BORAX in Gardening: As a Fertilizer and Ant Control – Borax Ant Bait Recipe

Hello Friends! Today we will look into Borax powder and its
uses in gardening. Also will discuss on Boric Acid powder or
Boric powder we use for playing carrom board game and also as wound antiseptic and how
is it different from borax. Also at the end will show you how to make
an Ant Trap and get rid of ants using borax. That�s coming up.. Welcome back! If you are a hobby gardener or interested
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that you won�t miss anything. Borax is a white powder made up of the element
BORON, a naturally occurring mineral salt with acidic properties. It has been used for many years as a natural
cleaner, laundry booster and disinfectant which you can buy easily from any grocery
store. Borax is the common name for the chemical
compound sodium tetraborate decahydrate, which contains sodium, boron, water and oxygen. Because this compound is produced as a natural
residue from the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes, it is suitable for the organic garden
but with utmost care and precautions because its misuse can harm your plants. First, let�s talk about the difference between
borax and boric acid or boric powder we use as carom board powder. In the most basic terms, borax is a mineral
that is mined from the ground, and it turns into boric acid with further processing (usually
exposure to an acid such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid). And infact both have the same value in gardening. Well, Now lets look into the best uses of
Borax powder in gardening. 1. To Kill Weeds
Add 1 teaspoon of borax powder to 1 liter of water and mix thoroughly and use a sprayer
to coat the the unwanted weeds in your garden. Take precaution not to spray on any of your
favourite plant. 2. As a Fertilizer
The element Boron is the second most widespread micronutrient deficiency problem worldwide
after zinc. It improves plant�s health and growth. Its deficiency commonly results in empty pollen
grains, poor pollen vitality and a reduced number of flowers per plant. The lack of boron also causes stunted root
growth. This is similar to zinc deficiency and also
in humans the zinc deficiency is related to infertility issues like low sperm count and
motility. The common symptoms to diagnose this problem
of boron deficiency are dying growing tips, stunted growth, low productivity but these
symptoms are very common. You can Dissolve at the rate of 1 teaspoon
of borax in 1 liter of water and apply the solution evenly with a water sprinkling can. 3. Remove Rust from Tools
Mix borax and lemon juice together to make a paste. Apply this paste to your rusty tools and allow
it to set for at least 30 minutes, and then scrub off. Repeat again if necessary, and always rinse
clean with water when finished. Another hack here is after use, always insert
your garden tools into a pail of sand to prevent rusting. 4. Disinfect and Clean your Garden Tools and
Surface Mix a tablespoon of borax in a liter of warm
water. Make use of this solution to soak and scrub
pots and tools. Once clean, rinse thoroughly and leave the
items in sunshine to dry. You can also clean gloves using this. 5. Ant Killer
If you want to get rid of ants in your garden, try this borax bait hack and infact a recipe. For this, you�ll need of course borax powder,
honey or sugar syrup. Depending on the quantity of ants you want
to kill, you can make a small recipe or large recipe accordingly. For a small colony of ants, Take half teaspoon
of Borax and mix well in sugar syrup. You can use 1 or 2 teaspoon of sugar and dissolve
in 1 teaspoon of water to make sugar syrup. Mix everything well and place this in a bottle
with holes in the lid or any container or cup like this with some small holes for the
ants to enter into the trap, but not larger enough for honey bees to enter inside or you
can also pour directly on the the affected spot if you are not concerned of honey bees
which are natural pollinating insects of your garden. I have laid down this trap in one corner and
waiting for ants to get trapped. But I have no luck yet. Let s wait for few more days and will update
you if ants trapped with a video at my Instagram page. So, there we have it folks. That was our episode on something new in gardening
� that�s borax and its uses in garden. If you like the video, please like, share
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30 thoughts on “BORAX in Gardening: As a Fertilizer and Ant Control – Borax Ant Bait Recipe

  1. Hello Sir, very useful tips, Borax is an inexpensive perhaps when the mixture is mixed with water and sprinkle may give fast result sir?

  2. The ant trap won't work too liquidity…the mix has to be moist enough to stick together but not clumpy so they can carry into nest so entire colony can feed on it

  3. The recipe for borax as a weed killer and as a fertilizer is exactly the same. And to think it says be careful not to spray on favorite plants. lol

  4. Hi you mentioned 1 tsp per liter as weed killer and also the same proportion as fertilizer. Please could you.clarify? Tq

  5. Hay un error en la dosificación. There is a mistake with the recipe for fertilizer and weeds killer. Greating of Venezuela

  6. you said one teaspoon in one litre water to kill weeds and also you are saying that use one teaspoon with one litre of water and give to your plants 🙂 means to kill our precious plants? lol. why you want my plants to die????? #### first learn yourself then give advice.

  7. Please help me in my passion fruit plant thier is boron deficiency, Am used solubor before but now I have borax. Which is most suitable for boron deficiency? . Because buy now borax powder cheaper than solubor powder . Please help me

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