British Gas Lite – Your SMETs 1 electricity smart meter

Hi, my name’s Ellie and I work in British Gas Lite. I’m here to show you how to read your electricity smart meter. This is the Secure Liberty 100 electricity smart meter. Also known as a SMETs 1 smart meter, which is a first generation smart meter. You may have had a first generation smart meter installed, known as a ‘SMETS1’ meter. These are fine except for one big problem. When you switch supplier, in the majority of cases these lose their smart functionality and revert to a ‘dumb’ status. You may have heard about this in the media. This is a case for the majority of suppliers and whilst we are working hard to communicate with these meters. Its important you look at your meter regularly and provide us with readings via your online account. This is so we can provide you with accurate bills. To take a reading you’ll need to press 9 here. The screen will show IMP kWh and then show your meter reading as 6 digits from left to right. Ignore any numbers after the decimal point. Your meter reading is 000375. If you’re paying for two rates or more, you’ll need to press 6 on the keypad. The screen will display IMP R02, followed by 6 digits. Ignore any numbers after the decimal point. Your meter reading is 000314. Once you’ve got your meter readings please enter them through your online account at If you want to know more about our smart meters, please look at our FAQ pages at

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