Before I Die | Ep.05 Miles of Portraits: Alaska

seeing my mom in that state and having
diabetes myself has just made me realize our health is not a guarantee and not to
sound morbid but like you don’t know how long you’re gonna live so like if you’re
able to you should do what you want now [music] have you ever wondered if it’s all worth it [music] All those dreams you carry in your heart [music] all the time that you question your purpose that was incredibly close to losing my
favorite favorite favorite favorite fork ever so I’m very glad I stopped by I had
no clue what it was all right close to Hope. [music] And it’s calling me higher it’s gonna take some time to get there [music] You have to fight for what you love Ooo, the race is about to start [Erik] Alright Ryan, what’s the Soggy Bottom? The Soggy Bottom is a race between 100-110 miles depending on who you ask.
[Erik] Where do we start and end? Right here on Main Street Hope. [Erik] How many years have you
done it?
[Ryan] This will be my first year [Erik] Sweet, good luck man. and what time will I see you at the bar
oh let’s see here I made me for 10 hours so that would be 7 dish cool sounds good
laughs all right man I think this photo was from the bay in
Fire Island my mom’s favorite place to hang out was the bay she dreamed of
having the waterfront house on the bay she had a sailboat that she always
sailed and she just like felt the most free when she was on the water and like
sailing or swimming and we would all swim by the docks and she would make fun
of me for squealing at the sight of fish or like an eel and she was just the
opposite of me like sure just fearless in that sense yeah and she was just like
such an explorer she always made sure that I kept moving she yeah she made
sure that I never like sat still and she had the same the less you do the less
you want to do and that always stuck with me I mean my big reason is my mom she
passed away three years ago and I just went through like the nightmare of
watching her in the ICU struggle to do things like take two steps down the
hallway and I would get really vivid flashbacks of her like unconscious in
her hospital bed with her eyes rolled back her teeth jammed in when the
doctors had to put the breathing machine back in when things took a turn for the
worst and that’s like really graphic for me to talk about but it’s also really
important that I do because that’s exactly why I’m riding my bicycle
because I can take two steps down the hallway I can do things like bike across
America and I just want to take advantage of that when I got the call from my dad that my
mom was in the hospital and that I should probably fly over as soon as I
can I was interning at this magazine called the bold italic in San Francisco
see my grandchildren smell the flowers and I was working on
the interactive version of the before I die wall live life to the fullest
helped others which are these walls that are installed
in cities around the world by this artist named candy Chang it’s basically
a never-ending bucket list that people are just invited to add to and I got the
call when I was in the midst of working on that
become a billionaire learn Spanish like approaching this wall seeing this wall
and Seward was really like making a full circle for me because we were like we
were doing just that like we were living our dreams so that’s the long answer yeah [Music by Blind Pilot] but here in this way wars in the heart blood is breaking our backs hoping that it gives enough forgive very little wrestling match but we have
a built bike and all right fully loaded bike and that
answers the question if he of every wondering can you rebuild your bike in
the airport is yes you can [music] Oh

10 thoughts on “Before I Die | Ep.05 Miles of Portraits: Alaska

  1. It's hard to say why we ride but sure is to stay with friends, see the great outside, keep more healthy and a lot of things more! #RideMoreDoMore

  2. In fact, what I like the most when riding my bike is the opportunity to share beautiful sceneries and pictures with my close friends and people who really love this sport. Keep on biking! #RideMoreDoMore

  3. I ride to let go, to let go of stress, life, civilization ect. I also ride to grab, grab onto life, family, and fun. I ride to connect to my Dad as he is no longer with me. I ride to make new things out of biking. I ride to continue my dads legacy of being an outdoors man and riding during the toughest of times, when he was sick and dying he did not stop, he did what made him happy. I ride to see the world and make the best out of it. I ride for friends, family. I ride for life. I ride to bring happiness. Shred on 🤙🏼 #ridemoredomore

  4. Our Buddhist friends speak of "The Impermanence of LIFE!"  Very good to LIVE it while you can! Our partner who passed shortly after we began our Around the World Tour always said, "It's easy to die, we all do. What's had, really hard is getting BORN. So live each day!"

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