Bottom Load Flow Issue

(cheery music) – [Narrator] We take pride in producing quality bottle water dispensers. That’s why we’re here to help on the rare occasion when
something goes wrong. We’ll walk you through troubleshooting your bottom loading dispenser when it’s not dispensing water. All you need is 15 minutes,
a Phillips head screwdriver, and a cup or pitcher. Before we begin, if you
have a single spout unit like this one and you’re
having trouble getting water to dispense regardless of
which temperature you try, you may have a mineral buildup
in the tip of the spout. Try flushing your dispenser
to clear the buildup. For instructions, click here. If your dispenser was manufactured
in January 2014 or later the spout tip can be removed
and rinsed with warm water. Contact our customer care team if you are having any trouble. Now turn off the rear switches
and unplug your dispenser. Pull out the bottle and
make sure that the hose is fully inserted into the
probe head and the pump. Push the hose firmly into each. This is the most common
reason for no-flow issues. (cheery music) Wait about 30 seconds, then plug the unit back in to see if it works. Leave your switches turned off. If your unit is pumping water and the empty bottle indicator is off, but it won’t dispense, or
it’s dispensing slowly, you can jump ahead in the
video by clicking here. However, if your empty
bottle indicator is flashing as shown we have a few things we can try. Listen for your pump running. If the pump is running, but not drawing water from the bottle, open the door and remove
the probe from the bottle. Carefully pull off the
blue tab and disconnect the white hose from your probe, placing the probe aside. (cheery music) We’re going to put the hose
directly into the water to check if the pump is
drawing water at all. (cheery music) After doing this contact
our customer care department and let a representative know the outcome. We’ll be happy to assist
you further from here. Now let’s discuss what to do
if the empty bottle indicator is off but you’re not
getting water from one or more of the taps. You may have a tap lever
that is disconnected. To check, you’ll need
to remove the top cover. Unplug your dispenser and get
your Phillips screwdriver. First, remove the two screws
that hold the cover in place. (cheery music) Now lift the rear of the cover
up and pull it toward you until it is out of the way. You can let the cover hang. Place the cup under the
spout to catch any water that may come out. Take a look at the tap
that isn’t dispensing. Is the plastic lever
disconnected like this? Gently press the end of the lever down and move it under the nearby
button rod to fix the problem. Be careful working with the hot tap, as the water dispensed may be very hot. Dispense some water, then
put your cover back on. We hope that this video has been helpful in diagnosing and resolving your issue. Should you ever require
any further assistance, please contact our customer care team to speak with a
knowledgeable representative.

58 thoughts on “Bottom Load Flow Issue

  1. It says a lot that you all care enough to actually address these issues and even go the extra mile to post video tutorials on how to fix them.

  2. I got one for mother's,.. ans I use 1 time and quit working, I buy one more, and is not working, so I wait to see if I can open and fix it, I know I don't have time to do so,..and I buy another (the third) and all 3 water dispenser still waiting for way to use, because I think some day I can find what is the problem,..I being looking on google and no videos yet,..just now I find this. I hope the problem is nothing serios.!!

  3. Didn't help me at all. My lever doesn't look even remotely like yours. And of course support is closed. So…no water in our house.

  4. Hello,
    My unit had the blinking red light, did as shown here it works now but there is no more instructions on what to do next, could yu please let me know what should i do next?

  5. Mannn you guys are saints! My connection was loose inside on the pump. That's why it couldn't suck up any water at all. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  6. My dispenser has small black particals coming from the middle dispencer. How do I clean it? Anywho, Nice tutorial.

  7. Does anyone know what to do if your water has a bad taste? I tried using different kind of brands of water and I still get this disgusting chemical like taste. Can someone please help! Thanks

  8. "Click here" for cleaning instructions. Clicks and pauses video, patiently waits… forever. Has to scroll down to description. It took me 5 clicks to find the answer after the video didn't deliver. Sleep on that Primo, not cool.

  9. OMG thank you so much this is the BEST info I have gotten on my issue with my bottom loading Primo Water cooler. I contacted customer service and the man told me there was NO to repair to it and to just buy a new one. Ummm not yet!!

  10. One of the problems I am having is with the hose that connects to the inside condenser for whatever reason it won't stay connected. I think this is causing the problems that I am having. HELP where can I purchase must the hose?

  11. I had the cold water tap not working. I took the dispenser apart and found that my cold water section was a block of ice. If you have just that one not working shut off your unit for a few days. My problem keeps coming back but we just turn off the cold water every now and then and it doesn't completely freeze. Haven't found an actual fix yet.

  12. Thanks! Worked for us. The hose connection to the pump was loose. Will keep in mind for the future if it happens again!

  13. I just bought this product only a few months it's not sucking water. It's sucks If a rate this product. They need to fix this kind of issue .

  14. I had a small amount of buildup in my spout, which lessened, but I think the real problem with constant short pumping was due to a power outage. When I unplugged the unit to tighten the hoses they were fine, but when I plugged it back in the lights flashed in sequence like a hard reset. Pump is consistent again!

  15. Well I have a Primo bottom loader and water is not pumping. I tried everything the company told me to do. they said my pump is gone. I can't buy a pump from the company and I been trying to find one online. no luck. Any ideas ?

  16. 0:35 – yes that worked on an 07/2014 manufactured machine, but it looked nothing like the picture and I had to work it alot to get it back in. Used duct tape placed over the edge and vice-grips to grab it and wiggle while pulling down to remove. Removed duct tape and cleaned with CLR and rinsed well – lost a little of the chrome looking trim, but better that than a non-functioning machine. Re-insertion required a lot of wiggling back and forth to get the nozzle to seat back into place; it would seem okay, but then hang low as soon as you let go of it.

    Your customer service has been great since the day we purchased this machine 5 years ago. This video was way more helpful than what I found several years back (poking it with a paperclip). Thanks again for a cooler that keeps working great for all these years. An easy to replace/clean nozzle is great, and the chrome on the nozzle is the only part of my machine that would hint at its age.

  17. At 1.50 it shows a blue tab being removed, my dispenser doesn't have that but I was able to press the small white ring up allowing the tube to release. I called customer service at (866) 429-7566 to order replacement parts.

  18. My hose won't come out I have the two water spouts one and am a disabled senior so wrecking my new hip trying to do this it's only 4months new I never had any problems before with other brands this needs tools and a do it yourself repair booklet as well way cheaper than the 260 I paid for it with this problem 4mths in…what to expect from it after if ever fixed???

  19. Vid did not address constant empty bottle red light blinking when there's enough water in the bottle. Go to this vid to resolve issue. On mine, the hose mechanism in the rear was loose.

  20. Thank you! Was having trouble with current and last bottle sucking up water and it just kept flashing red to change bottle and it was just a loose hose!

  21. Mine is about 2 yrs old stopped working couple days ago. After watch this video I finally got it back to working condition. Thanks alot.

  22. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ of course it would be this damn easy to fix 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel hella dumb but this was extremely helpful

  23. Thanks! I had to push the hose assembly further into the pump so it would pump water again. Somehow it got pulled out from the pump a bit.

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