Binging with Babish: Kevin’s Famous Chili from The Office

♪ jazzy jazz bit ♪ ♪ Hey baby, I hear the blues are calling ♪ ♪ Toss Salads and Scramm-bled eggs ♪ Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish, where this week we are making: Kevin’s Famous Chili from The Office I’m sorry I couldn’t play the clip at the beginning like usual, but NBC was blocking my video as soon as posted it so… If you wanna see the clip, just go ahead and click on these chilis. Three ounces (3 oz.) of dried ancho chilies and one ounce (1 oz.) of dried cascabel chilis. We’re gonna start by ripping these guys open, and getting all of the seeds out. Now I know Kevin just said he only uses ancho chilis but its pretty common to use more than one type of dried chili in a recipe like this and cascabels add a lot of ~smokiness, and ~earthiness, and ~chocolatey undertones We want to tear these guys up into about 1 inch pieces and put them into a saute pan over medium heat and toast until just barely smoking and fragrant We’re gonna take our toasted chilis and place them into the bowl of a food processor and blitz until they’re a really, really fine powder and this is gonna take awhile about two or three minutes so… pour yourself a drink, make sure your camera’s in focus Add 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 3 tablespoons cornflower 1 tablespoon freshly ground cumin and 1 tablespoon dried oregano pulse a few times to combine and then make sure your camera’s running when you add ¾ cup of chicken stock to make a spice paste otherwise your audience might get confused Moving on.. Kevin says he dices whole tomatoes so we’re going to core and dice about 6 roma tomatoes and then it’s time to address the matter of spiciness We’re going to finely mince 2 jalapenos and one half of a habanero pepper I was gonna do a whole habanero until I tried a little tiny piece of it.. innocent little tiny bite* ‘oh wow’ breath in ‘bracing’ breathe out ‘what have I done?’ tuberculosis cough* intense wheeze* ahh stepping of cam to cope* piercing ‘Aghh’ desperately* get rid of half of that. so yeah, your call. and make sure you use gloves when your chopping the habaneros you’ll thank me later when you forget to wash your hands before going to the bathroom. Kevin mentioned crushing whole cloves of garlic and I assumed he meant a garlic crusher or something that I forgot that I don’t own so we’re gonna practice making it with a knife just mince it up as fine as you can and then squish it back and forth against the board like this until you have garlic paste ..yes, I know, I’m still wearing gloves garlic’s really sticky! Now we come to the meat that we’re gonna use in our chili and I don’t like using ground beef. I like having little.. steaky-beefy bits every time I take a bite so we’re gonna trim the gristle and fat off of 3 lbs. of chuck steak that we’re then going to cut into strips, and dice into little cubes. Now I’m just gonna do a rough chop through to get little closer to ground beef but still giving a better texture and body to our chili. In a nice wide pot we’re gonna start with browning our beef Do this in batches so you don’t overcrowd the beef so it doesn’t steam You want to get good browning and crust on there so we can build up some fond in the bottom of the pot See how it sort of builds up as we go along? That is exactly what you wanna see That stuff is.. magic Set the beef aside, oil your pan place over high heat before adding our vegetables and Kevin said to undercook the onions so we’re just gonna sweat them a little bit before deglazing with a bottle of light lager scrape all that good stuff off of the bottom of the pot add our chopped tomatoes the rest of our beer our spice paste give that a mix before adding our brown beef back to the party then we’re gonna add the remainder of the chicken stock from which we used to make the spice paste we’re also gonna add about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, the garlic that I forgot to add earlier, some soaked red kidney beans, and then we’re gonna put it in a 300°F oven with the lid ajar for 2 to 3 hours or until the beef is completely tender Take a minute to appreciate the smells that have been brewing in your apartment Season with salt and pepper as you see fit Now here at Binging with Babish we’re all about accuracy and faithfulness to source materials. so.. if you really want to enjoy Kevin’s famous chili in the traditional fashion get yourself a 6 foot length of low quality, poly fiber carpet and go ahead an plate it up on there Tell me that is not the most delicous thing you’ve ever seen Top it with some aged white cheddar and dig in. Now this was actually.. really, really, really good chili. I’ve never made chili from whole dried peppers before really adds a lot of depth to the flavor it was so good that I had another bite before remembering that I could just put some in a bowl. innocent sniff* startle* deep wheeze of regret* viscous cough as insides begin to burn* wheezing ‘oh man’ death cough* ‘phew’ sigh of hindsight* struggle to close lid to death spices* bye

100 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Kevin’s Famous Chili from The Office

  1. I once chopped jalapeños without gloves and didn’t wash my hands. Then later on I decided to have a fap before hopping in the shower. I definitely regretted that decision.

  2. ? I was adding your recipe to my shopping list (from your website) and added the "6-foot length low-quality poly fiber carpet" and didn't realize until after I said it like "w…t..f!???"
    Well done Sir, you win this round. ?

  3. Fun fact, once in culinary school I didn't know how hot a whole fresh from a farm habanero is. So I was dared to eat it… I threw up lmao

  4. taking away with of that pepperdust is like taking a very big large bad rep from a joint or bong or anything like that!!

  5. One time my high school foods class had a chilli competition with teacher judges, and I was the last one to finish my chilli but I eventually won the competition because I was tasting and testing the whole way through (plus I secretly copied Gordon Ramsey's chilli recipe)

  6. I just made this today, I could only get chipotle and ancho chili’s but it was still so bomb, thank you for inspiring my day of cooking??

  7. No clue if Babish or anyone will see this but if someone does could they explain why to use chicken stock over beef stock?

  8. i really hope when you made this that after you finished shooting, you scrapped the deliciousness from the sides of the pot there and stirred that back into it.

  9. I heard west wing being played in the background at the end of this. Best show to watch while eating chili off the carpet.

  10. I love how human he is, like trying the pepper, and sniffing the ground ones way too close lol, exactly what i would have done, and how i would have reacted!

  11. A sliver, never use more than a sliver of habanero or your intestines will melt and your ass will be a smoldering pile of charred human flesh and feces that burn like magma.

  12. I wanna make chili but we asian doesnt eat just one thing. We eat 2 to 4 different things together in a plate. So what do you eat chili with?

  13. It was funny at first when Kevin dropped all that chili but it was like really fucking sad when I realized, ALL THAT FOOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(((((((((((((

  14. This man ate his damn chili off a piece of carpet for authenticity?? if you dont think this man is the best i would like to fight you.

  15. This is one of the best episodes of Babbish and The Office. I was feeling bad for Kevin when he dropped his hard work and no one got the chance to taste great food.

  16. So it’s not Kevin’s office chili then? Lol. Sometimes these videos are really fucking frustrating when he changes shit

  17. Can you make one of Kevin’s recipes from the “Kevin cooks stuff for the Office” webisode? Like the creme brûlée or the ramen-potatoes?

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