BIGGEST CRABS in the WORLD!!! $3400 MONSTER Chinese Seafood FEAST in China!

Here you go!!! – Yeah, like this? – Like that. Oh, wow!!! – Wow! – How do I hold it? – So this is it guys. – Oh wow! – We’ve got. Oh he’s moving so much!!! -Extreme! seafood in Guangzhou, China.
– Oh my gosh. – Is it gonna squirt??? – Oh! Wow. – Oh, yeah. – Whoa. – [Nikki] Whoa! – There’s the tail, look at the tail there! Look at all the flesh! Okay guys, now we’re gonna
watch how it’s cooked. The whole crab cooking process. Look at this kitchen. Wow! Look at the size of this station! Here we go, right in. – [Nikki] Look at the
little garlic volcanoes. – [Trevor] Whoa! Look at that! – All right check it out guys. It’s Trevor James, hangin’ out with Nikki and Nels. We’re at Dongjiang
Seafood Restaurant here, in Guangzhao, China and we’re goin’ for an
extreme $3,000 seafood feast. Nikki and Nels just flew in last night from LA to Guangzhou. They won the two million
subscribers giveaway and we’re gonna go check out this awesome seafood aquarium. You guys pumped? – Yes, so excited, yeah.
– Let’s do it! – Let’s go check it out. (funky music) – And this is LiGe here, the head chef. These are my friends, Nikki and Nels. He’s gonna help us, LiGe is gonna help us
with the biggest seafood. And if you guys watch
until the end of this video we’re gonna be announcing the three million rangers giveaway. And you can come out to China just like Nikki and
Nels are here right now. Whoa. Oh we’re gonna weigh them out. Look at the size of that.
(cash register ringing) Whoa! – [Nels] Wow! (laughing) – Whoa, that is giant! Look at the size of the legs here. That’s full flesh. – [Nikki] That’s gonna be so much meat. – So we’re gonna eat it bifengtang style, which is kind of like in a chili garlic, light, light garlic and chili. Oh, very good. (laughing) I think we should get one of these lobster and two of these crabs cooked two ways. What do you think? – That sounds amazing. – So we’re gonna get the
crabs cooked two ways, one steamed and one in bifengtang with garlic and a little chili and then the lobster we’re gonna steam, with green onions. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – And, we’re gonna go
explore the seafood aquarium. We’re gonna get some water beetles, we’re gonna get some geoduck, we’re gonna get some abalone, we’re gonna get some mussels steamed with garlic and rice noodles. – Oh, that sounds so good. – It’s an extreme seafood feast. – [All] Wow! – Look at that five kgs!
– Five kilos. – [Nikki] That thing is massive! – [Trevor] Look at it just hanging there! Isn’t that giant? And here’s Chef LiGe with the
lobster just ready to eat. This is seafood of your dreams. Seafood heaven. – [Nikki] This is insane! – [Trevor] Let’s see how big that one is. Oh, three kg. Oh, 2.8. Good size. – [Nels] Oh yeah. – [Trevor] Good size. (funky music) – [Nikki] Oh wow! – [Trevor] 3.2! – [Nikki] I was holding the baby! – Oh, oh my gosh.
– Look at the size! You wanna hold it? (Nikki yelps) – Oh, oh my gosh! Wild.
– And there we go. Look at this. We’ve got the water beetles. The cockroaches of the water. – Thanks! That makes me so excited. – Oh pearl abalone. And I really love the shell on there too. It’s very, very beautiful. A paint, spiral shell, look at that. – [Nels] Oh ho! Never seen that. – [Trevor] That is unreal. – [Nikki] You could eat everything. – And look at the colors in there. – [Nels] Wow. – And to finish up the meal guys, we’re gonna go get that geoduck. From Canada, look at that. – Oh my gosh. – Look at that. – Oh, wow. – So we’re gonna slice it up and– – Ah that’s firmer than
I thought it would be. – Yeah. Okay guys next up, we’re goin’ into the kitchen. Extremely rare opportunity here. We are gonna chop up the
lobsters and the crabs right in front of our eyes here. Wow! – Oh, yeah! – Whoa! – [Nikki] Whoa! – [Trevor] And there’s the
tail look at the tail there. Look at all the flesh! – [Nikki] That is massive. – [Trevor] Whoa! It’s just spilling out! And then we’ve got the body here. Look at that! Isn’t that insane? That’s just the head right there. – Uh. – Unreal, right? Look at it all bursting out. That is gonna be the most
succulent piece of tail flesh. You wanna hold the waist there? – It’s my baby.
– It’s so big. – [Trevor] And we’re just
gonna chop into that now. Watch this. Pure cleaver mastery. – [Nels] Wow! – He does this a lot every day. And next up here comes that giant crab. Whoa! – Wow! – Look at that! – Oh! Right in the middle Oh wow. Look at the leg size. We’re just getting splattered here. Oh, look at this. – [Nikki] Wow. – [Trevor] I’m getting
a crab facial right now. – We are definitely in the splash zone. I like how they make it
easy for us to open up. They like, slice it open so we’re not sitting there struggling. (knife scraping) Wow look at the size of that claw. – It’s giant. – That is amazing. – Whoa. – Look at that meat right there. – Look at that technique. – [Nikki] Oh he’s getting off all those– – [Trevor] He’s taking all the– – The spikes.
– The spikes, yeah. He’s slicing through it so you don’t need to really work as hard to get the flesh out. And there they are. We’ve got two buckets full of seafood. So we’ve got over 10 kgs
of seafood right here because we’ve also got
another crab in the back being chopped as we speak. Okay, we’re gonna go
watch how it’s cooked. Now we’re gonna watch how it’s cooked. The whole crab cooking process. Look at this kitchen. Whoa! Look at the size of this station. You’re gonna see the
whole line of woks here. Look at this. All cooking seafood. Okay guys. So we got two different styles here. This is for the lobster. We’ve got some garlic and ginger, green onions, some shallots, and then this is for the bifengtang. We’ve got some dried chili. Then we’ve got some We’ve got some garlic. We’ve got some chives, bell peppers, soy. Also some, some shrimp powder. This is over 10 kgs of seafood. – This is so cool. I am so excited, I can’t wait. – [Trevor] So they’re
gonna take this crab flesh and they’re gonna coat it
in a little bit of starch. Wow, these guys are pure masters. – Everything’s so fluid with the way that people are working. – It’s just that pure factory of seafood here.
– Yeah. – [Trevor] Here we go. (metal clanging) – [Nikki] Oh wow, it’s like a volcano. – [Trevor] Yeah. Right in that oil. Woo! – [Nikki] Oh my gosh! (oil frying) – [Trevor] Look at all those crab legs! – [Nikki] It like,
immediately starts cooking. – [Trevor] Yeah. Oh, there it is. Wow, look at those crab pieces. That is a true mountain of crab. – [Nikki] Oh and look
he’s cooking the head too. – [Trevor] Oh he’s putting the head in. Wow! (oil frying) – [Nikki] Wow. – [Trevor] Watch this guys. We’re gonna put massive
spoonfuls of garlic. – Oh all of it! That’s so much. It’s a good thing we like garlic. – [Trevor] Here we go. Right in. Oh! – [Nikki] Look at the
little garlic volcanoes. – [Trevor] Look at this guys. That garlic, oh a little bit of chili is just coating on there. It’s very aromatic isn’t it? – Yeah.
– Very. – So amazing. – [Trevor] Now we’re gonna
add in those peppers, little bit of green onion, little touch of soy. Wow. (food frying) (all exclaiming) – [Nels] It’s so loud. – [Trevor] And here we go. – [Nikki] Wow. – [Trevor] There it is. We’re gonna plate it. Look at the size of the– – They’re plating it with such precision. Like, they wanna make it look beautiful. – Yes. – [Trevor] Watch this. (all exclaiming) – This is truly a once in a lifetime. – So exciting. – Oh just, just smell that. – It looks like it’s worth every penny. – Yes. – Yeah. – Wow. – [Nikki] Look at the color changing. – [Trevor] Color change, yeah. Oh, he just put that lobster head in. – It’s beautiful watching
the color change. It like, you watch it just flush over, the color go from like a deep red to more of an orange-y. It’s gorgeous. – [Trevor] So we just
put that lobster head in. – [Nikki] Oh did the tail just puff up? Did you see that? The tail puffed up. Yeah. – [Nels] Oh yeah. – [Nikki] Got all puffy. (oil frying) – [Trevor] This guy is a master. – [Nikki] Look at the tail, that’s so cool. – [Trevor] So we’re just
getting that head set up, guys. Look at that. Putting it on the plate. Just positioning it, and then
we’re gonna get all the flesh split out around it. – [Nikki] I know I was thinking that these guys do this every day. – [Trevor] Yeah. – [Nikki] And I said I could handle heat. – [Trevor] Here we go
guys. Right in the oil. (metal clanging) – [Trevor] So cool, right? – Yes.
– Wild. – [Nels] You’re right yeah the colors jump and just turn this like– – [Nikki] Yeah it just
like immediately changes. Wow.
– [Trevor] What do you think? – This is so cool, like getting to watch something, he makes it look so easy even though there’s so much going into it. – [Trevor] Wow. Pure skill. And look at those big chunks of lobster. – [Nikki] Oh my gosh. Oh wow. – [Trevor] Oh, look at that, there it is. The plating of that giant lobster. Wow. – Yeah, he’s like the seafood ninja. – He really is, isn’t he? Seafood ninja! So we got garlic and ginger
going right in that wok. There’s the green onion, and here we go. Lobster flesh, in wok. Direct in that ginger garlic green onion. Here we go. (lobster frying) – [Nikki] Wow. – [Trevor] Look at that. (lobster frying) Extreme wok skills. Oh and look at those giant tail pieces. Whoa, look at that all come together. And here comes the onions. Isn’t that extremely aromatic? – [Nikki] Yeah, that smells amazing. – And it’s finished. Look at that! Isn’t that beautiful? – Wow. – Look at all the little detail. Like, down to brushing
the tail and the head to make it nice and shiny,
– So beautiful! – and presentable. – So enormous. Ginger, garlic, look at all the onions on there. – Wow, that is wild. – Extreme aroma. We’re gonna go try it out guys. – Oh wow guys, here we go.
– Wow, look at that. – It’s all coming, this is the geoduck,
(cash register ringing) sashimi-style. – That is gorgeous. – Wow! – And they got dry ice! – [Trevor] Oh, and here’s the
final crab, the steamed one. – Oh wow. Oh whoa! – Wow! (cash register ringing)
– This is unreal. These legs are just full
– Oh wow. – [Trevor] of flesh and garlic. Steamed crab legs with garlic. That is so succulent and juicy. (cash register ringing) This lobster right here honestly, watching that being made, you could smell that the whole time. – It was unreal. – Unreal, right? – Yes. – Like, your mouth is just watering watching it and smelling it. – [Trevor] Just look at those
giant chunks of lobster. You can see the shallots, you can smell the ginger. – [Nikki] Wow. – Have you ever seen a
feast like this before? – No.
– No – Not ever. – Seen or smelled. – I don’t even think
I’ve seen it in films. – Yeah. Just look at all of the
delicious bell peppers and onions in there. This is all garlic. And you can eat that with the flesh. – [Nikki] Oh wow. – [Trevor] Here comes the mantis shrimp. (cash register ringing)
– I can’t believe this. – [Trevor] Giant and
those are so delicious. The flesh is really soft. – Oh my gosh. Everything is presented so
beautifully and so perfectly. – [Trevor] And look at these
guys. These are the scallops (cash register ringing)
with vermicelli rice noodles, little bit of green onion, garlic and this is soy sauce. That is so delicious. Some of the best scallops
you’ll ever have. I love the flavor on there. You have to try these guys. – [Nels] They’re huge! – [Nikki] That looks amazing. – Chef’s favorite is the
bifengtang right here, the garlic, and I think we
should go in for that first. – Yes!
– Okay. – [Trevor] Look at the size of that. And it’s just covered in that garlic. – [Nikki] Oh wow. – Oh and there’s the water beetles! Look at those! (cash register ringing) Oh and look at that, there ya go buddy. Look at that flesh comin’ out. And there it is guys. The first bite of seafood. Look at that juicy
bifengtang style crab flesh. (funky music) – Whoa. – This is fantastic. – That is so juicy. Somehow you get the freshness of the crab and all the garlic at the same time, and it’s incredible.
– That’s exactly what it is. You wanna crack that open buddy? – [Nels] All right let’s do it. – [Trevor] Go for it. Look at that flesh! – What! – That was amazing. – Let’s go for some of this
giant garlic-steamed crab. Honestly, this is my favorite. Just look at those legs. It’s pure garlic flavor. And this is steamed, so you get a little bit more of an intense garlicky aroma with it. So you just pull that out and try and get it in one piece. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh wow. That is just dripping. – [Nikki] It is. – With juice.
– It’s beautiful. – And that is gonna explode and burst in your mouth with flavor. Oh yeah. – That meat is so soft. Oh, my gosh it’s so flavorful. – Juicy is right. – Yes. – This thing just exploded. – You get a little spice
from the garlic too. – I don’t know what I was expecting when I came on this trip, but this surpasses anything
it could have ever been. – Awesome to hear.
– I love it. – And here we go guys.
The abalone is coming. (cash register ringing)
This is in the clay pot. Oh there they are. Look at those. I think we should definitely
go for the abalone because that looks so delicious. It’s in its own sauce overtop of a bed of mushrooms. So they can just cut into that abalone. It’s just gonna be just like a steak. Cheers, guys. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Abalone! – Cheers to abalone. (funky music) – Oh it’s deeply satisfying. – I like that flavor a lot. – That sauce. – It’s just so gravy-like. – [Nikki] I love that chewyness. – That is the gravy of
the sea, right there. – And this is abalone sauce, so this is its own flavor. – Exactly. Okay guys next up, let’s go in for this
unbelievable Australian lobster cooked in ginger and garlic. Look at the size of that flesh. – [Nikki] Oh wow! Oh wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen
a piece of lobster flesh that big. – That lobster flesh is so sweet. – You’re right. It is definitely naturally sweet with a bit of a sweet
sauce in there as well. Very delicious ginger flavors in there as well. But the best part is the extreme juiciness of the flesh. Okay next up guys. We’re going for your
most anticipated dish. – Okay. – This water beetle here. You excited for that Nikki? – [Nikki] Sure. (laughing) – [Trevor] A little bit? – [Nikki] Yeah. (laughing) – You take one of these water beetles and you just kind of pull them up like that. There you go. See that? And there’s the body. And that’s the inside juices there. And you just kind of wanna slurp them out. And then you get the real
natural flavor there. Okay so we’re gonna try it out now guys. Nothin’ to fear. This is delicious. You ready? – Yeah, okay. – Just slurp out the juices, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. – Okay let’s do it. – Okay. I definitely judged this because it’s a bug. But that’s good. – Really? – It’s, that meat almost
like the head of a crab which is my favorite part of the crab. – Exactly. – And the flavor is actually really nice and I was not expecting that at all. – It is nice. Yeah, it’s that sauce for sure. – It’s like a sweet medicinal sauce. – Wow, who’d have thought
I would love a bug? (laughing) – [Trevor] You’d never
expect these water beetles to be that delicious, right? – [Nikki] No. – But it really is all about that, like you say the crab flavor combined with that sweet
medicinal Chinese sauce. Okay guys next up, we’re gonna try the geoduck raw, sashimi-style. Look at this. They’ve literally just
sliced up that geoduck and put it over ice. You can just take it like sashimi and just lightly dip it in that soy, and just go for it. – This is another first for me. – Another first time? – So I’m excited. – Another one, me too. – I’m really curious to see
how you think this tastes. Let’s try it out guys. Oh yeah. And it’s all
about the texture right? – [Nikki] Yeah. – [Trevor] Do you like the texture? – [Nikki] Crunchy and
chewy at the same time. – [Nels] It’s a little firmer than I thought it was gonna be. I can see why they have to slice it thin. – [Trevor] Crunchy and chewy
and maybe slight rubberiness, but mainly that crunch.
– [Nikki] That crunch is nice. – [Trevor] Yeah. Okay guys so we tried most
of the seafood so far. What’s your favorite thing out of the lobsters and the crabs and the geoduck and the beetles? – I think you’re gonna be
really surprised actually. – What? – Mine’s the beetle. – Really? – Yeah I’m dead serious. – The beetle, out of all this? – [Nikki] The meat
tastes exactly like crab and I love crab so it’s
like the best of the crabs. – [Trevor] Whoa. What about you, Nels? – I think mine has to
go to the steamed crab. – The steamed crab? I’m on the same page as you. So when we called you and told
you you were coming to China did you think that this
feast would be like this? – No. We couldn’t have really guessed
what it was gonna be like. – I knew something
incredible was gonna happen. I just, I couldn’t have imagined it was gonna be quite this amazing. – Oh yeah.
– Oh wow. – [Trevor] And you know what’s so nice? The garlic. And then underneath, there’s all of these vermicelli. – [Nikki] Yeah and that’s
probably soaking up all the crab juice and garlic. – And you can just eat
all of that as well. Let’s try that out guys. (upbeat music) Oh wow. – That is heaven. – And that’s it guys. The craziest seafood meal you’ll ever see, with a giant seafood aquarium in the back. We’re so happy to have you here. Thank you for coming. – Thank you guys. – Thank you. – This is wonderful. – Trip of a lifetime. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Holy cow. – Okay here we go guys.
(cash register ringing) This is proof that this is a $3,000 meal. 24,000 RMB which is $3,300 U.S. Hope you guys had an awesome time tonight. – Yeah, that was amazing.
– Yeah, we did. – If you guys wanna come out to China we’re gonna invite you just like we brought Nikki and Nels out for the two million subscribers giveaway. Now, we’re doing the three
million subscribers giveaway. Just create a post on
Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag three million rangers and Ting and I are gonna fly
you out to China round-trip and your hotels for one week to Xi’an and we’re gonna bring you for a full-on street food tour of Xi’an. We’ve done Chengdu for
one million rangers, Guangzhou for two million rangers, and now, Xi’an for three million rangers. You guys didn’t think you were gonna win but now you’re here. – Yeah. Really if you don’t think
you’re gonna make it, then you won’t. Just give it a shot. – Yeah.
– Yeah we just tried and sent something in, and we won. – And now we’re eating lobster. Thanks so much for watching guys, create that post, make sure to subscribe to this channel, and thanks so much for watching. Awesome.

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