Benetech GM8805 Digital Carbon Monoxide Meter Review

Hey guys, welcome to Meterics, today we’ll
be having a look at the Benetech Digital Carbon Monoxide meter this is the GM8805 model to
be exact, and as you can see it’s a very simple, very small, compact and very portable CO meter. This is quite handy to have with you as you can easily take it anywhere,
whether you’ll be testing for carbon monoxide around the house or the office, in the garage
or just keep it in the car it’s quite useful as it fits perfectly. As you can see from
the size its got a CO sensor up top, an LCD screen and a three button layout which is
very simple and they’re all in orange so very easy to see. What we’re going to do is we’re
going to quickly power it up, just make sure the batteries are in, they go in the back
then push the Power button. As soon as you do that it comes up and you’ll see it has
a temperature reading and a 10 second countdown for the CO. What that does is it activates the CO sensor and tries to detect any carbon monoxide presence in the environment. Its very simple as you can see it’s got a SCAN button and this changes the MODE the meter’s in. It’s on SCAN mode
and what that means it’ll spontaneously show the readings when it detects carbon monoxide.
So if you walk in one part of the room the readings may go high or as you walk away or
if there’s some wind that blows away the CO then it’ll immediately drop, that’s what scan
means , random spontaneous readings at the time. Push SCAN again and it turns to HOLD.
This is useful when you’re in a room where CO levels are not stable, if you push HOLD
it freezes the value that’s currently on the screen regardless s of whether the CO values
drop. It basically freezes the value you see. and you can write it down or do whatever you
wanna do. Next we push SCAN again and we get a MAX setting, this will pick up and show
the highest value that you get. The highest value of CO that it detects is what is going
to be displayed. Push it again and it goes to average (AVG), and it’s going to average
out the CO levels that it has detected for tht entire time it’s been on. so if it’s been
20 minutes, it won’t show the current CO levels but the average amount of CO in those 20 mins.
Push it again and it goes back to SCAN mode. The Power button is also the back-light button
so just in case you can’t see clearly just push the power button and it’ll turn the back-light
on making it very easy to see. Next we have the SET button and what this does is it allows
you to set your limits. the Hi limit currently set at 100 ppm and the Lo limit set for 50
ppm it’s quite easy to set those limits according to your requirements or your needs making
it very easy to use meter. So that’s it for today guys, on a separate video we’ll be testing
CO in a controlled environment and we’ll get to see the levels go up and down and we’ll
get to test those limits so it’s going to be a more interesting video and we’ll be testing
all that good stuff. I hope to see you again so that’s all for today. To quickly turn it off we
simply push and hold the Power button for a second and the meter is off. That’s it for
today guys!

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