Before/After Results | LOST 55 POUNDS + more results

WOO WOO Chloe Ting’s challenge like girl, get on this challenge right now Right now everybody Smash that like button
It’s reaction time I still look good but there’s always ways to look better
So that’s why we gon’ do this challenge Can you get snatched off of Chloe Ting’s workouts Did you get snatched Can y’all read that Does it say snatched? The slang replacement of choice for saying on fleek Snatched snatched snatched snatched snatched Is that how everyone feels when they’re doing my workout I hate my own voice
Shut up Chloe Ting SHH Chloe SHH I’m getting tired just looking at people working out too Yeah Almost done aye almost done aye Showing you the results aye the results aye Oh my god I love this girl And now it’s time for the results
I’ve worked long and hard for this, and now it’s time for the results
Chloe: Yes results results results What is it girl
What’s the measurements Is it 27 and a half So basically I started off at 29 inches I went down an inch and I went down I went down an inch and a half in my waist almost two inches Two inches
Very close to two inches in two weeks”
In two weeks That’s freaking amazing Like girl get on this challenge right now Chloe: Just two weeks two inches So guys check out her progress I lot of you guys asked me like sometimes you guys don’t have you know Great results within two weeks and some are you got like really amazing results in just two weeks or a week So that really depends on your metabolism, your age and how will you react to a new workout Or maybe you have been working out for a long time So your body’s gonna take a bit longer to see changes What I’m trying to say is don’t rush into Like don’t rush into seeing results is off yet because you’re definitely gonna see results But some people are gonna take a little bit longer. Okay guys, so in today’s video she’s Trying out Chloe teens workout video her ab workout for one week This video is 100% inspired by I can’t remember her name, please Bird I think I’m gonna record myself like Five seconds doing it. That’s gonna be weird because Tell me about it. It was so weird when I first started recording my videos I Love your attic girl. It’s so funny. Hey the workout I shouldn’t be painting this hard but undramatic, why am I sweating? What oh by the man spider-man I don’t think there’s gonna be a difference if I’m being honest What do you mean there won’t be any difference if you skip so many days Twenty-five and a half Wow Great job Anna. It’s really amazing that you lost half an inch. Just doing my workouts for a couple of days. So yeah, keep going You can do it don’t procrastinate. All right So here’s my progress for one week so far and I can’t tell my stomach has gotten a little bit smaller So here’s my results after two weeks as you can see, my stomach has gotten smaller Hang on I doing the closing challenge or the microwave challenge
You moved so smoothly how did you do it Slope of definition, but it’s not quite where I want it to be that was really great results in two weeks. That was Amazing. You should be proud of a cell. He should not be too hard on himself. Just two weeks and you got that. Oh I’m gonna get you monetize guys cleanser that thanks Yin Don’t know if I’m supposed to be proud of you or what I should be worried that I’m on your mind at 2:00 a.m my guilt level is this high I’m so proud of you like 10 to 15 pounds in 35 days. That’s insane. That’s Amazing. You should be very very proud of self. Like I did three weeks worth of ab exercises every single day I’m Chi workouts by Chloe Tang and boy Can I tell ya they give you results you’re not having to do any special diet going vegan going vegetarian? having a keto diet whatever it is, I Think the results are great, and it’s really great workout If you’re busy you can do one workout or if you do too if you have the extra time do three Whatever works I get mrs. Just like oh my god, I miss yesterday and all my efforts gone I’m gonna just stop this work how completely Guys, you don’t have to quit just because you miss the day you could just take a day off. It’s completely okay It’s completely normal life happens and just keep going and you’ll be fine sir. This is weeks one of Starting the workouts as you can see. I don’t really have a potion Alrighty, so week you too As you can see there’s a little more definition than there was the first week My obliques are coming in a lot more. You can see that just a little bit of the muffin top besides President but as you can see there’s more or some definition than there was in the beginning though This is week three of the three week workout as you read a lot more definition I’ve been able to come see you love handles. They’re not gone. I can see my obliques more and obvious gah My upper abs have come in more So guys this is the plank – it actually three These were my results and I’m super super happy about them. And I really owe it to the 11 line work out. So The diet I just ate like I would every single day And I didn’t restrict my diet if I wanted to eat a burger or a brownie or a cookie So yeah, I definitely agree with Jacqueline especially if you are new to Working out if you’re trying to fit in a new workout schedule and on top of that if you have never really eaten clean before When you’re trying to start a clean eating lifestyle It’s gonna be a lot to handle Like if you are going to school you’re trying to do your workouts and you’re trying to eat clean There’s just too much going on So I really like to approach because she didn’t really try to change what she ate too much She just ate what she had she ate a little bit cleaner Sometimes she has a burger or she did was that she starts at working out daily. So yeah go at your own pace Don’t be you know pressure to do something else that someone else is doing today I’m going to be starting my one week challenge In which I will be trying to get abs in a week where people are trying to get abs in one week It’s pretty hard, but it’s possible but one week is a pretty short time. So anyway, let’s just keep going Girl you look amazing to me But I’m gonna go with the Chloe ting ten minute intense ab workout ten minutes flat stomach exercise So it has 23 million views, which I think shows that it’s obviously a good video senator. Hope so shit So I have just finished my last 10-minute Chloe ting hour workout for this challenge by the end of it I was able to just breeze through the 10 minutes and I found it much easier So even though I may not have shown in my abs I do feel like it made me become stronger and it definitely improved my stamina But the other thing is that after having done that workout seven times like day after day I knew it inside out like I knew the music off by heart. It was getting really repetitive by the end So I’m glad that these videos like come to in it because I wouldn’t be able to listen to that music For another day, I would do my it don’t like my music joy if you guys don’t enjoy my music It’s gonna obviously impact how you feel when you’re working out So let me know down in the comments if you like my music or if there’s any sort of music that you like better It’s definitely being some kind of a change least slightly girl It’s not a little bit more It’s a lot more give you so credit for your effort like you did it for seven days in a row and you’ve got such Great results like amazing results. Oh, I love it like poutine. You definitely helped out Hey guys Lauren here, sometimes it’s just really hard for me to Keep going. Honestly, it’s not easy. I’m not gonna lie to you guys It’s times where you know, I just don’t feel like working out, you know And I think that that’s the struggle that you know most of us have We just get lazy and it’s just like alright f it I’m just gonna be fat. I hear you girl It can be really hard to stay with me that happens to me happens to other people like this tons of people who message me Like I’ve done halfway through the program and I quit halfway through it So yeah You gotta motivate yourself because it can be really hard if this is something new to you if this is not your lifestyle, right? So you gotta celebrate each milestone. So everything the first week or second week You can go for a cheat meal if you want to but if you are triggered by, you know food Then you can do other things like catch a movie get that dress that you’ve been wanting for or get that fit in the square That you’ve been wanting to get like little lemons like my treat for myself what I did well So just find something that makes you happy and helps you to keep going so let’s get into some Okay, guys so those are my results I lost an inch of my lower waist and then I lost half an inch off the top of my waist So Lauren here knows what she’s talking about And I love the positivity and I love you guys are exactly the same way as well I can see it in the comment section. Sorry I ha being so proud. I’m freakin proud of you guys So I guess you guys can take off my channel and I can retire finally Finally, thanks. I am so super Excited and you sound so excited. Oh my gosh. I’m telling you. I Feel so oh good man. You’re looking so good And so proud Denise you’ve done amazing. I’m so Freaking proud of you. Oh my god, just 14 days. So I got heaps of transformation for us For example, he shoutouts to Gigi and for doing my workouts. She’s been doing my workouts for about five months and she lost 55 pounds. So that’s averaging about ten pounds a month. That’s freaking amazing And this proves that if you put your mind into something it is possible for you to achieve it So I go heapsort transformation photos that I couldn’t squeeze in this video today So I’m gonna create another results video to give you guys some motivation and in that video I’m also gonna be answering some fitness questions So leave me a comment down below what you want me to answer and I’ll try my best to answer all your questions Don’t forget to smash that like button Subscribe and also turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on my new videos and I’ll see you guys in the next video, bye

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    I do the workouts and i don't feel but when i look at the mirror..WOW!
    Amazing! I hope you will do a workout challenge for wider hips or for hip dips?

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    I'm currently 12 yrs old,167 cm and 58 kg 🙁
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    however ive only lost 1kg in 2 weeks. i'm 19 yo, 165 cm tall and 80 (now 79) kg's. im sad that i cant lose a lot of weight in such a long time while doing way more than only 1 workout..

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  24. Hi Chloe, so my work starts from 6 am to 2pm. I always wake up late so I just drink a glass of water and rush to work. I have breakfast around 8/9 am which is generally always oily, buttery. But, I don't eat afterwards and directly go home and eat around 3 and dinner at 8 atlast. I understand my work doesn't include exercise and I sit in front of my computer whole day. I have gained weight. I don't think I eat much as well but idk how I gained weight.

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