Hi guys What’s up? We’re Interesting and Ficus Finally the sailing season has arrived And today we gonna be making a Yacht A giant yacht from plastic bottles And to be precise, from five-liter bottles It’ll be very large There will be also a cabin and Engine If you haven’t subscribed our channel yet, do it right now by clicking the button below. We were already losing spirit and thought that in Kiev we can’t buy plastic bottles, but we found them. Well, as always, our car is fully loaded. This time it’s filled with bottles up to the roof. We took 150 bottles of 5 liters but I think this will be sufficient only for the floor. Have you seen such a giant scotch? Wow! Spring Yesterday I was in the botanical garden, I liked it very much. But I haven’t been there yet I was there for the first time although many said that there isn’t much things but I really liked it. Hair rising. This is static electricity Well, you know that every hair has muscles? Although they’re atrophied but when they stand on end it’s the muscle response. Do see how many bottles we took? But for some reason it seems to me that we’ll need to go and take another batch of bottles. That’s the size of our yacht. This is the bottom part, which we’ll wrap it around with duct tape. And we think that it’ll be enough for us to make a cabin here and I think five people can easily fit in. Well, we bought these many bottles for our construction I think these would be enough to build our yacht Kidding! Actually, we are now in the warehouse, where we’ll buy them. Foolishness is destiny The first batch of bottles we bought stupidly twice as expensive. In fact, not twice but more expensive than twice! We bought each bottles for 13 hryvnia, and now we’re buying for 5. 50 Is it a cockchafer? That enough digging let’s go and make the yacht now Now we’ll make blocks of 4 and 5 pieces of bottles. The blue blocks will go to our bottom. And from the transparent ones we’ll make an observation deck to see what’s happening outside. Is it only me who thinks that this sound resembles the cry of a pterodactyl? Damn! This is going to be awesome! It’s turning out to be a ship I’m afraid to imagine how many people can get in here. Look, I’m sitting here; two more people can sit there. Here and over there three more people for sure. I can’t wait to sail across the river The best thing is that they are very soft and you can sleep on it. We fix the sides and it has become even wider. It has become so flexible that it can be descended along Mountain Rivers. It’s just gigantic. I didn’t expect that it will be so big. Wow! You’re relaxing here And whose gonna work? It’s naptime for me What naptime? Get back to work! We have already begun to build the sides of our yacht and the future walls. We gonna have more such layers of bottles 3-4 times higher. It’ll be somewhere till my height. This will probably be our next location from where we will launch our yacht. People, how wonderful it is here, and soon in couple of months it’ll be warm and here we’ll swim, relax and enjoy the summer. Well, you’ll be shocked when you see our yacht. It’s not ready yet but it’s already looks so amazing! It’s getting bigger and bigger We are thinking whether to have a window on either side or just one We already have a window here and we want to make another on the other side. I am surprised by the fact that all this made from only bottles and scotch tape. Yes, there is nothing, no Styrofoam, no planks Remember when we made a raft from bottles at the very beginning of our career we were looking for the bottles on trash cans. We went out into the street for two weeks and collected bottles from the trash. Yes! Well, try to lift it! Check how much light or heavy it is! Wow! Is it heavy? It’s lighter than I thought lighter? Yes We decided to add a little color and joyfulness to our yacht as it was in our Ficusland. We want to make some multi-colored flags which would move the wind. But since we don’t have colored cardboard or colored paper, we decided to do it with the help of colorful Scotch tape and old textbooks, which are left from the house of books. We get a two-sided triangle which I’ll fasten with a stapler threading it in and hung it on a string. Just like in a real yacht we’ll have a rope on each side so that it would be possible to moor and of course there will be lifebuoys. This looks really cool like a real yacht. So I have already made such triangles. Now using a string and a stapler we’ll hang them all. Well, this is part of the interior, some sort of furniture. We can use it as sofa or some kind of sitting. We also have a mini- table, a square shaped one! Not our single video goes without the sign of YouTube play button and this time it’ll be like a flag. On the flag we’ll display the YouTube play button. And we’ll do this with the help of colored scotch tape and put it on a bubble wrap of larger size bubbles. And we get such YouTube play button. This is the most unique flag in the world. Hello, who are you? I’m your subscriber and the only fan. Oh, How did you find us? Good afternoon! Damn! This looks great! We can also put a hookah inside. There are such waves in the river, I’m shocked. It’s Just like the large sea waves. Yesterday it was so calm! Come on! Wow! Cool, isn’t it? Yes and I sail away Well, we relocated to the lake because here is less wind and no waves and current. And finally we can sail in our Yacht. Do you like it? Very much! Moored it? Our engine always helps us sailing See how quickly it rotates! Friends, I just love the feeling when we’re sailing. I guess sailing is my favorite hobby, because it’s really cool especially if you’re sailing on a self-made boat, especially a yacht. It took us 3 days to make this yacht and now we’re chilling in it. The views over here are simply beautiful. It’s great that we’re here during sunset, the sun is shining, and the water is flowing. This is such a beautiful landscape. It’s a great time to go fishing I can already see a fish Wow! What a big catch Damn! And now comes the moment, my favorite moment in all our filming because everything is finally finished and we can experience it all and enjoy the work accomplished. And as always, I’m really happy with what we did because it turned out an incredible buoyant, and most importantly, it’s with a roof and a biggest plus is that it’s transparent. There’s such an impression that you’re walking on the water, because your foot seems to be falling through, but you are not drowning. Well, this yacht consists of 500 bottles Half a thousand Half a thousand bottles of 5 liters, its 2.5 thousand liters, imagine! Seriously? The Yacht turned out really cool! It can now compete with our boat from filling foam Now it’s probably in the top of our DIY floating So hit the likes Leave your comments Subscribe to the channel Hit the bell notification Thanks for watching Till next time Bye


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  3. Remove the lids piss in the bottles better floatation and if lost at sea you won't get thirsty in a hurry ow

  4. Hello guy's you are Rocks..Awesome Yatch with inovative ideas. Guy's give me the description that i also want to build those Yatch . Love from Nepal. Hope you will read and reply on it!!!

  5. Your boat is only as strong as the tape. It's not going to last. You need something stronger to hold the bottles together. Maybe a stronger waterproof tape, or maybe some sort of netting to hold it together.

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  8. Wait a second if they speak the language they’re comfortable with I won’t be able to understand them and by the way the English is good it’s not bad

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