Belly Workout | Diet Cheaters # 2 | A Madras Meter Original

Don’t talk about my weight..i’ll get angry… You have many more stuffs in life like marriage,…. Stop sir..!! *Beep* *Fatty* *Crying* I have decided !! This time some how i will reduce my weight..!! *Alarm rings* *Alarm rings* *Alarm rings* Someone said i would go for jogging…!! I know i will go…you continue eating.. Hi Gowtham.. Hi… Hey you look like you have slimmed down a little bit..!! Really..!! yea..!! Thankyou.. Keep it up.. Hey she is making fun of you..! can’t you understand even this.?! *Hey you look like you have slimmed down a little bit* *Alarm rings* where are you going?? Jogging..!! Why?? Its my wish.. What??! Its my difficulty..!! From today..? Why?? Why?? Because its ashtami today!!! If you start anything on the days of ashtami or navami it won’t work…!! Leave today and tomorrow and go from day after tommorow… *Feeling irritated* Even the kids are running faster than me..!! Again she is overtaking me..!! Is she kidding me?? I won’t go for jogging Hearafter ! Why?? The dogs are chasing me..!!! How come the dogs are chasing only you and not the others..?? Why are you asking me…? Ask the dog…!! Ohh you want me to ask the dog??!! Okie..what are the other plans you have?? *Thinks* “GYM”!!! Push..!! Push..!! Sir i can’t able to breath properly… Its because you are having a big tummy… Push..!! I will be back in some time, until that keep doing it… okiee sir.. *Oh no* boss??!! you are still doing it ??!! Master.. you only asked me to do… Untill you come..!!! I was very hungry,so i went to eat..! Sorry i forgot to tell you..!! what ?? you forgot to say???!!! *Crying* *Alarm rings* *Shouting in pain* I am suffering in pain, just after one day of gym…!!! *Shouting in pain* why did she pause laughing…??!! I think his gym trainer drilled him very well…!!! He can’t able to walk properly..!!? Hii.. I heard that u have joined gym…??! How do you…. your biceps are looking great..!! Really..??! Yeah..!! Good..!! keep it up!! Thanks..!! Ssss… what?? Biceps…!!! She told me…!! Very ordinary girl.. She is making fun of you..!! you can’t even understand that..?! Get lost man..!! You are jealous of me…!! *Telephone rings* Hello.. Gowtham,can you come inside..?? Yeah..! i will come sir..! *Shouts in pain* Excuse me sir..!! Yeah..!! come in, sit down.. Gowtham.. Listen to what i say, with patience..!! Don’t get angry..!! Look..!! Our body is not an action body..!! Its a romance body..!! The ideas of gymming, jogging and exercise won’t work out for us… Its entirely a different idea i have…which will work for us..!!!?? what’s that sir?? ” Diet”…..!!!! Don’t miss to watch the next episode,whether he was in diet or in diningtable..!!!??

34 thoughts on “Belly Workout | Diet Cheaters # 2 | A Madras Meter Original

  1. 2 Astami & 3 navami, mattumthana.. apuram yen intha prithamai, paati mugam, raavu galam, yemagandam yellam vittutinga….

  2. Web series in Tamil is really nice and colourful. In Hindi and English there are many good web series.
    In Tamil also with up to date trends web series will be welcomed. Good one ,please venture out more.

  3. People having extra calories dont mind about negatively. Give your best. Hardwork pays one day but dedication and patience gives you results.

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