Bike route planning with elevation map – BikeRoll

Allow location sharing to generate a random route at startup Select the language in which you want to use BikeRoll Check simple statistics of the route like:length, total ascent, and total descent Check route difficulty on the elevation map Blue – easy, flat terrain. Yellow – fairly easy ascent. Red – quite hard climb. Black – impossible climb, you will get off your bike Green – a pretty steep descent Or change the elevation color limits by double clicking on the elevation map Change the metric system to imperial if you want Check additional statistics of the route i.e., length of segments for each (color) difficulty limit Check the weather forecast (click) wind speed and wind directions as well Track your actual position in order not to get lost (mostly useful on mobile while biking) Generate a random route around a location by leaving the origin or destination box empty Enter both origin and destination to find the best path Change the bike type for your needs: Google Bike – overall best bike route (not available in all countries) Road Bike – assumes you can bike where a car can go (almost) MTB – assumes you can bike where you can walk (almost) Add midpoints to refine your route (right click menu) Move the midpoints or delete them (double click) Reverse route (right click menu) Make a round trip by returning to the origin (right click menu) Use UNDO and REDO if you made mistakes Check route details using Google Streetview Save your route Change the name of the saved route Add important notes to the route Delete routes no longer needed Share you planned route Or embed it into your website as

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