Bluelab Combo Meter ft. James Goodwin | DISCOVER

Okay so this is the Bluelab combo meter.
This is our best-selling worldwide meter. This really is a demonstration of our
motto which is “success by simplicity” it’s a very basic meter it’s well made
there’s nothing overly complicated about it. It has a five-year warranty the only
combo meter that has a five-year warranty. The EC probe is attached to
the meter so that also has a five-year warranty, the pH probe has a six month
warranty as we’ve discussed before if you clean it regularly treat it with
respect don’t bash it around and soak it
regularly in KCL you should get one to two years out of it. The price of the
combo meter, so if your going look at buying a pH pen and a truncheon, for about
50 pounds extra you can have yourself a combo meter. Okay so you have three
measurements, you measure its pH, you measure your EC, and you measure your
temperature. You just toggle between the three. Has an auto off function it’s water
resistant, it’s splash resistant on the front but it’s not waterproof if you
drop it in your nutrient tank that will void the warranty. It’s backlit screen
and it also has the simple calibration sequence on it again. So I’m just going
to show you quickly calibration so put it into seven first the combo meter and
the pH pen have the calibration instructions on the back of the meter so
if you do forget just have a look on the back. Start off if you press and hold
CAL exactly the same as a pH pen. It’s flashing seven you get the zeros. What
those zeros are doing is it’s looking for a stable reading and it will only
calibrate when the meter thinks that the reading is stabilized, which stops
customers from calibrating too early and causing calibration errors. Okay the
seven is now solid the four is flashing that’s a prompt to calibrate in pH four
if you’re measuring at higher pH’s fishtank’s for example you can
calibrate at 7 and 10 if you’re growing most customers will be measuring between
seven and four. So now put it into pH four buffer solution, never reuse your buffer
solution never pour it back into the bottle because the meter is looking
for a stable reading you don’t have to wait let it get to four you just kind
let it get close press and hold Cal. CAL comes up on the screen release it. It’s
now flashing before and again you get the zeros pH four always takes longer
it’s about a thousand times more acidic than pH seven is quite a big ask for a
meter. As the probe starts to age you’ll start to notice it taking longer to
calibrate on pH four. Okay seven and four is now solid that’ll stay there for 30
days, after 30 days that will disappear as a visual prompt to recalibrate. It’s
not the most exciting of subjects but all of our meters take standard
batteries so the combo meter takes two AAA batteries the benefit of that
is if you run out of juice go and raid your remote control and you’re back in
business. Okay so that’s the combo meter our
best-selling device that Bluelab make. I see this all over the world strapped up,
zip tied up in grow rooms it’s just a very reliable, simple, sturdily built,
accurate, fast meter. Okay so I’ve explained that the combo
meter is splash proof rather than water proof if you drop it in your tank you
will void the warranty. Well Bluelab have you covered for 20 pounds you can have a
Bluelab carry case. Combo meter nice and secure, easy to pack in your probes,
upside down so as you take your readings you can see clearly the reading. A handy
way to store, look after your combo meter.

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