BUFFET BUSTER –  5.7 KG – 12.5 LBS O’Grady’s Family Restaurant AYCE

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba notorious nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos today we’re doing a buffet Buster video I go to local all-you-can-eat places in my area and see if I can eat at least 10 pounds of food or about four and a half kilograms today we’re at oak gravies it’s a family restaurant in Phoenix go PA probably about six or seven miles from my house and they have a breakfast buffet every Saturday and Sunday so let’s head in and do some damage it looks incredible even pierogies on the buffet and most importantly to have scrapple which I love with scrapple that’s a Pennsylvania food you don’t get it tuned with too many other areas of the 74 76 15 all right Joseph sausage joints [Music] I just something over here boots [Music] don’t scream good good selection you can see strapless this is scrapple and it’s basically the leftovers from every other product that you makin eat whatever’s leftover is putting into this my name sure tastes so good so remember the pizza video no my son was with me he went to Brazil with me he’s at the table with your family many have enough cameras to put me on camera but that’s that’s all be conversing with this is Eggs Benedict yeah this is one of my pops things he likes a lot I’ve never been into it but it looks so good a bit okay you can see I added the entire buffet run-through up there in the upper corner just to give you an idea of what the buffet offered they have a lot of different hot foods and of course a full salad bar as well so there’s a lot of options here includes with the price a glass of juice so I got a glass of orange juice and then you just take as much food as you want off the buffet as long as you want these are pierogies which are very rare on a buffet at least in the United States since this is a Friday video of mine I did add an Easter egg inside this video somewhere it is the image of another competitive eater that I’m friends with there I’ve done videos with please in the comments below put the time that you saw the image and where you saw it on the screen and the first person that does that again we’ll give it vo be sticker sent out to them so we have Keith Moore scrapple apple fritters more sausage links cantaloupe and honeydew 975 689 last week’s easter egg winner was Big Bob too-tall Congrats Big Bob [Music] I always try to eat at least 10 pounds of more have terrific for those of you that who are unfamiliar with scrapple I believe it came from Germany and was brought over by German settlers to the United States called Pennsylvania Dutch they settled in Pennsylvania and they’d literally take the meat leftover after using the pig for every other product so they use the livers the skins fat snouts hearts tongues whatever is left over and they take that and boil it into a mush wave by combining it with cornmeal wheat flour and once it’s formed into a loaf they cut it into about quarter inch slices and then they fry it up it doesn’t sound good but it tastes great for those of you unfamiliar with the pierogies they are actually a filled dumpling and usually filled with minced potatoes and they’re either fried or boiled these were boiled pierogies so they went down really easy they’re nice and soft let the cake degree actually they were delicious two hundred forty one seventy two seventy five make sure I didn’t run out grab some desserts right now they’re four different kinds of donuts I will let the rest of the video play out without any added on commentary besides what I was joining the restaurant I wanted to thank you for coming to another one of my videos I’m having a lot of fun doing these especially when I can record with a family member or a friend there hope you enjoy the rest of the video and I’ll see you guys again soon [Music] sorry I was just scheduling a video that will post before this video and that’s the Texas Pete gallon hot sauce choke and we’re just negotiating with what they were going to post it so um I should post on Sunday now just for this weekend you already know domestic you’re watching this video this is lobster bisque and this is really delicious too you power my videos well there’s many problems for my videos but I’ll get a word my head is stuck like it could be like this is fabulous and I’ll say everything is fabulous a whole video so today is taste delicious for sure this is delicious [Music] 5:15 it’s got some more of my favorite so far probies sausage scrapple and one of them was it was really sweet so [Music] this is what I call a salad you can see the lettuce right there [Music] sixteen that stuff is so heavy [Music] is so much easier to remove all your money just more putting this putting this burden apparently very dense so [Music] that lets the reduce reckless Bob day offered on Saturdays and Sundays very doing an excellent selection here the customer service was top-notch so thank you folks for the great ease and thanks for commenting on my videos I’ll see you guys again soon [Music]

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  1. Easter egg was in the left corner beside the measurements at the time of 7:48.99 with a small picture ofRaina is Crazy.

  2. Just ran out of toilet paper….. can i request to have my sticker express posted out please? So i can wipe this BOB off my ass

  3. Why don’t the liquids get weighed? I get that water has no calories but it’s has weight. The OJ has both.
    That buffet looks awesome.

  4. Scrapple done right is amazing , scrapple not done right is horrible.! Very few places do it well. The worst is supermarket scrapple. If you eat that you will never eat it again.

  5. I can see Bob n his kid talking what you gonna do with all this food dad?, I'ma shit as big you son when you're mama had ya, I call it a turd baby! Lol

  6. Congratulations on the buffet buster challenge you did awesome. It was cool seeing lots of desert's and mains on the table on the plates. There was so many plates but there was one I saw with two different foods from main and one from desert and I was thinking we'll you can eat desert at the same time as desert, it sounds crazy and super cool at the same time you managing to do all that in the video lol. This video was fabulous and the out side of the place looked awesome with that cool green sign. The food looked taste and delicious and that much food you like was there well your one lucky guy and so is everyone else at the buffet buster lol. I enjoyed watching this buffet buster video in the morning and awesome job taking down all that delicious food. Awesome T shirt as well with your logo on it. I bet this was one of your best days and video hanging out with your son and eatting quality food at the same time, it sounds like an incredible day. Hope you have a wonderful day today and tomorrow! Disposal Team!!! And Notorious B.O.B. Team!!!!!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐???????????????????

  7. I saw Raina hunga at 7:47 time on second picture why does she have to be on a picture why on your video she's a blocker B.O.B.! ??

  8. I was just curious Bob: do you get frequent check-ups just to make sure your health/heart are okay? A career comprised of food challenges and mukbangs can be extremely taxing

  9. Holy crap you're in Pville? Watch your videos all the time, I'm from Paoli – would love to crush a buffet with you sometime

  10. I am a big fan of B.O.B but a lot of eaters are doing these buffet busters because of their popularity on social media and I think eventually restaurants are gonna raise prices or start posting limits…it's not an issue for me because I can't eat a lot but it's just a thought…

  11. Hey Bob, love your stuff. I started doing intermittent fasting and I need to train to eat 4-5 pounds of food in a sitting. I'm having a hard time meeting my calorie requirements, I'm an amateur powerlifter. Currently I can only eat about 3 pounds in a sitting, which pretty much fills me up for my 4 hour eating window. Do you have any tips?

  12. In NC they call that LIVERMUSH. And it taste fantastic. I cant find it since living in TN. Its great on a breakfast sandwich as a substitute for sausage.

  13. You should do a "hospital food edition"when you go in for your quadruple bypass heart surgery, which will no doubt be soon, cant wait…

  14. Bob… have you ever heard scrapple referred to as pannhaus? (pon haus)… I think that was the original term. I live close to you, hope i run into you and say hi at some point.

  15. If you haven't done these challenges that a PA news group mentioned, it would be great to see you do any of them. A 36 oz ribeye would be kids play for Bob.
    Old Thirty Sixer Challenge

    The Gin Mill Restaurant & Tavern in Lebanon dares diners to The Old Thirty Sixer Challenge. It starts with a 36-ounce certified angus bone-in Tomahawk ribeye. But that’s not all. To accomplish the feat, you also need to eat a baked potato, French fries, side salad and dinner roll with butter. You have 15 minutes to down the meal. The rules are easy – no sharing and no bathroom breaks. Also, the steak must be eaten clean to the bone. Finish the challenge and the $59.99 entrée is on the house. You’ll also get your photo placed on the restaurant’s wall and a souvenir T-shirt to remember the experience.

    324 E. Cumberland St., Lebanon

    Pickett’s Charge Challenge

    Fittingly, the Blue & Gray Bar & Grill in Gettysburg named its challenge after a key infantry assault at the Battle of Gettysburg. The Pickett’s Charge Challenge is a gargantuan sandwich. Four ½ pound burgers are topped with cheese, bacon and vegetables and then stacked and held together with three grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s all served with three pounds of chili fries. You have 30 minutes to consume this colossal six pounds of food. Do it and the $25 meal will be on the house. You’ll also have your photo posted on the restaurant’s wall and receive a T-shirt.

    2 Baltimore St., Gettysburg

    2lb burgers #Dennysbeerbarralpub #giantburgers #2lbsbeef

    Pho King Challenge

    Pho is traditionally served in oversized bowls. But at Noodle King in Lancaster they take it to the extreme. Order the Pho King Challenge, a more than five-pound bowl filled with two pounds of meat and three pounds of noodles for $25. Luckily, you don’t have to consume all of the broth to be deemed a winner. Those who successfully tackle the challenge, receive a free meal and T-shirt as well as their photo displayed on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

    216 N. Duke St., Lancaster

  16. I wish i could eat that much when I’ll reach your age. Can’t even eat that much at my age because of fear of having diabetes. 🙁

  17. Pop LOVED Scrapple. I think it’s truly a Northern delight. Me being Southern ? But WV isn’t all that Northern where he was from ???

  18. I can imagine scenario if you were pulled over with your scale. Officer: A scale huh…we know what that is for. Bob: I use it for work. Officer: I bet as he checks the rest of your car. Asking what do you do for a living. Bob: YouTuber, I eat and post the videos. Officer: Uh huh. Bob: I have proof of my latest. Shows latest to Officer. Who hands Bob his scale back telling him to have a good day ☺️☺️☺️

  19. So this is what you do when you've got NO other way of impressing people , and you live east of the 5 frwy… Disgusting human !!!!!!!!!!!!

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