British Gas Smart Meter – What Happens on the Day of Installation?

So, your smart meter upgrade has been booked but what can you expect on the day of
installation? Well, you’ll get a call from someone like me: a specially trained British Gas smart energy expert to let you know I’m on my way to your
house. This is so you can make plans to get on with your day and also help us by clearing access to your current meters. Each installation, preceded by a
safety inspection of your home, will take around two hours. During this
time we’ll need to turn off your power, but it won’t be for long. You’ll have to be present during your smart meter upgrade, even if your meters are outside But once we’ve installed your smart meters we’ll show you how to use your smart energy monitor and give personalised advice on how to be more energy efficient so you can start making savings straight
away. And that’s all there is to it

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