Bluelab Combo Meter Calibration

Hey everybody. Paul here from We Grow Hydro.
Today we’re going to show you the proper way to calibrate your Bluelab Combo Meter. You
want to make sure your probes are clean before calibration. Start with the nutrient probe.
Remove the protective guard. We have our Bluelab Nutrient Probe cleaner, mixed a few drops
with water to get our cleaning solution. You can scrub off any old residue, nutrient residue,
make sure it’s all nice and clean. And for the actual tips you want to use Bluelab’s
scrubber that comes with their kit. You want to go ahead and scrub that until you see some
light gray come off, so that you know you’ve scrubbed through the nutrients and got to
fresh carbon. Go ahead and rinse it off in water. Put the shroud back on. Go ahead and
place it in the 2.77ec Cal Solution to get it ready. Same thing with our pH probe. We
have our pH probe cleaner here. Go ahead and push it into the toothbrush, scrub it real
good. Make sure there is no build up or residue on there. Go ahead and rinse it in some water.
And we’re going to start with the 7.0, always use fresh solution. Once it settles on a number,
you’re going to go ahead and hold the ph/Calibrate button down until it says ‘CAL’. It’s already
locked on to pH 7.0. Go ahead and shake it off, rinse it in some water, and put it in
the 4.0. Again let it settle.Once it settles, hold the pH/Calibrate button down until it
says ‘CAL’ and locks on to 4.0. Now you’re good to go. The PPM or Nutrient probe does
need to be in solution that is a similar temperature because it gives your temperature compensation.
You can switch over to ‘Nutrient’ just to see the reference. It is reading 2.7 in our
2.77ec solution. So you know your Nutrient probe is on point. As always if you have any
questions or problems you can call us or come into the store. Lastly, when you store this
you want to keep the little cap that comes with it. And we have our Bluelab KCL Storage
Solution in there that keeps your pH probe alive longer and reading more accurately.

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