Bruce Trail (31) Thirty-first flavor of ice cream

Morning July 2nd day 31. Well, I made it back to Woodford Yeah, I was a good rest ended up taking a couple nights at a local hotel and We had a pool a little bit of fireworks last night There’s a Tim Horton’s there was McDonald’s, there was didn’t really have a grocery store close Meaford is kind of spread along the lake but Yeah, I you know only needed a couple days enough to make to Owen Sound The Temperatures are gonna be climbing into the 40 with the humidex and we’ll see If the terrain is not too bad and There’s not too much elevation and you know, there’s a little bit of a breeze, yeah, but if it’s gonna be what I think it’s gonna be I’m gonna be slugging it, but a couple days to Owen Sound I got lots of food this time too much in fact and I Split it I got to go north first and then swing back down so We’ll see how this goes. Okay? Talk to you guys in a bit It’s hard to believe that that’s a natural Like a perfect dam Well, let’s see if I pass the Backpack test Oh No kidding. I might have to put the phone down here. Oh Yeah, just like a refrigerator Well, that was a wide part Okay, seems the mosquitoes like it too Somebody lives down here Yeah, okay I got a scrap oh, maybe I can do it Made it Cool or what? Well My little Spelunking It was nice when I was down there nice and cool but boy Immediately when I came out the sweat just started pouring I’m condensing Yeah, it’s it’s hot. I don’t even know what 40 degrees is in Fahrenheit, but Yeah, it’s it’s hot I’m heading towards the Bayview the provincial Bayview natural reserve I guess and Yeah, there’s a bit of cloud up there if we’re gonna get a small shower which Ends up being nice because it gets rid of a little bit of the humidity but Yeah, doing a road walk right now and you can hear the wind Yeah, I was starting to overheat there and it’s not even close to noon yet Keep in going, okay. Later Well, I’m in the Bayview Provincial national reserve It’s a multi-use trail, which is good because it’s good and wide, Oop! Dear fly and yeah a little bit of a breeze so I may able to cool off I’m hoping the name implies that Eventually, I’ll get a view of the bay. We’ll see things have been miss named before that’s for sure Haven’t seen the soul today yet and Well, I mean The temperatures like this. I don’t think that’s the first thing on People’s minds – go for a hike I think The majority of them are down by the beach Wisely Okay, I’ll keep going here and see if eventually we can Look over into the bay. That would be kind of cool. Okay One of the smarter things I did this time was Get a short haircut What a lifesaver that was I’ve been going for a while here in the park and still no view but Hopefully we’ll get one little glimpse but It’s cooled off a little bit so That’s good It’s almost bearable Well, I’m finally getting glimpses of the bay which is good I Guess that’s where I came down one of those Hills a long time ago before I went down the valley But yeah, you can see the overcast here now if I should prepare myself for a bit of cooling water Okay in a bit Well, you’ve got to follow the ridge here a little bit but you never really get a a clear view There’s another hill on the other side and that apparently is the military base and I Think they I’m not sure really what they do there. I I I know there was some blue helmets in town United Nation guys and a lot of people were on leave I guess for a long weekend for Canada a day and the, deer fly The hotel prices magically jumped from $80 a night to 200 Which I thought was a little They know the guys are on leave right so like happy Canada that they I thought that was in piss-poor spirit, but Hey, that’s what we’ve become Okay, I’ll continue here is sure threatening rain here and it has cooled off a little bit but Yeah, I think just waiting for this downpour and then Hopefully, it’ll give me a more pleasant afternoon Okay, I’ll continue and try to find a good vantage point. I Finally got a little glimpse. I Don’t know if that’s the hill with the military or. Well one down that way a little bit but catching part of the Of the bay there, too Kind of gray though. Sorry, one thing about the havine the military base there it It sure keeps the housing away you don’t get no Richie’s trying to sneak in a monster house or anything because the Federal government wouldn’t allow it and We also get this huge tract of land here too, and I’ve been on this for most of the morning. It’s it’s a big piece of forest Uninterrupted so There you go, I’m gonna say that MND stands for Ministry of Natural Defense So I shall heed Now What’s kind of neat? That’s a big old tract of land I Kind of have to go southbound again and almost back to where I started. It’s It’s a big old loop with this road walk and then yeah, I got a bunch of a road walk but I got cloud cover and it’s cooled down significantly, so I’m gonna enjoy it. I think this is gonna be the best hiking kind of weather I’m gonna have for a little while so I’m gonna book some miles here on the road and Get as far as I can here if I can keep away from these horse flies Horse flies is the worst or the deer flies are. I don’t know what you call them the biting flies they just When they catch on to you They will follow you for a kilometer, only way to get rid of them is to kill them, you know okay, I Get to it The owner of the dogs is there but Dogs weren’t listening to her. She had two of them couldn’t handle it looks like a starting to rain. Anyways, I made it through unscathed Yeah If you have a dog, that doesn’t listen to you Put it on a leash. I mean You know what? I mean? Nobody’s here to steal your 1969 Ford on the on the grass or anything, you know, I mean Okay, especially us because we don’t carry anything we don’t need later guys Well, that’s the bull. Stopped on the corner there of my road walk there was a piece of mowed lawn there that at least I could sit down on and I Had my lunch What can you do I never realized how much road walking I actually I’m practically Road walking all the way to Owen Sound, but that’s okay It’s at least the sun’s not beating down today, and it’s actually cooled off nicely and just Happened one these chocolate bars, they’re called Big Turk or something? And I’ve never had one of my life and you know what? They’re delicious And you can keep them in your pack and they won’t squish down to nothing. There’s like a a jelly type Center Sixty years old still learning shit. Okay, catch you in a bit, sad to say but I haven’t seen a decent crop or farm In a long time, I don’t think these farmers are rich. I Don’t know if it’s the weather. I don’t know if it’s the soil, but Wow manure piles are not very high Catching a glimpse of the bay there again and I Guess I’m heading out that way After Owen Sound and Wiarton and I know if that’s Lion’s head. I can’t remember what’s next but As you can tell by the poor quality of the audio There’s a gorgeous wind happening. It’s just saving my life Perfect couldn’t a time to better The wind died down a little bit Yeah, you know what, the road walks you get to thinking and You really put in some good time because It’s a no-brainer number one, you’re not looking for blazes you’re not tripping and going into crevices or You know what? I mean? It’s left foot right foot and Today, I’m lucky. I got an overcast sky. I got a wind I Know tomorrow, it’s just gonna be blistering hot again It’s a rate that I’m smashing kilometers here I’m gonna see you when there’s a designated spot if If I’m in any shape well, I just might just push into Owen Sound a A lot of its road walk anyway so even if it does get a little dark you know and From there, I don’t I don’t know what I’d do whether I’d grab a hotel and either Greyhound it home or my plan B was maybe to do the Wiarton section, but We’ll see I have a lot more road walk to do so I have a lot more time to think about it, but Yeah, it’s It’s whirling around in my head here, okay. Let’s see how I make out Must be Near the Owens on airport. I keep on hearing small aircraft taking off on a regular basis while the mosquitoes are thick I think If there’s a little bit of water to be had here I’m just gonna grab it filter it on the road next time I’m on because Wow, I don’t think they’ve had blood in a while. Okay, gotta go. I Don’t think that’s a very used trail. I’m on Kind of a dry swamp, that’s the best description Wild turkey there with I don’t know what a baby turkeys called Pair, wait for the babies to come here, One Two three Four Well little ones can really fly I Found a little shade here. Um My phone is down to about twenty fifteen percent and I have to keep it for navigation. So It’s looking more and more like I’m going to bail in in Owen Sound There’s no sense. The designated spot is like six kilometers away from from downtown and like You know is road walk anyway for the most part so I think that’s what I’m gonna do I know there’s an eight o’clock Bus back to Toronto in the morning the next section is notoriously dry and Today’s the coolest of all the days This is an actual cold front and you could see how much I was sweating this morning So if I get into that next section and then there’s nobody around and and things end up being dry You know, it’s it’s not worth it. I think I’ll go home Rest up let some of this heat wave go through and Then from there I can do my last push which I haven’t really figured out how much is left But you know something comparable to what I’ve just done so I think I’m gonna just sign off here and Save what I have for navigation kind of kind of an anti climatic end but I can’t really I don’t I’m gonna recharge and maybe say a few words tonight once I get settled in but It’s not worth me stopping and recharging the battery for for this so Okay Let me carry on here, Beard on though ! Owen sound though Bye. Bye Oh I finally made it to Own Sound And I got like two wooden pegs for legs, yeah, I did a marathon It ended up being so hot. I think I made the right decision when I first started this trip, I Tried to accommodate for the weather. I tried to chase it and It never worked out for me I I know where I’m comfortable I know what I can do so I think If there’s gonna be three four days of heavy heats again I’m not gonna try to fight it So I get up. I got a nice room actually and was the same price but as the other day and in Meaford, but four times the room and I I looked down I said, oh I’m getting a pretty decent tan and then I I took a shower and I discovered. No, that was just road dust. Yeah, I was a pretty red. I Was burning up and I didn’t even realizing it, you know, like yeah, it would have been a mistake to keep going. So Greyhound ticket bought it online Printed it out at the hotel Eight o’clock tomorrow morning back to Toronto. It’s kind of a long haul not super expensive The only thing is that they leave at 8 o’clock in the morning. So you’re you’re kind of stuck getting a room because the The the campsites are too far anyways, I’ll let you go and but I’ll be back don’t you worry. Bye Excellent stay at the hotel It was so fancy They even had like lotion which I applied generously over my Burnt areas I’ve got like two peg legs right now, but it’s about a kilometre to the bus station which is like getting up to go to the fridge after yesterday and Yeah quick ride home I’ll be back. I’ll jump back on the same place There was cheaper hotels closer to the Trail But this one’s just a quick walk to the bus station I think on the way back if I jump off and it’s too late. I’ll probably just grab the cheaper hotels, but Yeah good little trip

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