Best Water Storage Containers Cheap or Free- Most Important Prepping Item

best water storage containers most important prepping survival emergency what containers are safe food storage problems how to store water cheap free budget bug out hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you wondering
what are the best kinds of containers to stockpile extra drinking water for your
emergency survival and prepping supplies we know that water is one of the most important prepping
items that you can stockpile that you need lots and lots of fresh drinking
water you’re also going to need water for other purposes such as dishwashing
hygiene sanitation things like that if you really think about it one of the things that we
would miss most if it stopped running today shtf emergency would be the water we need to
stockpile at least a gallon of water a day per person for each person in your family
and the more water you can stockpile the better off you will be first you want to
look at water that you can buy that you grab and go can bring it home put it on the shelf
and store it but you need to think about the different kind of containers that it
comes in if you choose these little disposable water bottles they’re nice for
grab-and-go easy to use share stockpile bug out bag soda bottles are safe to reuse but they’re not very sturdy they
disintegrate and if the plastic is breaking down in the container it may
very well be breaking down and adding things into your drinking water contaminating water so while
it’s a good short-term storage use of water don’t refill these disposable water bottles unless you absolutely
have no other choice try not to store too much water in these flimsy water storage
bottles look on your cupboard kitchen shelf you probably have lots of reusable water bottles water storage
containers so you want to look carefully at the lids cups and bottles that have a flip-up lid
that are like commuter cups they’re fine if you’re just taking water for a short
drive in your cars but these tend to leak aren’t going to be airtight so
they’re not going to keep your water from evaporating so when you choose some
of the water containers from your shelf make sure you find water bottles that seal up
tight they have a way that you can store them with water and even if they get knocked
over they’re not going to spill and leak the water those are going to be great cheap free water storage containers they’re sturdy
they’re long-lasting you can fill these bottles up have water on hand for
emergencies rather than just filling up your shelf with empty bottles
fill them up with something that’s useful to you plastic
bottles that flavored water and sodas come in are a much sturdier than the
little water bottles but there is a concern because they do have an odor
that remains from the product if you have empty drink bottles that were just like a flavored
water usually they don’t have any kind of a lingering odor fill those up with water
they’re great if you have something like a soda that has a strong flavor it’s
nearly impossible to get the flavor smell out of the plastic soda bottle does that mean
you shouldn’t use it to store water not necessarily are you going to need water for flushing the
toilet washing your hands rinsing a dish you can still fill these up with water
because they’re cheap free long lasting water storage containers just don’t use these as your only reliable fresh
drinking water because you aren’t going to want everything that you cook or
drink to taste like the remnants of the soda but they’re great to fill up and where to store them
put under the kitchen sink under the bathroom sink or store them up out of the
way just so you have extra water on hand that’s why it’s also great to get
heavy-duty containers that held items like vinegar
or bleach they’re very sturdy and cheap free long-lasting you can store those full of
water this can also be water that you store away for extra water to have on
hand and not necessarily the first water you would go to to drink you can remove
the original labels and make sure that you label your water as such so that
there’s no confusion what you have in your prepping emergency supplies stockpile you can also store water in your freezer
then you’re going to have the frozen water helping to keep your freezer
running as efficiently as possible when it’s full and in a power outage it’ll
help the foods remain frozen longer and then should everything thaw out you have
some containers of fresh water that you can use for drinking hygiene or washing
make it a priority to stockpile water you can start small with cheap and free containers
you have around the house and as you have more time money and resources you
can buy some five gallon fifteen gallon even fifty gallon water
storage containers to make sure that you are going to have the things you need
in an emergency situation of all kinds having enough water in any kind of an
emergency can be a real priority make it one of your top prepping goals to
stockpile as much fresh water as you can so that your family will have the things
they need no matter what comes your way learn more at please
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7 thoughts on “Best Water Storage Containers Cheap or Free- Most Important Prepping Item

  1. Besides labeling H2O, I also date the container. After about a year I will water plants or find another use and refill and re-date.

  2. Outstanding Advise…….We have a 30 Gallon fish tank that we have "Glowfish" in…..we use 1 gallon Poland Springs water jugs to refill when we do a water change for the fish tank……they would/will be perfect to store an emergency water supply in……!!!!
    If you have them….even with the 5 cent return on them…..I would suggest that you keep some for emergency purposes….!!!

  3. I'm the same with soda bottles, they make great water for hygiene purposes. Same with vinegar/bleach bottles.

    Vinegar bottles I use the water for washing dishes, because any vinegar left is a great washing agent, and bleach bottles I use for flushing toilets.

  4. Love this video. We in the North East lose power for days and sometimes we have not water either in the winter. A few years ago we had a massive snow storm and I wasn't ready. I hadn't stocked up on water and regretted it. We had NO WATER!! Couldn't flush the TOILET for days! I learned my lesson then and now before winter hits, I fill up buckets, gallons, small containers, kettles, and whatever I have in the house and I'm all set and ready. It's good to flush the toilets, brushing your teeth, taking a sponge bath, endless.

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