Behind the Scenes: Sadualev and 97kg at #WrestleNurSultan

We came over for weigh ins, he did a good job
of his weight cut so we came over at 8am because he didn’t
have to cut weight this morning he stepped on the scale and we immediately
 got him back to the hotel so he could have some time to recover for
his first match this morning The plan is to take it one match at a time and try and come through, get through the morning win his matches to get through to the semis for
this afternoons session so he’s got to win a few matches this morning it’s not gonna be easy there’s a lot of tough guys in his bracket guys that have beat him before, a potential
matchup that he had at the Olympics we got to get through the first round and
see where we’re at tomorrow could be an exciting day for a lot of the world. A lot of people want to
see that matchup it’s two great wrestlers, I’d like to see it too. Sadulaev always feels
good, he’s ready for any events. We had a three-stage preparation. All of our athletes,
including our team captain Rashid Sadulaev, are in great physical condition so
we’re ready for anything. Sadulaev and Snyder are both world-class giants. We all know, the best wrestling schools are
in USA and Russia If there was no wrestling in USA or Russia then
there might as well be no wrestling at all. I hope we all see some amazing wrestling, May God give both Sadulaev and Snyder great
power as World and Olympic Champions. Their history shouldn’t be forgotten. We will treat
everyone with respect, especially great athletes like Snyder and Sadulaev. Broadcast: Sadulaev wanting the opportunity to come down
and take a chance at Snyder. In 2017 Snyder knocked him off in Paris, Sadulaev exacted revenge last year in Budapest so a lot of the wrestling world talked about a possible trilogy happening Sunday night to wrap up the
World Championships Sadulaev in control at the intermission,
Snyder in a dog fight leading 1-0. Color Commentator: We have 3 Olympic champions on the mats right now. Sharifov and Snyder both Olympic champions and Sadulaev we have already talked
extensively about his Olympic title, so this weight is loaded. He drops in on a leg, little high-low position he’s jacked his leg up pulled it down and hes
not satisfied just getting a step out, he says ‘I’m not gonna let you step out,
I’m gonna pull you back in and I’m gonna score the takedown’ A match up that the world anticipate is in danger
of not happening Sadulaev with an 8-1 lead, he’ll move
into the finals tomorrow night but Kyle Snyder of the United States down
to the final 25 seconds is trailing 5-2. There’s a lot of talk about the trilogy, chapter three Sadulaev and Snyder, well its a different type of trilogy tonight. These two have met three times
including tonight’s match up, very recently in the semis, Olympic Games back in 2016 and then the 2019 European Championships. both those matches won by Sadulaev Here is Sdulaev with a shot off the whistle
into a sit out position. There’s two for Sadulaev, the champion
scores unanswered points. Sharifov down, here’s Sadulaev on a shot. Sadulaev slowly pulling away with
that late takedown in the closing seconds of the first period Referred to around the globe as the ‘The Russian Tank’ He gets the shut out, 4-0 business-like,
workman-like gold medal performance against Azerbaijan. Interviewer: How does it feel to be the most accomplished
freestyle wrestler of your generation? I do not know, I haven’t felt it yet. This is not the limit. There are still some people I look up to so
we’re going to continue our work. Interviewer: Did you prepare for Snyder? You know, there are so many great wrestlers
in our weight category. In the final I wrestled an Olympic Champion, one of
the most technical wrestlers in the World, Sharip Sharifov. I would not have been surprised to see anyone in the final,
every wrestler has the skill and strength. Interviewer: Are you disappointed the Snyder
match didn’t happen? No, I’m not. We will meet again, hopefully at
the Olympic Games.

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  1. Садулаев с кем бороться будет или просто конференция какая-то???

  2. Ассаламуалейкум Ва рахматулахи Ва баракату . Как всегда Ма ша Аллах Абдулрашид Садулаев номер один чемпион. Очень сильно рад за него. Желаю тебе брат второе золото на олимпиаде. Здоровье тебе самое главное и крепкого Имана. Аллаху Акбар. Красавчик ☝️

  3. Тедеев Говорит без россии И америки не будет борьбы,будем считать что это была неудачная шутка тедеева

  4. Противостояние школ борьбы Дагестана и Америки а не россии.Брат Абдулрашид удачи и САМОЕ ГЛАВНОЕ КРЕПКОГО ИМАНА.

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