Bill Murray Made Constance Wu Feed His Parking Meter

-Thank you.
-“Crazy Rich Asians.” Oh, my goodness.
That movie went on to — [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -It was the biggest —
It just broke all these records. Like, the biggest movie —
like, rom-com in a decade. -Yeah, we tried
to do something with it. -Yeah.
You — You did. You definitely
did something with it. Congrats.
Is there going to be a sequel? -I hope so.
I’m signed on for two and three. And I think they’re just
trying to get a good team and a good script and make sure
it’s great for all the fans. -Yeah, and you’ll be in it.
I’m very psyched. I’m happy that you’re here.
I love — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. -That’s all I want to hear,
that’s it’s in the works. -Oh, for sure.
-Good. How does it feel
to be back in New York? -Awesome.
-Yeah? -I used to live here
for a long time. -Yeah, that’s right. What did you do
when you were here? Your first job, do you remember? -I just waited tables, mostly. I tried to audition
for a lot of theater jobs, but I waited tables.
-Yeah. -And, you know, I actually
had a really great time. -Did you ever
meet any celebrities when you wait tables?
-Yeah, I met a lot. My favorite was Bill Murray.
-[ Gasps ] Well, how was he?
What — where — what happened? Tell me the story.
-Well, you know, I went over to his table
to tell him the specials, and he looked right at me,
he said, “Hey, what’s good here,
handsome?” [ Laughter ] And, yeah.
And then, um… You know how there’s, like,
a pitcher of water, tap water… -Sure.
-…that you give to, like, the people
who ordered tap water? He told me to
take it around the restaurant to anyone who had tap water
and say, “This is from Bill.” [ Laughter ] And then he had me
feed his parking meter. [ Laughter ] -He’s a great guy.
-Oh, it was great. And then he could stay
an extra hour, you know? Ran a few blocks
in my waitressing uniform. -That’s hilarious.
No, way. Who else?
Who else did you meet? -Oh, I met Kenny G. -How was that?
-Wow. You know, he and his wife
have the same hairstyle. [ Laughter ] -Now, that’s interesting.
I did not know that. -Which was really cool.
-Wow. -It’s like a form of self-love.
-Yeah. It’s like, the —
like, the perm? -Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And he kept —
So, you know, how his music is, like, easy listening?
-Yeah. -He kept saying the word “easy.” [ Laughter ] So, I was, like, “Oh,
what would you like to drink?” He would say, “I’m easy.
Whatever you think is good.” [ Laughter ] “What would you like to eat?” “I’m easy.
Whatever is good.” “I’ll get you a steak.
How would you like it cooked?” “I’m easy.”
-Yeah. And so, I was like,
“All right, I guess –” -This guy’s legit.
-Yeah. -He really is easy.
-Yeah. He lives it. -He lives —
He lives the life — The music he plays, he lives.
-Yep. It’s true. -I want to talk about
“Hustlers.” -Yes.
-Okay, this is a big deal. We love this.
We love everybody in this. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We love J-Lo. We love everybody.
And here’s the cast right here. Keke Palmer, Cardi B.,
J-Lo, you, Lili Reinhart. Now, was it hard to audition
and get this part? Because I know you from
“Fresh Off the Boat.” -Yeah. Well, you know,
I usually play a suburban mother of three
in Orlando, Florida. [ Laughter ]
So, I thought it would — might be hard for them
to imagine me in the part of this real-life person. So, I — I put myself on tape. I made myself a homemade
audition tape, and I sent it in. -You did?
-Yeah. -And what
did you do on the tape? -Well, you know,
it’s on PornHub now, so… [ Laughter ] -I’ll — I’ll make sure
to check that out later. -Really try to change my image.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -You know that site?
-No, I don’t. -Yeah, yeah.
-It’s blocked. It’s blocked on my computer.
NBC doesn’t let me. [ Laughter ] But, this story, “Hustlers,”
is based on a true story, right? -Yes, and on a real woman.
And one of the things I love about “Hustlers”
is it takes an occupation that other people
often make judgments about, and it explores the real people
behind it and their stories. And actually, the woman
who inspired my character is here today somewhere.
Rosie. -Rosie?
-Yeah, her name is Rosie Keo. [ Cheers and applause ]
Where is she? -Hey, Rosie! Hi.
-Where is she? -Welcome!
-She’s the real hustler. -So, did you get
to hang out with Rosie and learn some things?
-I am about to. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
But, the — I mean, I know you have —
Well, look at this cast. But, I mean, Cardi B.
was actually a stripper. -Mm-hmm.
-She’s proud of that. She’s talked about that
on our show. Did she give you any — any — -Well, I have to do a scene
where, like — So, I’m, like,
the new stripper in town, right? So, they’re trying to teach me,
and I have to do a scene where Cardi wants to see
how I give a lap dance. So, she’s like, “All right,
show me what you got.” And, then I do,
and I don’t got it. [ Laughter ] And, so she…
-“I don’t got it.” -…teaches me how to get it.
-Okay, yeah, yeah. She talks about it.
-She knows how to get it. -Oh, yeah, she does.
-Oh, yeah. -Oh, really. I mean,
I don’t know, but I’m assuming. [ Laughter ] -If you never got it…
-My wife is gonna kill me. It’s, like,
you don’t go on PornHub. I don’t do any of that stuff. [ Laughter ] Uh… I never — Me and Cardi B.
were just friends. I mean, we’re just totally…
[ Laughter ] But, I heard a rumor that
J-Lo broke your nose on set. Is that true? -Are you saying that
because my nose looks broken? -No.
Your nose looks beautiful. -Oh, no.
No, that was my — There’s a story
blown way out of proportion. -It’s good to pretend, though.
-Oh, it is good. -Yeah.
-If anyone’s gonna break your nose,
I would hope it would be J-Lo. -What was it?
Was it a fight scene? What was it?
-Yeah, it was a scene where we’re, like,
wrestling over a phone. She’s trying to grab this phone
out of my hand. And, you know, we had
a great fight choreographer. We had, like, a whole safety
meeting and everything. -Yeah.
-And on the first take, it was a total accident. And if it had just been her
hand, it would’ve been fine, but the phone conked me
right on the bridge of my nose. And she felt so bad.
She was, like, “I’m so sorry.” And I was, like,
“Girl, we got it. It’s totally good.
Don’t worry about it.” And she was, like,
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” And then she did it again. [ Laughter ] -This time — This time,
I’m gonna make it work. [ Laughter ] -“This time, it better break.”
-“I want blood on this one.” Yeah, absolutely.
We’re going all out. -No, but we had a lot of fun,
’cause we were just really getting into it,
and, like… -What a cast.
-It was so fun to work her.

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  1. Constance Wu is not as talented as she thinks she is, she was in a mediocre film that was groundbreaking in its representation and thats it, she is also in a show that even though being popular she still targeted abuse towards because filming conflicted with her worldly plans.
    She may be popular right now but I don't see it lasting, her ego is getting in the way.

  2. She's a delight to listen to, and I'm not even really sure who she is. And, so beautiful as well as witty. (I watched this because of the reference to Bill Murray).

  3. She's getting so out of shape. Definitely needs to hit the gym. She keeps trying to squeeze her out of shape body into these tiny outfits. I wonder if she's pregnant?
    Constance Wu is a weirdo. She's always talkin in the media about how Asians sexualized by white culture. And not giving any good roles in Hollywood. Meanwhile she married a white man and is landing rolls all over Hollywood

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  5. I wonder how the cast and co workers treat her now in fresh of the boat when she wanted her show canceled for her to make time to make more movies

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