Baking Soda Garden Hack. Coming up.. Baking Soda is 100 percent sodium bicarbonate
used mainly for cooking purpose. Today I am gonna list out the top 10 benefits
of baking soda for plants and garden. It is 100 % biodegradable, non-toxic, inexpensive
organic solution in gardening. 1. As a Pesticide & Fungicide: You can make a
very effective organic pesticide spray with baking soda to kill harmful pests and insects
in garden like the Powdery Mildew, Aphids, Spider mites, Slugs and Snails and also fungus
attacks. The Formula to make a spray is: 1 litre of
water + 1 tsp baking soda + 1 tsp vegetable oil or olive oil + 1 tsp of liquid soap or
detergent. Mix well to make spray and apply on plants
weekly once. For slugs and snail � directly sprinkle
on them. 2. Killing Cabbage Worms � Mix 50% baking soda
+ 50 % flour like wheat flour and sprinkle on the cabbage or broccoli leaves. The worms munch on this and die within 1 or
2 days. 3. Cleaning Plant Foliage to remove dust and
dirt which encourages better photosynthesis and better health of your plants. Use half a teaspoon of baking soda in 1 liter
of water and use a soft cloth to mop the leaves. 4. Also Clean Garden Tools, Pots and Garden Furniture:
Use 1 – 2 teaspoons baking soda + 1- 2 teaspoons of liquid soap in 1 liter of water for cleaning. 5. Sprinkle baking soda on your compost pile
to drive away the foul smell. 6. To encourage flower blooming, spray a solution
of 1 tsp baking soda in 1 liter of water. 7. You can get Sweeter Tomatoes if you sprinkle
the powder around the tomato plants. 8. Weed Killer: sprinkle it on the tufts of weeds. It will burn the foliage and weeds will fade
and disappear in a few days. 9. To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh: Just add 1 teaspoon
of baking soda into the vase water. 10. NOW THE BAKING SODA HACK To Test the Soil
PH without any Gadget: You need baking soda and Vinegar (that is acetic acid) to perform
this pH test on your garden soil. – Collect two samples of your garden soil
in small containers from different areas of your garden, and take a half-cup of vinegar
and a half-cup of baking soda.This is simple school chemistry � that is based on the
Acid + Base reaction. Acidic PH is below 7, alkaline is above 7
and 7 is neutral or water PH. – So when you Pour the vinegar into one of
the soil samples and If the soil begins to bubble, it is alkaline, meaning the pH level
is above 7. – If there is no reaction, take your other
sample and pour in half cup water and then the baking soda. If the soil bubbles, it means the pH level
is below 7, and it is acidic soil. There is also a soil ph testing meter available
online. The link is provided in the description. So there we have it folks, those were the
10 benefits of baking soda in gardening. If you like the video, please hit a thumbs
up and also please comment on the video and share your thoughts and ideas. Happy Gardening!

100 thoughts on “BAKING SODA IN GARDEN | TOP 10 Uses of Baking Soda Hacks in Gardening and Plants

  1. I have found this information very useful. Thank you for doing the video in English. Greetings from Mexico City.

  2. hi, i used baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and it burned and killed all my seedlings . what did i do wrong ?

  3. using it for powdery mildew would the baking soda need to be washed off in morning to stop sun damage ive heard that most chemicals will collect in drops that after the drops evaporate it leaves spots of the chemical that is more likely to get sun burnt, or is the sun hitting the baking soda part of killing the fungus like with milk as shown on calikim

  4. I didn't understand point#10. Take 2 samples of different soil from the garden. Pour vinegar into one sample, if it bubbles, its alkaline. If it doesn't bubble, add water and baking soda – if soil bubbles, its acidic.

    Is this correct or did I misunderstand something?

  5. Hi sir. My Dracaena marginata is infected with fungus. (Leaf spots). I removed almost every infected leaves. I tried this remedy but didn't work. I sprayed chemical fungicide also. But still my there is spots on my new leaves. Leaves r getting yellow and falling off. Please tell me how to save this plant.

  6. Thanks for sharing the information on the garden uses of baking soda. It will really help a lot to the people who love gardening.

  7. I really love your accent and all your useful videos! I'm always learning something new! And I have been a hardcore gardener for 7 years and I ALWAYS learn something from your videos!!! <3

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  9. Useful information .n one more thing u hv wonderful voice . Very short video full information 👍👍👍

  10. Can i spray baking soad in any vegetable plant? My vegetable plant flower does nat bloom. For this reson can i spray it?

  11. Helpful video thank you! It’s a shame important insects must be killed isn’t it? It’s a shame there’re so few ways to simply deter them.
    I’ll be sprinkling baking soda on my weeds in the morning. Thank you very much for your excellent video!

  12. Thank you so much for all your hints and recipes for sprays. I am having a terrible time with fungus on my vegetable plants, I will be using your spray.. Great video…

  13. It kills weed but it says used to flowering plants how if i put it in plant will it die also like strawberries?

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