Be Water Smart – Water Meter Tips

Saving water and money on your monthly water bill can be easy, with a few simple changes. The easiest way is by getting to know your water meter. Did you know that your water meter has the ability to tell you if have a leak. You can easily check for leaks in your home, such as your toilet or faucet, by reading your water meter. Your water meter is most commonly found in the basement. To check for leaks do the following. At night after you no longer require any water to brush your teeth or flush your toilet, make sure all your taps are turned off and record your water meter reading. First thing in the morning, before any water is used, read the meter again. If the reading is changed, you have a leak somewhere in your house. If the reading is identical then there are no leaks present. If you detect a leak consider calling a licensed plumber to locate and repair the problem area. Another way to see if you have a leak is to check the flow meter in your water meter. If it is moving, you have a leak. Be sure to check out our toilet conservation video as well. Different municipalities have different styles of water meters. Check out your municipalities website to learn how to read the type of water meter that is installed in your home. By reducing the amount of water used in your home, you’re saving money. Be sure to check our other helpful water conservation videos. Conserving water means saving you money. Use water wisely, be water smart!

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