Bugatti Veyron – 402,5 km/h on autobahn

Hello anyone and everyone who loves the
Bugatti Veyron and likes to see this car in action. We are here at the
Philadelphia building, one of the many buildings here at BB Centrum in
Prague. This is one of the largest office parks in Central Europe and was built by
Passerinvest group, one of the most successful developers in the Czech
Republic. Radim is the founder of this greatly admired company and he is also
an owner of the legendary Bugatti Veyron. I had the great privilege to be part of
the team of people that went out on the autobahn in Germany, where there is no
speed restrictions, to test the top speed of this supercar. We wanted to make this
video, so people who have a passion for the Veyron can get a closer look at the
car and see the experiences we had during this top speed test-drive.
Radim is a Seventh day Adventist Christian and always emphasizes, that life is not only
about the material things, but about having a good relationship with Jesus
Christ. All three speed tests were conducted
with the team of professionals where safety was a priority. So let’s go talk
to Radim and see what it’s like driving 250 miles an hour. I’d like to tell you about my dream car,
the Bugatti Veyron. In 2007 after a long wait we
finally brought our beautiful car home. My first experience driving over 400
km/h was in the factory car at the Volkswagen test track in Germany. It was an amazing ride and I wanted to experience
it again, only this time in my own Veyron. that’s why we put together a team of people and prepare to attempt to go over
400 kilometers on a public highway. Something, no one had done before. In Europe, there is only one place
you can do this, the autobahn in Germany The day was set,
Sunday the 1st of May 2011 however it wasn’t a simple case of
turning up, getting in the car and hitting the accelerator we had
to choose the right stretch of highway the right place and the right time. When the day finally arrived
we were brimming with anticipation. Little did we know, it wasn’t to be. We did a few rides, but couldn’t activate the top
speed mode and weren’t able to go any faster than at 375 kilometers per hour
after a follow up consultation with the people at Bugatti, we learned the
outside temperature had been too low. We had to choose a warmer day, so we set the
next test for the end of May 2012 and in the meantime found an even better
section of highway, the A2 from Berlin to Hannover. The roads were clear and the
conditions were perfect. This time we were already to be the
first people, to take a car over 400 km/h on a public highway, at least that’s what
we had hoped, but once again the top speed mode failed to activate. We were all disappointed, but we weren’t going
to be stopped that easily. The problem had to be resolved.
After a second consultation the Bugatti team discovered the cause of the problem.
The gearbox needed to be replaced. We arranged for the third
attempt for 2015, the same stretch of highway, the end of May, and once again, on
the state holiday. No sooner had our car been inspected and put through
maintenance procedures. We picked it up from the experts at Bugatti.
The gearbox had been replaced, the tires were new and our technicians had put the cameras in
their places. We were ready to finally break the 400 km/h mark. We woke up at 3:30 a.m. and started our day with prayer to our Heavenly Father
as always. Then, full of anticipation, again we made our way
to the starting point. The top speed mode was activated from
the very first ride. Our anticipation turned into excitement.
As we reached top speed, our speedometer was reading 394 km/h.
It wasn’t 400, but it was great. As we slowed back down I remembered, that the speedometer always shows a lower speed than the GPS which is always completely accurate. I needed
to see the real reading. The GPS showed that in all but one of
our rides we had been traveling over 400 km/h!
It was a fantastic moment and within minutes we received a message of
congratulations from Bugatti. We reached our highest speed 402.5 km/h in the final ride and my eldest son, Radim junior, joined me in the car. We were the first people to drive
over 400 km/h on a public highway. I’m grateful to God for the fantastic
experience our whole team had. We never found ourselves in any danger
for which I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’d also like to thank all
the people in our team and the people at Bugatti, without whom, we couldn’t have
set this record.

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