Better Bucket Brings Basil Bounty

My name’s Jeb And I built a better grow bucket Here’s a completed bucket This kind of thing is great for beginners It costs about $20 I’m adding water here I’m going to do 2 gallons (7.6 liters) in this one And with the nested buckets we’ll have a better reservoir And grow area I’m just using a half inch piece of schedule 40 (pvc pipe) to hold up the top bucket When you get the right drill bit It’s a real tight fit And I don’t know if you would call it waterproof but You could carry it around And your nutrients wouldn’t spill out of The hole that the pvc pipe is in I offset the hole for the 2 inch (5cm) net cup I’m sure you could put it right in the middle But the pipe that holds the bucket up is there I’m just going to line the top bucket with tin foil Super cheap super easy If you get the heavy duty tin foil It’s wider You can have the piece go all the way up the 5 gallon (19 liter) bucket Wrap it around the top Looks cool Looks like a rocket engine Space bucket (rocket ship noise) This all started because I thought it would be cool to use a bucket handle to hold up A piece of schedule 40 (pvc pipe) To hold a clamp light up I’ve seen arrangements with Using the lid and hanging the light and stuff And I think if you have it on a stand where you can adjust it It will work a lot better for you I’m using the same two bulbs as my previous grow Check out the description if you want to know about that I had heat issues in my last grow With the CFL So I just put a thermometer right down at the bottom of the bucket Now obviously the canopy will probably be a little warmer But it gives me a good reference I’m aiming for low 80s (around 27 celcius) I don’t want to put a fan in these or any complicated stuff like that The LED is very low wattage Some would say not enough power to grow a plant We’ll see huh? At the start I still didn’t have the light high enough On the CFL 91 degrees (33 celcius) it’s way too hot I’m running a 24 hour light cycle It doesn’t hurt the plant But at 91 degrees (33 Celcius) that’s not going to be good Yeah the heat was so much at the beginning that you can see here the CFL plant went into Early flowering And I’ll just trim that off eventually and we’ll get some good growth We are going to be fine Let’s do our first harvest So I cut the plant as low as possible I make sure to leave some good leaves to get some regrowth The LED is luscious Fabulous growth The CFL you see the damage from the heat stress I hear these flowers are edible though I haven’t tried them Maybe I’ll eat one and make funny faces I’m not going to do that Now that I’ve got the height dialed in on the CFL The growth is really good Much faster growth than with the LED This purple light drives me crazy I should get another set of those LED glasses But even then, when you want to see Detailed color to see plant health You can’t beat white light So I just borrowed the lamp To inspect the plant Now the thermometer is being shaded so I have to keep that in mind The temperature is much better at the base of the plant In the canopy it will be higher I could use a magnet Or some rig to bring the thermometer up But it’s just there for a baseline So there is a little yellowing in the leaves The taste on the basil is fine And you know, I’m not selling it So a little yellow in the leaves and it tastes good Then it doesn’t matter If you were selling basil you wouldn’t be using buckets and clamp lights Here you can see the quality Is about the same between the LED and CFL So here the LED quantity is just less If I were being scientific obviously I would weigh the product Divide the product into sale-able product and unsaleable Weigh it on a scale I think science is cool but I’m just going to eye ball it (estimate it) I can see the CFL is making a lot more basil Oh by the way if you were being scientific You would not just have two plants, right? Here’s another harvest and you can see the flowers under the CFL So in case some of you are asking You can grow flowers under a CFL It’s funny, I’m pretty sure the yellowing is from the heat because There’s a lot more yellowing on top And the ones down in the shade are flawless So if you got the air temps right You know maybe some ventilation Then you need to add humidity, right? Because you are blowing a fan through there It’s getting complicated The CFL bucket is about to go dry You can see here The nutrients are going out of balance and you are seeing it in the leaves But it’s ok we Kratky’d it There’s no airstone I’ve heard people on the internet say these little LED bulbs Are basically a gimmick? You can’t grow anything with them? They’re just small If you don’t like it, buy a bigger one But you could totally grow a plant Look at the plant it grew I can’t cut it with my knife I know my knife is dull Blah Blah Blah Nutnfancy (youtube channel) Whatever, get out the grinding stones But I literally can’t cut the stem with my knife I have to saw it it’s so thick And look at the plant it grew I still would probably do CFLs if I was going cheap Just lift them up So what do you think, are you going to build one of these buckets? Or something like it? How would you do it differently? Let me know Thanks for watching Share with a Friend!

100 thoughts on “Better Bucket Brings Basil Bounty

  1. jeb the video are amazing. just wondering for the water and the nutrients , in my version 3.0 of the buucket after much tril and error i had to put an oxygention pump because the fungi from the stagnant water kept ruining my plants (maily parsely since beeing a farmer myself i have lots of those ) . but how come you didnt encounter the stagnant water problem?

  2. hey jeb i watched ur video last friday and its been a few days but ive wired gfci outlets into a retrofitted li nen closet i have unifun leds off amozon im hoping they work thats for the vid

  3. That look when he said "some would say not enough to to grow a plant." Cracked me up. Very educational as I love growing basil. Subscribed too!

  4. Your one chill dude Jeb. Show us what else your growing, that gets you to the heights of god like statues. awesome video's thanks so much.

  5. Europeans, I need your help. Any chance to buy those aluminium clamp lights in our neck of the woods? I can't find them in Germany, for a start

  6. I love this little set up. I think I'll see if I can throw one together this weekend, but I'm gonna swap the foil for some skinned chip bags. It might help keep the heat down.

  7. there is only one time in my life where i listen to classical music- when watching your videos. And it's amazing. Meanwhile i'm not even watching the videos anymore, just listening and catching the progress from time to time. Keep on friend!

  8. Im experimenting with basil under a 50w 6500k led. Manufacturer says is the equivalent of a 500w light… Ill assume is more like 400w equivalent.

  9. Love this ? literally felt like I was in church with a preacher who has a calm voice that I could go to sleep listening to lol..

  10. Your videos are great! I'm definitely going to be attempting this tonight if i can! I love to cook and itd be sweet to have fresh herbs ready to go

  11. Okay, Grow buckets …growing. We did one thing different, instead of cutting a hole in the lower bucket for the upper bucket support, we used a cheap tomato cage and cut out the middle section. Drop that in the bottom and instant support. Works out to around 3.1 gallons of nutrient solution to the Kratky level. Thanks Jeb for being such a great inspiration!

  12. Looks inefficient as shit. Hard to harvest…small area space….poor conditions…ugly setup. Probably why you have yellow leaves and a 8 inch plant that went to seed. I know your not selling it but if I'm growing food for myself I want it to be of the highest quality. I mean..isnt that the point of gardening? Why grow your own basil if its worse quality than the supermarket and cost 10 times as much $ in equipment and took months to grow? And you only get one plant per bucket? I bet it would grow better in a crack in the sidewalk

  13. Music, channel, context – everything is awesome. Now something about growing plants under the LED. Plants require a spectrum of certain wavelengths to complete all the biochemical processes. LED lighting provides only single wavelength, and to get a spectrum, you should use hundreds of LED's with different wavelength's (400-800 nm).
    So, if your eye does not see big difference on a plant grown with sufficient lighting and the one with insufficient lighting, it does not mean that there is not any. Long story short, if you want to consume healthy plants, you should not use single wavelength LED's.
    [hopefully you don't want to grow plant with nutritional value of a vacuum – figuratively speaking].

    However, good work & good luck in future, you got a lot of knowledge about plants in general, as I may notice. 🙂

  14. I love you Jeb.! Your videos always make me smile. I also learn so much.! And I love the fact you love plants in the beautiful way you do.! Can’t express how much I love your videos.! Definitely the best YouTubed I know!

  15. LOVE the experiment! Going to give this a shot soon, I am currently growing closet basil with t5 lighting, no fans 18 hour light cycle and they are doing awesome! Your videos are inspiring. Keep it up and keep growing!

  16. You know what, I'm going to try this with the giant buttload of basil cuttings I'm rooting. The light in my house sucks.

  17. thanks for another very entertaining video! This is way too complicated for me-I want to grow basil/herbs/bok choy in a bucket outdoors. I have lights but I live in central coast California where the weather is always close to perfect. Maybe I will try something like this in the winter. But I still watched and enjoyed every minute-love the music and commentary in all your videos!

  18. I’d move the pipe support the growth area to the side more, so I can put the net-tee pot closer to the center

  19. Space bucket! I'd probably do all the same except maybe add a small computer case fan and cutout somewhere near the top.

  20. Your Love for music backgrounds will speak of the Gardener named Jeb long after you leave youtube.

  21. I never heard ASMR, but listen to you is like to feel a hearing an ASMR. This is fucking great I'm happy to see your videos.

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