BMW M4 CS review

Cars like these are only fun
in the Netherlands at night. You have more space and
not everyone is watching you. An additional advantage is that you see
the illuminated M logo in the light-weight seats. And the OLED taillights. I forgot about these.
That animation is really cool in the dark. The rear tires are 22˚C. They don’t really warm up. Not really. It doesn’t slide well. It bites. You keep rolling because you think
I’ll be doing more donuts. I’ll be told off for smoking the tires. Now you see who’s responsible. He is. 22˚C.
– One more donut. I think he’s going to cheer us on.
– This isn’t working. The tires don’t warm up by doing donuts.
These are the wrong tires for this time of year. Sorry Michelin. This car scares me because
the difference between grip and sliding is this small. It’s dry now and the sun is shining,
so the temperature is okay. Last week I drove off at a zebra crossing
and had wheelspin. I didn’t floor it, but I didn’t take it slow either.
Just with a little bit of oomph. A Prius drives off faster,
to demonstrate it’s not like wham. Short shift to second gear because it has wheelspin,
more wheelspin, up to third gear… It didn’t do much there. In third gear it stepped out. It was in M Dynamic mode. ESP still works then,
but I had to counter steer a lot. Next to me I hear “Daddy, what are you doing?!”
I said “I’m sliding a bit.” “Okay.” It’s nice she’s relaxed about that. This doesn’t work. That’s a shame for such a cool car.
The OLED taillights are pretty. I think you see it better in the dark.
– We will film that. One more time. You have to know two things
about the Maasvlakte beach. First, King Willem-Alexander
celebrated his birthday here. Second, the nude beach is over there. The people of the harbor want to… I’m with the harbor company.
You’re doing quite some drifting. Not all stripes are ours.
– You shouldn’t be doing that here. We won’t anymore. If we do more promo shoots
for the harbor of Rotterdam… We noticed there’s a lot of space here. We saw the asphalt machine put down something
fun. Temporarily. A couple of nice bends. It’s a track. We’re nocturnal animals.
The roads are quiet and there’s more space. You do have to keep paying attention.
There’s less traffic and less whiney people. Also… The famed taillights. I like this the best. Look inside. Do you see it? The freaking M4 logo is illuminated. Very cool. I think it’s fantastic.
– Do you miss it as a BMW driver? Yes, I don’t have that. I think it’s cool.
Let’s look at the OLED taillights one more time. I think they’re really pretty. One more time and… Super pretty. I think this will be an option soon,
available on a 316i or 214d Active Tourer. I saw one recently. I think it has a 3-cylinder
diesel engine with 64 hp and it seats 6 people. I want to demonstrate something else first.
This car has BMW Connected Drive. It has Wikipedia. The Keileweg is a 800 meters long byway
of the Vierhavenstraat… She reads an entire Wikipedia page.
– …in Rotterdam – Delfshaven. This was Rotterdam’s streetwalking zone
in the ’90s and 00’s. It would be nice if I told you more about the car. At night we can use more than
the 60 hp we could use during the day. We can use all 454 roaring hp.
The M4 CS has that much. We’ve seen different M4 varieties. The normal M4,
the M4 sedan (called M3 nowadays), the convertible, the M4 GTS… It’s very hardcore track minded with
a roll cage and a big wing. It’s a collector’s item. Almost no one puts
on the miles. Of course there are exceptions. The Competition Pack for the M4.
We had it on an M3. I liked it. There’s the M4 and M4 with Competition Pack
and the M4 CS. It’s a bit more hardcore. It’s built for track days. This has a number
of consequences. I’ll get back to that later. First, introducing the car itself. It’s a cool model like this. We compared them at BMW dealer Breeman
in Rotterdam; the normal M4 and M4 CS. Look at them. You see a number of differences,
such as more carbon. A carbon front splitter, carbon rear spoiler, and a
carbon hood (25% lighter than a normal M4’s hood). The hood has an air outlet, so more heat can go out.
It’s a little more awesome. The engine got an upgrade,
but it’s only 10 hp extra. I don’t think anyone will set the alarm clock
for this compared to the Competition Pack. The normal M4 has 424 hp, this one has 454 hp,
and the Competition Pack has 444 hp. A turbo with variable geometry.
It’s a Scania. That’s funny. I think the M4 has variable geometry as well. It has 600 Nm (443 lb ft) torque. A normal M4 has 550 Nm (406 lb ft) torque.
Those are only subtle differences. It does sound a lot better.
It has an M Performance exhaust. It goes through the magical barrier:
0-100 kph (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds. The magical barrier is 4 seconds. The M4 CS has the M Driver’s Package,
so the speed limit is on 280 kph (174 mph). It has difficulties getting there. We tried. At night we’re scared
of the police, but we tried. It may have a lot of downforce with
that front lip and rear spoiler. With 454 hp you’d expect it gets there faster. The suspension is harder and firmer.
That’s the Competition Pack setup. When I tell you, you’ll never unsee it: it has 19 inch
front wheels and 20 inch rear wheels. The rear rims are an inch size bigger. This car was built for track days, not necessarily
racing. You need the M4 GTS for that. The choice of tires: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.
Whatever. It has a little disadvantage. These tires need to warm up for optimum use. In November, in the Netherlands, in the rain
and nightly temperatures below freezing… The last thing you’re getting is warm tires.
It just won’t happen. That means this car changes from
a well-behaved car into a cunning one. It’s like walking your neighbor’s pitbull. You may be friends with the dog and it’s obedient,
but you know the power balance can shift quickly. You have to watch out with these tires
under these conditions. It’s not nice and challenging; it doesn’t work.
It really doesn’t work. That’s a shame. I think this is
the nicest version of the M4. It’s more feisty, it produces more sound, and the
suspension is better (as is the M3 Competition Pack). It’s complete, as is this one. When the tires are warm
you can look for the limit, but that rarely happens. You feel the basis is right, but not with these tires. Enough about the tires. The interior is cool too.
You can’t see it in the dark, though. It suggests lightweight. They omitted things,
but not like Porsche with no satnav. Everyone orders that, so the 50 kg
they saved are added again. It has A/C as well, but it’s singel; not split.
No different temperatures for mom and dad. Discuss. There’s only one temperature. It’s the same as in a base model 316i, BMW fans. If you can afford a BMW, but only just, you get
this A/C system. The M4 CS has the same one. This probably has to do with saving weight. They omitted other things as well,
such as a central arm rest. That’s funny. Yes, you miss it.
Usually there’s storage space and USB ports here. They flattened it. It does have a USB port,
but in a strange place. It’s there, though. The door panels have no handles or storage space. They’re made of compressed natural fibers. We know this material from the i3.
Maybe not, if you’ve never looked at the i3. It would become you.
It does have a cool vibe, though. Let me guess. It’s thirsty. I’m pretending to be you while driving:
full throttle everywhere. It gets thirsty like that.
– I have good news. They’re filling it up.
– Yay. An important thing with this car: if you don’t
want this one, but you like the concept. Audi can’t help you. They do have an RS5,
but there’s no hardcore version of the RS5. Mercedes has the C63, but no hardcore version
of the C63 or C63 coupe. Its character resembles the 911 Carrera T,
although I didn’t drive that one. I think it resembles a nice Cayman
with the right specs as well. These are much smaller cars, though. This one has 4 seats. All these cars don’t have an illuminated logo
in the seats either. That makes this car unique. Morning rush hour begins in 3 hours,
so I have some time left for hooning. Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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