Build & Battle: Automatic vs Manual Transmission, Which is Faster in a Drag Race? EP.4

– They cheated twice! (guys laughing) That motor doesn’t even have an oil pan, and they took me for $100. It was supposed to be
complete with an oil pan, oil pan was sitting outside! (rhythmic music) – [Mechanic] There’s a
right tool for the job, and this is not it. – Nobody’s cheating. – [Man] Hey! (tools falling) (car revving) (people murmuring) – Sup? – [Cameraman] Just sneaking shit in here? (Jose laughs) What, what, what, whoa, whoa? What are you? – It’s a Nitrous kit! – [Cameraman] Nitrous? – [Jose] That what’s his name had got. – [Cameraman] Yeah, what’s his name. (man mumbling) Yeah, what’s his name got that. – Welcome back to Build and Battle. Team Brad, team John
pretty much neck and neck, except for Brad is almost out of money, John still has a little bit of money. But both of their motors are in the car. They’re ready to start
putting in the final touches. We’re about halfway through the season, so things are getting pretty interesting. But both of these cars
are looking really good, so let’s check in on the teams. Team John. John, team, team John? Are they hiding, where? Team John, hello. Hello. Okay, well, they must still be sleeping. – Welcome back, guys. Had a great weekend, we’re
all rested, ready to go. As you guys remember, we had the motor in. We’ve got to finalize some bolts. Get the trans mount done. Jose is going to get the cage done. We’re getting our wheels and tires today, so we’re going to finally center
the rear-end, weld that in. I’m going to measure for the drive line, and send our drive
shaft out to get redone. So, maybe by tomorrow we
have a complete drive line, and a running, or actually
I’d say, a rolling chassis. So by Wednesday, maybe a fire-up. (tool cranking) (car part falling) (bang) (grinding) Drop down. (people muttering) Whoa, not that fast! There’s no engineering in
this, this is what happens. The shit don’t fit, so we’re
going to weld it in, okay? That’s all there is. Right now the motor mounts
are just a little bit off, and instead of trying to
re-drill the holes down here, we’re going to weld this, weld this, and then add, or we’d plan on
chaining these motors down. Because these rubber motor
mounts don’t like a big hit, when you, like let go of the trans brake, it likes to be solid-mounted. We’re going to put a piece of
chain from here to the frame, so that, this is just to hold steady, when the motor actually twists,
it’ll pull on this chain. So it won’t actually pull
on the mounts themselves. (welding) Perfect. (welding) – [Hert] Where you guys been? – I don’t know, like, you, where you… – [Hert] Where you been? I was here and you guys weren’t here. – When?
– [Hert] I was here at nine. – We’re here at eight. – [Hert] Prove it. – We got hair-dressed
at five in the morning. – [Hert] Five in the morning? – Yeah.
– [Hert] That’s from my guy. He hook you up? Let me see. (slapping) (Hert laughing) What you guys do today? – [John] The wheels. – [Hert] Ooh. Spicy boys. – [John] Yeah. – [Hert] What size tire
you going to put on this? – 26.5 by 8 – [Hert] Honestly, I expected… – [John] This is not centered. – [Hert] Okay, okay. – Yeah, watch what you say, okay? – [Hert] My bad. – We already ate ice cream
when we put up the wheels. – [Hert] You already ate ice cream? – Yeah, we stopped at a ice cream man on the side of the road and got ice cream. So we were already good for the day. Later on we might go get the spare transmission
and the front wheels. – [Hert] So you’re not
going to work on anything, is what you’re saying. – Yeah, no, we’re going
to work on the engine. – [Hert] Okay. – We have to put the pickup
tube, seal our oil pan. (clanging) We have to move the engine forward to mount the transmission, and… (brad muttering) – [Hert] So you going
to do all of that today? – Yeah, and I have tail lights coming in. No more uglies. – [Hert] You just spending
money on useless things? – How’s that useless? – [Hert] That doesn’t make you faster. – It makes you look cooler. – [Hert] Yeah, style is
a part of the criteria, so I respect it, I respect it. All right Mochi, get to work. (thrumming music) (guys yelling) – Boom, boom, boom! (welding) – [Brad] Oh, shit, Brad can weld. Hey don’t worry, the
internet knows everything. I know it’s not Kibbetech, but, you know, it’ll hold the pipes together. Don’t come to my house and ask me to weld. (Hert chuckling) – [Hert] You been faking the funk, huh? – You know. – [Hert] Whatever you’re
about to do, looks sketchy. – Don’t watch. Now you got to measure it. (saw running) (Hert laughing) – [Mechanic] That looks great. (banging) That’s Brad spec right there. Brad spec. – Yeah but that’s like, three
hours saved of work, though. So we don’t have to waste time
moving the engine forward, we just make a new hole for the
shifter and be done with it. Okay. – [Mechanic] Does it sit that high? – [John] Sit that high, and the shifter is going to
be like right here, so… – [Mechanic] Do they normally
sit that high up in there? – Nah.
– [Man] Yeah. – Not on these cars. – [Man] Probably like a little lower. – It’s about an inch lower. – [Mechanic] That’s not going to (bark) the drive shaft output angle? – Nah, ’cause the shifter’s up here, the transmission’s
right under the shifter, so I have plenty of space. – [Mechanic] It’s still way down? – Yeah. – [Man] Yeah, it’s still way down. – [Mechanic] Oh yeah. That’s even flat belly pan. – [Cameraman] That’s where you need it? – [John] Yup, I mean it’s
a little off from there, but we’re probably just going
to get Kyle to cut a little… – We’ll see for a price. – So, if you remember, last
season on Build and Battle, the losers vehicle got sold for charity, and we’re going to do
that again this time. So whoever loses this race, we’re taking their car,
selling it to charity. They have the opportunity to
buy it back if they want to, but either way, that
money is going to charity. This time we chose Warriors on Track. We have Tom here, the
owner and race driver for Warriors on Track to
explain what that is all about. – How you guys doing? I’m Tom Woods from Warriors on Track, combat veteran from Iraq, and founder of Warriors on Track. We started up in the
Southern California location, up at the 25 Hours of
Thunderhill Endurance Race, north of Sacramento. We now have a second location, Warriors on Track PacWest in Oregon, and our goal is basically
to get combat veterans, especially wounded
veterans into Motorsports. Vets that are paraplegic, quadriplegic, or just dealing with PTSD
or traumatic brain injuries. So we’re kind of covering a
whole realm of combat injuries. Basically, we’re going to try
to build a hand control car. – [Hert] Okay. – From this point on, and put quadriplegic and paraplegic vets in that hand control car, which is currently sitting at the Thermal Club Raceway that some people might be familiar with. – [Hert] Oh Thermal is very nice. – Yeah. So, and it goes a little bit beyond that. We don’t just want to get
vets into Motorsports. That’s going to be, sort of, the, if you will, the hook line and sinker. We want to find out what
they need beyond that, Job placement, therapy… We’re just getting momentum,
and we have a feeling we can blow this up nationwide
if we keep working at it. – [Hert] That’s awesome. – Yeah. – [Hert] Well, I’m excited that we have an opportunity to help you
guys with your mission. – And I’m excited to be here,
I appreciate you guys, too. – [Hert] Are you ready
to see these things race? – Absolutely.
– [Hert] I know we are. – Yeah. – [Hert] Nice to meet you, Tom. – You too. (thrumming music) (spray painting) (clanging) (pressure washing) – [Brad] Another $100 eBay spend. – [Kyle] Did eBay sponsor you? (thrumming music) (metal clanging) – [Hert] What on earth? – [Brad] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You stealing my secrets? – [Hert] I don’t know if
I’m stealing your secrets, I’m wondering about your secrets. – [Brad] That’s a poor man’s
motor mount right there. (Hert laughing) – [Hert] Well, I guess when you’re running big daddies like this. – [Brad] Oh yeah, so
we got our tires back, we got our new centers. So, we had the centers actually moved from where you can see right
there, to right there. Now it should be still without all that poke and stuff like we
were worried about before. – [Hert] She got a little bit of poke, but that’s not bad
compared to what it was. – [Brad] It’s not centered,
though, right now I know. If you look, let’s go
over to the other side. – [Hert] Oh yes, once you center that… – So once we center it, we
center it out, it’ll be right. – [Hert] Yeah, when you center that, that’s going to be, it’s
actually going to sit flush. What are you up to Jose? – Welding up the cage,
complete now, permanently. – [Hert] That’s it? – [Jose] Yeah. – [Hert] Yeah, looking
good, man, looking good. – This is sexy. – This is way better than… – [Hert] How many days
until this thing starts? – Two days, probably two days., One more day of electrical and hoses, and then we can fire it up. – So we’re looking at the judging criteria for the actual competition,
’cause it’s not just a race. There’s more things to it, so… – Here they’re talking build quality is one of the judge points. As we know, Brad, he will
not try to (bark) even come close to build quality,
they can have that one. – [Mike] Obviously, like,
we’re building a cleaner car. So I know we got that one. Budget ingenuity, like we made the best use out of our money, got the most parts, the
better, better everything. – [John] We sold half of like… – [Mike] Yeah, and then we sold, like, what, like $1,600 to something? – [John] Nah, it’s over
two grand of parts. – Yeah, like of parts from the car. – [Brad] Well, we’ll probably lose that, ’cause we went over budget,
so we’re gone on that. Style points, yeah there’s
not much style for an S-10. – Style, you know… – We got a built engine… – What’s better than an RX-7? – Firs three we’re probably going to lose, which I’m not really crying. Build concept originality, meh. We’re kind of original. – Then we have on the challenge
day, there’s going to be, I guess five different challenges. On the least money spent. We did spend more money given that we sold more parts out of the car, so I know that’s going to
be, like, a given for them. – We will definitely have spent less money than them on the total bill, because their shit cost more, and they’ve spent more
money on nicer stuff. So, ultimately at the end,
when you add the things up, I already know we’re
going to win that one. Most horsepower, I guess who decides to blow their shit up on
the dyno will win that, too, because we’re really building
close to the same power. – [John] Most horsepower, we can win. Either we go first or last,
’cause we make more power. It’s a built engine. Fastest quarter mile, we’re trying to get the fastest quarter
mile, but overall we know we’re going to go way
faster as track speed. – Fastest quarter mile,
not worried about that, they’re not going to beat us. Fastest track speed, that
might be interesting. That’s a turbo car, that
could trap us in speed. – So then we’re doing the best three out of five quarter mile. – [John] Well their plan is,
they’re hoping we blow up, so we can’t do the three out of five. – And then best out of
three, if their shit actually runs three
times, I’ll be surprised. So, we’re good on that one, too. – These three out of five runs are going to take into account the speed and the reaction time. ‘Cause we can have the fastest car, but if his car, if he reacts faster than us at the light,
you know, he can win. This is exactly how I
wanted it to be broken down. You know, it makes it,
like, fair for everybody. – We’re 50/50 right now,
it’s going to be a good race. ‘Cause they’ve got some qualities that they’re going to kill us on, and then we’ve got stuff
I’m not too worried about. – So we came back from picking up spare transmission for $150, but we got… What you would call these? They’re not Johnnies
right, they’re too small? – [Hert] Those are Jays. – Those are Jays? (Hert laughing) But, they’re sick Epsilons,
and they’re four by 110. So we have skinnies for the front, now. – [Hert] How much were these? – [John] $150. So, $150, $150, so, not
too much money spent, and now we got front wheels
with tires already on them. Tomorrow the ladder bars get
here, and all our fittings, so we can start putting
together the car tomorrow. – [Hert] You got your front end on? – [Brad] We’re all done, we’re ready to pull it off the stands and go racing. – [Hert] Yo, you got, oh both pipes on. – [Brad] We’re down to
the free and clear part, but I got to build the trans now, ’cause it kind of, like, establishes where the mufflers can come through. – [Hert] Right. – So we’re down to the easy area, and now we’ll put the trans on in, and then we’ll put the little
mufflers and the drops on. – All right, so these guys
still got a lot of work to do. Both motors are in the cars,
both of their transmissions, both of them almost have rear
ends, both of them have cages, and both of them have no money. So it’s going to be very
interesting moving forward, so. Good luck tomorrow, guys,
I’m going to come in late. Just ’cause. Bye. (man singing opera) (bang) – I have no clue how to do this. – We’re going to do
the transmission mount. We got these plates over here. So, this one we still have to cut out. This is going to be for the
transmission bolt holes. So, this piece, we’re
going to weld over here. This one, we’re going
to have inside the car, and it’s going to be
welded onto the floor. So we’re going to find a spot
to weld it, drill it through, and this plate will be like through bolted with another plate on the
bottom to the main one, that way we have a really
good transmission mount. This is the original
transmission mount from the car. This is the one from the ’93 transmission. Also, Johns going to be doing the harness. Mount the radiator back on, and go get some fuel
fittings and oil lines. – Building a trans mount right now, and we’re having him finish up the straps, nitrous tank, and battery box. Then we are going to finish
welding the rear end. Then we’re going to put the
radiator, the front clip, and start working on plumbing. Another wonderful day to win again. (hip hop) (drilling) (welding) (welding) (knocking) – This should hold. – [Brad] All you, kibbetech
guys, and the real fabricators, you guys can talk shit, I understand, but Brad’s not a real fabricator, and he busted this out. Now, what’s cool about this
is it reuses the factory ends, so this end here can be
unbolted, right here, and that end there can be unbolted. So, we reused the factory S-10 mounts. We just made a new center
piece that holds the Turbo 400. Now we’re going to finish this exhaust up, so that our exhaust is done. Then I’ll probably jump
up on the radiator, and start doing the radiator mounts. – [Kyle] Let’s go, Brad, looks sick. (hip hop) – Stock manual transmission versus stock automatic transmission. The stock automatic
transmission’s going to make a more precise gear change, and more consistently than the manual. But they have manual transmissions that you can shift wide
open throttle, now. So it’s all, per se,
H-pattern versus sequential. Sequential is a wide open shift. You’re flooring it, and
you’re just click, click, click, click, which is
the same as the automatic. The only difference is you’re letting a clutch out to start your
car, versus the automatic, you hold the brake let go of
the brake and floor the gas. – So, for drag races, I’ve
always been a fan of manual. It’s a little harder than automatic, but to me it’s more manlier
to have a manual transmission. So you can take the car a little higher, burn the car a little higher out. But the only difference, I got to be on point with the shifts. If you shift wrong it can
break your transmission, or lose the race, basically. – They’re going to be H-pattern shifting, which means first, second, over to third, and then back to fourth, which
is a whole lot of mistakes. And they have four gears, we have three. – [Hert] Oh, hello. Okay. (Brad replying in a high pitched voice) – [Hert] Oh, hello. – Hello. – Brad, wait your turn. I see you got yourself a radiator now. – [John] Yeah, just for now, we’re using this factory one for testing. Later on, if we sell some more shit we’re going to get that aluminum one. Right now I’m gutting the intake manifold. So, I already cut it to make it hollow, so you can flow all the air in there. I supt the port really nicely. – [Hert] Are there usually
butterflies here or something? – [John] Yeah, right through
here the secondary butterflies. These, instead of just putting
buck up plates on them, what I’m going to do, is
like, on this one and this one right here goes straight
and through the throttle. I’m just going to weld this shut, and tap it for these fittings to run it to like the fuel pressure. – [Hert] Okay, so you’re
building your own vacuum lines. – Yeah. But I already finished this
also, the cruise control. Hand-routed the lines. So we need to do one little hole here, and this bracket to hold it. So this one goes to
the front of the turbo, It’s going to be the boost source. Don’t yank on it, man
you’re going to break it. – [Hert] I didn’t yank on it. – And then the bottom port goes to the bottom of the wastegate, and the top one’s the one that changes the pressure to the boost control to make it boost more. – [Hert] You sure you have that right? – Yeah. I have the same one on my car. – [Hert] If you don’t, people
are going to make fun of you. – No, it’s right. – [Hert] All right. – Let them make fun of me, I don’t care. What are they building? (Hert laughing) Without the ladder bars
we can’t finish the cage, we can’t put the drive shaft, we can’t do nothing
without the ladder bars. – [Hert] So that’s literally
holding you back pretty big? – Yeah, the past two days
we’ve just been bullshitting, ’cause we didn’t have parts. So we’re just painting
anything we can find. But, now that I know
where everything’s at, our inlet piping is going
to go from here down, around the engine, up
and then into the intake. – [Hert] No inner cooler? – No inner cooler. – [Hert] Party car. – Yeah. We sold the tires to John Chase. – [Hert] Oh really? – So yeah, so he’s buying the tires. – [Hert] That’s amazing. – Oh man look at these tires. So we’re going to get a
little more into our budget. – [Hert] What’d you get for them? – I haven’t called him yet. – [Hert] You haven’t negotiated? – Yeah. – [Brad] You sold the
tires off your wheels? – [John] To John. – [Hert] You can’t sell anything. – I couldn’t give it away. I had to scrap it. I’ve gotten pennies for the metal. – [Hert] Oh my god. So what’ve you got going on? – Transmission mount, done. We’re making the flanges right now, so that we can disconnect the mufflers. So, we’re putting mufflers
on the little down parts. – [Hert] Oh yeah, on these little things? – [Brad] On those little things. So I’ve got to put the
disconnect flanges on it, and then I cut in the frame so that we could French in the radiator. ‘Cause we’ve got to put some re-support back underneath here for the radiator. We kind of want the radiator
to stay inside the car, so that we can take the clip on and off, and work on the motor, and we don’t have any
interference with that shit. – [Hert] Right, right, right, easy. – To work on. Today we’ll probably be able to get this thing back on the ground, get the spindles on, and set the pinion. Ring and pinion. – [Hert] So you’re going hard, today. You guys are going to make, and then you’re going to… – Tomorrow will be, like, electrical, fuel lines, oil lines,
and maybe a fire up. – [Mechanic] Tomorrow
we get to hear its cam. – You can hear the cam. You can hear that big
wild motor that I built. He’s determined to think that
I actually built this motor. – [Mechanic] You didn’t build it, your friend built it, right? – Whatever, I can guarantee this is a GM sealed factory shield motor. – [Hert] All right. – If we wad it up, you guys will see all the factory parts,
all over the ground. (Hert laughing) I put this on my mother’s grave. That is a factory sealed GM motor. – [Hert] All right, all right. – That’s how confident I am of that motor. – [Hert] I mean, everyone knows drag racers are cheaters, so. You get your drive shaft
yet, or is that all… – Drive shaft’s tomorrow, and
our alternator back, tomorrow. – [Hert] You got a big daddy or something? – No what we did is we had
the alternator sent out, so that we can only one run wire, we don’t have to run the excited wire. It just runs the big power
wire, when it moves it works, when it doesn’t move, it doesn’t work. – [Hert] Yeah. – That way, it simplifies the wiring. – [Hert] Simple, simple, yeah. – So we just got our two
boxes of parts for the car. So I’m pretty sure it’s fittings. (paper rustling) Now the next box. (paper rustling) – Pipe. – [Mechanic] Dang, Mike. – [Mike] That’s the down pipe right there. J-bend, that’s it. – [Hert] Did he open toys
like that when he was a kid? – [Mike] Yeah. – [Hert] Like it’s terrible,
look, that was unnecessary. Now there’s a huge mess for no reason. – [Mike] That’s trash. – [John] Host, host, clean it. – [Hert] More than a host. – So I ordered these from Vibrant, so we are going to do our exhaust. This is actually for the wastegate. You’re going to see this
coming out of the hood, and this coming out of the hood. Probably next to each other. We’ll see how fancy I get. – [Hert] You guys just copying shit car? – You wish. – [Mike] Nah, we’re copying
my car, I did it first. (Hert laughing) (pipe rings) – I’m going to get it nice and even, and have these out of the hood. – [Hert] Oh you’re going to keep it clean, you’re not going bull horns out? – Not going bull-shitty. – [Hert] You going to tear drop it? – Yeah. And earlier, I actually ended
up relocating the brake line. So I drilled the hole here, and ran the line into the fender. ‘Cause we don’t want the
line to be close to the heat, ’cause then we’d lose brake pressure. – [Hert] Smart. – And this would melt to the turbo. – [Hert] Smart. – See, thank you man for
saying (bark) I’m smart. (grinding) (welding) (hip hop music) (metal clanging) (upbeat hip hop) (saw cutting) (grinding) – I don’t know if I can actually show you guys what I’m doing. This is secret, secret, secret shit. This was bestowed to me by somebody that is not to be bestowed. I’m not going to put regular parts, where you need all the suspension, like suspensions all the
way up and all the way down, we only require just a
little bit in the front. So what we’re going to
do, is we’re going to set these chains up to hold
the front suspension down, so that it actually doesn’t
come all the way up, and we’re going to give them what’s called an inch-and-a-half of lift. So the car will actually, if you floor it, instead of just going
(wailing), like that, it’s going to go up to an inch and a half, and then it actually has to pick the front tires off the ground. You see what I’m saying? So that forces the weight
on the rear of the car. So it’s going to go
(groaning), and then take off. So, we can’t afford the real straps, but we can afford chains,
’cause we are over budget. – All right, so, little update for today. We got our third member last night, along with the ring gear. So we have to put this over there. – [John] The 457 ring gear
with the Strange spool with our axles so I
can put it on together. We may have to get, well we’re going to have to get a new bearing. – [Mike] Yeah, we got
to get a new bearing, so we need bearings for the spool, and bearing for the pinion. – [John] Then throw back onto it, and actually measure
the drive-shaft length. So the transmission is already
mounted where it needs to be. Other than that, I have to go with Hert to get the wiring supplies, ‘Cause we’re moving the battery from the front of the car to the back, we have to put a sealed
battery box for safety, and also we have to make a little hole somewhere here for… – [Mike] For battery cut-off. – [John] Put a battery cut-off there. By rules at any track, you have to have a battery cut-off if you’re racing there. (welding) – [Jose] So, we did something. – [Brad] Wrong. – Something wrong. So, we’re supposed to weld some chains to keep the truck from going up further than we want it to on launch, this was Brad’s idea, I was the one who welded it. But anyways… – [Brad] team effort. – [Jose] Those are the welds we got there. This was supposed to
keep it from going up, (Brad laughing) but it’s actually going further
than what we want it to. We were actually supposed
to weld it from here to the lower control arm. We welded it from here to here, because that’s what Brad said, and I went along with it, so, yeah. We got to cut those out, now. – [Brad] Never listen to what
Brad says, rule number one. (hammering) (grinding) – Got to have breakfast to work. – Three hours late. – Three hours late. (beeping) – [Brad] Right there, right there. Perfect, that’s where
we need to tighten it. (banging)
Whoa! (knocking) (tapping) (wrenching) It’s not three times to
start, it’s only twice. This is the second time,
so two and done, okay? Not one and done around
here, it’s two and done. First time is for practice. (pressure washer rumbling) – [Mike] All right. So we got the diff cleaned up,
got all the grease off of it. So now we’re going to take it apart. First we’re going to start
by taking the pinion flange. We’re going to take the whole pinion out, by taking these five bolts out, this whole unit will pop out. Then we’re going to take out the end caps, and pull out the ring
with the center section. After that, we’ll go get bearings. It’ll just be bearings and little paint, so we can check the wear pattern, and that will be it. (wrenching) (tools humming) (hammering) (vacuuming) (tools humming) (people mumbling) This is the ring and the posi unit. Everything’s already taken apart. Now we’re just going to get
new bearings for the new unit, and that should be it. Ring, pinion, front
case, and the posi unit. – [Hert] Bad Daddy Braddy. – We’re on final assembly
for the rear end. This is the last time we
have to take this apart and put this back together. Everything’s degree centered, all done. We got to do the brake
line, and then that’s it. I’m going to go to Deering when we go, I’m going to have that brake
line made, and that’s it. Then we’re plumbing in the
tank, wiring the battery, and doing the ECU. – [Hert] If you play your cards right, this thing might start up today. Oh wait, that was the plan, right? Today was the day. – That was the plan today, but… We might be a little… Just ’cause the fitting order, we can’t make Brown Santa go faster. – [Hert] Right, right. – Story of us race car guys’ lives. Sitting on the porch, waiting
for Brown Santa to come. – Brown Santa, I believe, is UPS. For those who don’t… – That wasn’t a racist comment! – [Hert] (laughing) I
know, no I’m just saying. Making it clear for the
people who don’t know who Brown Santa is. You know who Brown Santa is? – Yeah. – [Hert] All right, all
right, I was just making sure. (tool clanking) (hammering) (grinding) (hammering) (wrenching) – [Brad] Perfect. Perfect! – [Mike] Got this whole
kit from the store. (hammering) All right, we pressed it. (low-fi hip hop) (guys murmuring) (compressor hissing) – Team work is dream work. – [Kyle] So you checked all
your paint marks and everything? – Yeah, all that stuff’s good. It’s… Everything’s looking right
here where it’s supposed to. I mean, it’s a little
off, but, you can see it, but, eh, like a millimeter,
it’s not that big of a deal. So I’m going to take the diff out, put the third member back on, put the axles on, and then ladder bars. – [Kyle] Did they come in? – They haven’t (banging). They haven’t shown up yet. – Drive shaft just showed up. Had this custom made. So they basically put a
Turbo 400 end on this end, and a mustang end on that end. Now we’re ready to slide it in. (Brad grunts) – [Kyle] Ten more. – No way. (laughs) – [Man] How much? – I’m shaking. $155. (drive shaft knocking) (people murmuring) Uh oh, Juan. (people murmuring) It fits, it’s just like, there’s this much slip sticking out still. (people mumbling) I got a short tail. Cut that, that end off? – Yeah, cause you got a short tail. – Can I just cut it with a chop saw? – Yeah! – The drive flange that
goes into the tranny is just a little bit long, so… – He’s going to cut it
to fit on a short tail. Short tail 400. – [Brad] We’re going to now
make it a short tail 400. – [Mechanic] Mike, right? – [Mike] Mike. – Cut it. – So Vargas wants to
find out if this motor that he pulled out of this car runs, because it doubles the value if it actually is a running motor. So, John. (engine spitting) Hey, old girl’s. – Oh wow, I didn’t connect it. – [Hert] Old girl’s got… – Dummy! You dummy! – That’s compression. – [Hert] That’s compression right there. – [Brad] Where’s the
gas we’re putting in it? – [John] No, I’m testing the wiring first. – [Brad] Oh, let’s just get some gas. – [John] Yeah, I don’t want to fire… – Gas. – [Hert] I love how you guys are just hanging out with each other, instead of actually, like,
being the opposition. So, if this motor doesn’t
run, how much money? And if it runs, how much money? – $800 if it doesn’t run, I’m going to try for $1,500 if it runs. You know, wash it really nice,
pressure wash shit out of it. – [Hert] Is that Brad’s pressure washer? – No. – [Hert] Oh, okay. I was going to say Brad charge him. (engine chirping) – [John] Is that brake cleaner? (engine cranking) (Brad yells) We didn’t even have to
put the carburetor on. – [Hert] Did you put oil in, or what? (engine hisses loudly) – Yeah! – [Brad] $1,500! – [Hert] Yo, it started right up! – Thanks Brad! – [Hert] Nah, let’s get this thing chopping for a little bit. – We need oil in it though. (guys laughing) (engine crackling) – [Brad] $1,500. – Hey, we got our car running first. (guys laughing) – They cheated twice! That motor doesn’t even have an oil pan, and they took me for $100. It was supposed to be
complete with an oil pan. Oil pan was sitting outside. And then they started the motor that’s on the outside of the car, and say they started first? – [John] You said engine and transmission, you didn’t say oil pan. – You said engine, yeah,
you got to be more specific. – Man, the scumbaggery is real. – [Hert] Do it again, that’s fun. (engine crackling) (funky beat) – [Mike] That’s why, I put
it in backwards. (laughs) (machine whirring) (welding) (grinding) (hammering) – [Mike] All right, so, we just got the intake semi peripheral. These are our additional intake ports that we have on the engine now. So, compared to the old one,
this is the original one. That’s got all these vacuum EGR ports. Vacuum ports we don’t need. It only has two injectors on it, where this one has four,
one, two, three, four. – [John] And it’s equal length. – [Mike] And it’s equal
length, compared to this one, which is offset to the back, where this one is equal
length, straight up. So, it moves a little bit forward, to keep it away from the brake master. Big difference, stock, aftermarket, stock. So making work of the extra budget. – It’s about time to put the tools down, so let’s see what we got going on. Bad Daddy Braddy today. Hello, Brad. – Hello. Got a lot done. – [Hert] Looks like it. I see it’s on the ground. – [Brad] It’s on the ground. – [Hert] Under its own weight. – [Brad] Rear-end is welded, centered, fuel cell straps are
done, battery straps done, nitrous bottles installed,
nitrous lines installed, nitrous kits installed,
new alternator put on, and we welded the chains for the limiting straps on the right side. – [Hert] Oh yeah, your
harness is up in there. – [Brad] Harness is in. I’ve got to mount the ECU in the dash, and we got to run trans lines, and fuel lines to the fuel pump. Well, actually, from there, to the filter, to the pump, and the pump to the rails. Then we’re ready to go, and fire it. This is one kit. So there’s a plate right
here, that’s a 200 shot, and then we have an old
school fogger nozzle, like all the kids played
with for the 100 shot. – [Hert] You ain’t playing, huh? – No. One’s the win, and one’s
the I don’t give a (bark), I’m going to win. (Hert laughing) We’re finalizing. Tomorrow is literally go
through everything we did, recheck bolts, tighten everything,
get the electrical done, fuel stuff done, and
hopefully get it fired up, and download a preliminary tune for it. So that we’re set and ready for the dyno. – [Hert] Is that one of
the self learning ECUs, or you got a… – Yeah, it’s a self learning ECU. – [Hert] So you just turn
it on and let her eat? – Turn it on, fire it up, and let it eat. – [Hert] All right, you guys want to show me what you’re up to? – [John] Today we got the diff done. So, Mike put together the rear end, with the Strange parts
in it, the spool, gears, all new bearings, they put all together, and we also got a ladder kit in. – [Hert] So you finally
got the ladder kit. – [John] Yup. – [Hert] Give me a quick 30 second. – [Mike] Two bars get connected to the differential with these brackets. These go like this. So, this is where the shocks
are going to go mounted to. Right here. So whichever way we do it. This is the front part. It’s got a hoop, like a
bend, for the drive shaft. This bar right here is for the
shocks, this is the top bar. The shocks came with
the kit, Strange shocks, with custom spring rating. So all this stuff is adjustable. If we need to move it, or tweak it, or if the car’s like pulling to the left, to the right, at test day,
we can adjust everything, so it leaves straight for the competition. – [Hert] That’s a wild kit. You guys have… – [Mike] And all for $1,000. – [Hert] You have your
work cut out for you. – [Mike] Nah, this is easy. – [John] Sergio has his
work cut out for him. (Hert laughing) – [Hert] And where you at John? while your brother’s been
doing all of this science. What you been doing? – [John] Well, thanks to
Brad, and this amazing budget, we were able to get a new radiator. Well, not new, but we were
able to get a radiator. – [Mike] New-used. – [Hert] Yeah. – [John] It’s a little abused, but these coils are
known to work perfectly. And look, look, look, look,
I cleaned it a little bit. – [Hert] I’m excited to
hear this thing start up. – Me too, it’s going to be really loud. (brass music) – I haven’t been a part of this, but this dude (bark) cheated, straight up. – [John] This is my car
now, this is my way. (welding) (engine cranking) – Whoa, I’d be nervous, bud. (laughing) (hip hop music) – Do you tell your wife about the money you spend on your car? (laughing) Okay, enough said, that’s a wrap. – Wait, am I the wife? – I’ll be the wife. – [Hert] All right. (laughs)

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