Barbourville police seize nearly 100 grams of meth in two weeks

BARBOURVILLE POLICE SEIZED MORE THAN 100 GRAMS OF METH BETWEEN MAY SECOND AND MAY 12TH. BUT DETECTIVE STEVE OWENS SAYS– NONE OF THE PEOPLE ARRESTED- ARE KNOWN DEALERS. STINGER I TOOK A CLOSER LOOK– AT WHY PEOPLE COULD HAVE THIS MUCH METH ON THEM. pkg NATS DOWNTOWN BARBOURVILLE IS A PRETTY BUSY PLACE… WITH HUNDREDS OF CARS DRIVING THROUGH AND AROUND TOWN– POLICE ARE ALWAYS MAKING TRAFFIC STOPS. BUT– IN THE PAST TEN DAYS– THEY’VE FOUND MORE THAN THEY BARGAINED FOR. we had an officer that initiated a traffic stop and subsequently found about 50 grams of methanphetamine in relation to that stop and the search incident of that arrest. BUT IT DIDN’T STOP AFTER THEY ARRESTED JAMES PATTERSON– FROM INDIANA ON MAY SECOND. LESS THAN A WEEK LATER– SEVERAL GRAMS WERE FOUND AFTER THEY STOPPED JEFFERY MILLS. TWO DAYS LATER– POLICE FOUND 30 GRAMS IN THE BACKPACK… AND BRA OF HEATHER BOGGS. THEN, ONLY TWO DAYS PASSED– BEFORE 18 GRAMS OF METH, OTHER DRUGS, AND CASH WERE FOUND IN DALE AND MARALANA MCFARLAND’S HOME ON PINE STREET. our officers, they’re doing a good job and its a good thing that were able to locate and take these things off the street. its perserverence on their part in doing their job, and being thorough HAYLEY detective owens says its not unusual to find meth here in barbourville, in fact it makes upabout 70- 80 percent of the druyg arrests they make. whats unusual about this case is the amount that they’re finding on these people all of these people would not be considered higher level drug dealers, even locally they’d be lower level so considering the amount that were seeing there makes you wonder how flooded we are at the moment with crystal meth. I WENT TO THE KNOX COUNTY DETENTION CENTER.. AND REQUESTED TO SPEAK WITH THE FOUR PEOPLE WHO WERE STILL BEHIND BARS…NATS ALL FOUR DECLINED. TOMORROW ON MOUNTAIN NEWS THIS MORNING– WEEKEND EDITION… DETECTIVE OWENS EXPLAINS TWO DIFFERENT REASONS WHY HE BELIEVES THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS SEEING AN INCREASE IN THE AMOUNT OF METH— PEOPLE ARE POSSESSING. OTS SEVERAL STATES ARE PUSHING BACK

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