Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion

This video is sponsored by RXBAR. For
25% off your first purchase go to Hey, my name is Alex Jackson and this is my little tiny home on wheels,
Norton. That’s short for El Norteño the northerner in Spanish. I am Canadian and
I’m down here in Baja. This is my little dog Willow and we like to travel
together. I’m minus my wife right now who’s off in Australia racing her bike. I have
been building vehicles since I was I think 17 or so. They’ve always been
Toyota. Started with a 87 Toyota 4Runner then it was an 88 pickup and then it was
a 96 Tacoma and then it was a 2013 Tacoma.
First it was a rooftop tent and then I bought like a little bowler which
to Americans is called a scamp. The two main things that I wanted for a
vehicle to live in was diesel and 4×4. I drove with my truck on the trailer,
dropped it off in Calgary, and then drove another like eight hours, picked up the
van, and drove it 12 hours back all in two days and then I had the van I’m like.
“okay, I’m gonna build this in a month and a half before I leave for my like going
south trip”, and got to work. A month and a half turned into this. It was
like eight hours a day seven days a week. This is my 98 Toyota Hiace.
It is a four-wheel-drive diesel, imported from Japan. This is my best answer to the
4×4 diesel question mark for vanlifing. I’ve got a little 2.8 liter
naturally aspirated diesel that gets me roughly about 24 miles per gallon, but I
don’t ever go over 60 miles an hour so roughly a hundred kilometers. I’ve
learned through the years that having exterior lighting is really really
paramount and super important so I mounted just a twenty inch light bar
down here. I also put side mounted lights up here and on the back so I can flick
those on when I’m looking off to the sides and when I’m backing up in
pitch dark. Because the van is quite small and I didn’t want to have a ton of
stuff on the inside I have this roof rack on top that I store a lot of my
tools, recovery gear, solar shower, solar panel. You’ll notice that because this is
imported from Japan it is a right-hand drive so I sit right here on top of the
motor. This is the motor right down here so far I’ve been loving this little van.
It’s gone everywhere I want it to. Points for reliability. One thing I did right
away on the van is I put BF Goodrich all-terrain KO2’s. I have this ARB
awning from a previous build of mine. Up until now I didn’t realize how much
of a lifesaver it is being able to like have shade wherever I go is really
really important. It’s like I don’t get heatstroke every day from standing out
in the Sun, yeah! One good thing if you don’t have a van big enough to have a
shower inside build yourself a cheap solar shower and it’s absolutely
fantastic especially when you’re dirt bagging the desert for like weeks on end
and you’re like covered in sand and grit and your hair just like *makes noise* and I can just
take an extension cord and go *bloop* right there and then my batteries are kept at
100% as long as it’s plugged into the wall. Welcome to the interior of my van. I wanted to be able to cook outside and
inside so I did the pull up kitchen thing. I got some 400-pound sliders and
they lock and I have my kitchen here. I bought a Primus stove. I got this stove
because it’s really really slim. It’s actually a two burner backpacking stove.
Here under a bunch of food I have my five pound propane canister just hooked
right into my stove. I can turn it off so it doesn’t leak or anything. I got my pantry
with all my food under here. I made a hatch so that when I’m on the inside of
the van I can just open it up and there’s my stove and I can cook inside
if it’s pouring rain outside and I don’t want to get out. I also made a little
hatch here so that I can get at my food. I have a fifty court ARB refrigerator in
there that runs on 12 volt. I have two AGM deep-cycle batteries under here
underneath my refrigerator hooked up into CTEK smart charger which
basically takes power from my starting battery and power from my solar and just
combines it and makes sure that my batteries are always kept properly
charged at 100%. I did all the wiring myself it was actually really easy. You just
basically have to make sure that everything is fused properly. I have a
thousand watt pure sine inverter in here for 120 volt power and then I also have
like that’s my like fuse block. It’s a Blue Sea fuse block and it just makes
everything really really clean. I have a really basic water system which is just
a jerrycan, but I had pretty much all the cabinetry finished and then I was like, “oh
shoot, where do I put the water?” so I modified this cabinet to store my water
so there’s just a big jerrycan in here that I can like pull out like this and
then I put it right beside my kitchen and fill up my pots and stuff like
that. I built this little shelf up here just to kind of hold odds and ends. I
wanted to maximize the storage so I built like all these cubbies pretty much
anywhere I could. I have kind of like pots, cups and stuff, extra comforter down
here. His-and-hers cubby. This is the bedding cubby and then we have this
little cubby down here that we put important documents or we can hide our
laptops and it’s kind of hard to see. I have a little control panel here of like
USB ports and then if I turn it on I can check the voltage of my battery.
Next is the coffee corner as we like to call it so I have this little fold down desk, but then we keep all of our coffee in here. I also have these
little Christmas light things up here that when you turn them on you get like
this really nice warm light that is great for just like you know reading
lights or setting the mood. We have a pull-out desk right here, right in the
wall, and this is great if you’re having coffee in the morning. My wife
uses this a lot she loves this little like a little nook. Next thing is the bed.
Of course I need to sleep in the van so I made it so that it folds out. So all I
need to do is move this. Also before I do this our clothing
is accessible underneath our bed so I have two drawers that you can access
from the back but you can also get to clothes underneath the bed. All I do now
is boom. I have these here, these here and then throw the pillows back there and there you go. Got like a I think the
bed is 6.5 f feet long by like 3.75 feet wide so it’s actually
like it’s a bigger bed than we need. We kind of determined that we could
probably do 6 foot by 3 foot and be like perfectly comfortable. All I need to do
is just go like this. There you go. You got a bench. I am a heavy
machinery operator on my father-in-law’s farm in Alberta so we have a large-scale
grain farm with a bison component as well. Basically for five months, six
months of the year I bust my ass in the sense that I sit in a cab for like
you know maybe average 15 hours a day but it can get up to 24 hours a day.
Crops got to go in when its got to go in. When it’s got to come off it’s got to come
off and so I just worked really really long hours in a tractor for six months, five
to six months of the year. I really like photographing I guess environments but
more so like how a vehicle component interacts with environments. I love
taking pictures of my vehicles like out in the middle of nowhere and I think I
would like to display through my photography that there’s a great big
world out there that you can go and explore really really easily if you just
kind of spend a bit of money, get into a vehicle, and just hit the road. I think
that people need to get out into the great big outdoors and
experience it for themselves instead of watching it on the screen. I hope you
enjoyed this week’s episode. If you did be sure to LIKE, comment and subscribe. If
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100 thoughts on “Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion

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  18. If you guys want a left hand steering 4×4 diesel van get it from the Philippines, you guys can find Toyota's, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. And the most popular here is the Mitsubishi Delica 4×4 van. Others just use any ordinary diesel van here and convert it to 4×4 and its very cheap to do it here, part are cheap and labor as well. We get original parts from japan.

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  24. I have the Hiace Commuter(High roof). It's a diesel 2.8 litre. They are commonly used here in Australia as taxis(airport shuttles &wheelchair access) . It's done over a million kilometres! Best vans ever. Judging by the fact you called it a hi-archy I'm guessing these aren't common in the US/Canada?? They are certainly common everywhere else

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