Buying a used Audi A4 B6 / B7 – 2000-2008, Common Issues, Buying advice / guide

today I’m going to take a look at the used of the a4 b6 and b7 now this can be a little confusing because someone would think that the b6 version is the older a4 and the b7 version is a completely new model well it’s not like this the b7 model is basically a facelifted version of the B 6 but this upgrade is bigger than a regular facelift because the b7 is a little bit bigger and it also has stronger body than the b6 because of the safety the other differences are for example redesigned front and back of the car new electronics and some minor upgrades in the interior this Audi a4 was made from 2000 to 2008 the build quality of the interior is great however some of the plastic materials can be more wrong after many years of using that shouldn’t be rushed on the body panels and the quality of the paint job is also great there is sometimes problem with the window regulators heated seats immobilizer air conditioning or headlights the big facelift of this car was unveiled at the end of the year 2004 the standard equipment in the f4 was really poor so I would recommend finding a car which is well equipped the optional equipment can be for example leather seats heated front and back seats electrically adjustable front seats GPS navigation double glazed windows so our sunroof both optional audio system and so on [Music] from the petrol engines you can basically choose whichever you want however the 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine is notorious for blocking up the oil strainer in the oil pan which causes lower oil pressure this means that the engine parts will be more worn and in the worst case you can end up with a ceased engine so you should clean this oil strainer after buying and then every 100,000 kilometers there can be also carbon buildup in this engine Vaughn turbocharger or the variable valve timing mechanism will be more work in high mileage models the petrol engines with the FSI injection can have also problem with the carbon buildup then in high mileage cars they can have problem with bigger oil consumption or with the one variable valve timing mechanism the six-cylinder petrol engines are reliable enough but you can have some problems with the 3.2 liter FSI engine like carbon buildup and oil consumption in high mileage cars [Music] from the diesel engines I would recommend the 1.9 liter TDI 4-cylinder engine which is great fuel consumption and it’s reliable enough then I would recommend also the 2.7 liter TDI empty 3 liter TDI engines they are powerful men in the 3 liter and the reliability of this engine is also very good I would not recommend the 2-liter TDI 4-cylinder engines because they can have often problems with the dual mass flywheel oil consumption fuel pump and the biggest problem can be with the oil pump drive failure the oil pump drive in this engine can cause big problems so if you have this engine you should check or change the oil pump drive every 100,000 or 120,000 kilometer I would also not recommend the 2.5 liter TDI v6 engine however if you really want this engine then you can buy it mainly in cars made from 2004 [Music] it’s very important to change the oil in the engine after 15,000 kilometers but the best is to change it after 10,000 kilometers most of the engines are equipped with timing belt so you have to replace the timing belt every 120 thousand kilometers in 1.9 liter TDI engine after 90,000 kilometers in engines which are equipped with timing chain the timing chain can be hold after or even before three hundred thousand kilometers so you have to pay attention to this you can choose the manual gearbox which is reliable or there are two automatic gearboxes the multitronic is a CVT automatic transmission which is not very reliable the Tiptronic is a regular automatic gearbox which is much more reliable than the multitronic i recommend to change the oil in the automatic gearbox every sixty thousand kilometers I would also recommend choosing the famous four-wheel drive Quattro system which can be really useful before buying to the suspension parts electronic parts the car should ride quietly so it shouldn’t make rattling speaking or humming noises mainly from the suspension also check the gaps between the body panels they should be even on the left and on the right side too I hope that this information are helpful enough if we have some questions write them into comments don’t forget to Like subscribe or comment thanks for watching

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  2. I have A4 S-line B7 2007 year. For now, I don`t have any issues but I saw the previous owner changed a lot of things, so I don`t plan to keep it up long for myself or the same destiny will wait for me also :). It is 2.0 petrol engine.

  3. More info about 2.0 TFSI : they also have major problems with oil pumps.
    2.0 TDI engines have problems with cylinder heads, they seem to have cracks. You can find out this when You loose cooling systems fluid.
    I had these angines so and I had these problems as well. You can find this info in most of the forums as well.

  4. Üdv!
    Minőségi munkák ezek a videók és igen hasznosak!
    A4 2005-2007 közötti 2.0 benzin 130 Le mennyire hajlamos az olajfogyasztásra, a facelift-tel a motor változott valamit, vagy csak áttették B6-ból? Évi 10.000 km alatt használnám. Előre is köszönöm a választ!

  5. Hello Friend im about to buy a used audi a4 b7 3.0 tdi v6 233ps what do you think about it? is it worth or not? Thanks

  6. i have a b7 2005 1.8tq and it runs like a champ. 91k miles on it and now it runs a k04 with decat, software etc. Never had any issues other than the usual oil change and general maintenance like plugs and filters.

  7. Just bought 2008 A4 b7 s line 90, 000km. Service up to date. What should I be looking for in terms of servicing/ repairs/ replacement? Drives really well and looks sexy and would like to keep it that way if you could advise please.

  8. I had two b7's 2.0 tfsi's petrol and both oil chain pumps went cost me thousands I'm a broken man now. 😢

  9. Hi and thanks for sharing! I have a 2007 A4 3.0L Cabrio. Got her last February with 92,800 miles and she drives as if brand new. The only issue I've had with her was a result of my ignorance when filling her tank the first time after I bought her. Having had only American cars and an obvious issue with muscle memory, I used 87 Octane in her. HUGE MISTAKE!!! Check Engine light went all berserker. The Manual says you 'can' use it, though not recommended. I Totally botched my spark plugs which cost me about $200.00 to replace but that's a price you pay when switching to a German car and not thinking. LOL. Here's what caught me most about her: She's 13 years old and ALL the Options work perfectly! Thanks again for you video! -Mark

  10. I'm thinking of buying a 2005 b6 avant 1.8t Quattro 130k miles taken care off for 5,000 silver 6 speed Manuel what you think?

  11. I'm planning on buying a b7 3.2l with 160k km on it. Any recommendations on what to look for? Thanks for the video, super helpful!

  12. Hi I'm about to buy a 2008 2.0T sline 120000 miles on it what recommendations or advice you can give me and if is a good car ?

  13. i want the b7 2.0 turbo non quattro from my uncle. it has 230k km on the clock. am i making a safe purchase? the car seems to run fine and it been to all services.

  14. Thank you a lot for your time you took to make this vid, it really pinpooints the issues in my car. I had until und now, oil pump chain ripped apart, with it turbo failure (at 22000 km) . And now (at 47000 km) oil pump hexagon drive shaft failure.
    At the Moment i am sceptic about my car, but the issues i had, are exactly the ones you noted, so i kind of feel "safer" now – that ive went through the known problems. So at this point, i ask myself are there any other issues i didnt stumble upon, is there something else i shall know about.

  15. I myself own an AUDI the only sensible advice to give anyone regarding buying these cars is DONT . Reliability isnt a strong point of an AUDI, They may look nice but thats where the dream ends and the nightmare beginsif you dont have to believe me just ask google and the internet will do the rest .

  16. I have a 07 2.0tfsi, start stocking up on oil it burns it. 1qt every 4 tanks. Ingot my Audi with 58k on it. I'll go back to older models they're entirely more reliable. This was a slap in the face compared to what I'm use to. After this Audi it will be the last.

  17. Can anyone tell me anything about the 1.6 petrol 102 bhp version? I am currently driving an 1.2 12v Polo, which is the 1.6 16v with a cylinder taken off and this engine only required one ignition coil (70 euros) in 6 years and 80k km of owernship. I know that the engine is bulletproof. Is the 1.6 in the A4 the same as the 1.6 SR from the Passat B5.5 and the Golf 4? I know these engines like the back of my hand. I don't really care about performance since I'm a slow driver and I never get past 110 km/h, which pretty much every engine these days does. Thank you people!

  18. 2006 a4 3.2 the rear main timing chain cover known for oil leak? I am not talking about the 2 upper timing chain covers behind the head

  19. Hello, Thank You for putting this video up. I did not see You mention the 4.2 l V8 engine. I am looking to buy a 2004 S4 V8 4.2. Do You have any advice please?

  20. I have strippped the engine of my A4 B6 2.5tdi 180nhp quattro (AKE), any advice on what engine parts to check or replace?

  21. Great video thank you so much! I reserved a 2003 2.0 FSI Manual at 130k km – Went for a test drive sounds perfectly fine and drives perfectly fine. Body looks ok only in the interior some of the plastic parts are worn off. Would you recommend me to check anything else?? thanks!

  22. Greetings from South Africa. I like the B6 and B7 A4. The only drawback for me with the B7 is that it doesn't come with the 2.4 v6 petrol engine so I would stick with the B5/6 4 door sedan models with the automatic transmition.

  23. 2.5 TD 180 lóerős motorról mi a véleményed? Ha jól tudom ezen még nincs DPF mert 2000-2004 közötti

  24. Should i or should i not?

  25. hello there im looking to buy this car can you take a look ? its 200 Hp is it posiblle i can put on him more horse power? how much would that cost money? and are that good car? audi a4 b7 ? :)) thanks man i really need help they better then bmw? or golf

  26. Any information on Audi A4 1.6 petrol 2008 ? Plz give some advise as im thinking to buy this car. Thank you!

  27. Am have problems with my 2004 audi a4 quattro 1.8t manual it's idling bad it was idleing bad in the past and find out that one of the vacuum was bad so I changed it an all the other one's the was driving well months later I'm having a bad idle again but not as bad sometime it's harder to start turn off

  28. I just bought a 2008 A4 b7, 97000 mi. I love it but hate the silver color. I really wanna do some upgrades or something to get my mind off the color

  29. Just bought an 03 V6 3.0 A4 Quattro. It’s one owner with only 125k miles for 3k USD. Fuck it looks too good to be true but wish me luck guys lol.

  30. Have a 2007 a4 s line 2.0t when I press the gas t doesn’t wanna go all the way it hesitates and the car shakes like it’s so weak , any ideas on what it might be ?

  31. Have an issue with my 2008 a4 with rpm fluctuations after 2nd gear and have no idea what is causing it … gears 1 and 2 are fine and after that the rest of the gears surge but less noticeable when warm but still does it regardless and drops power also

  32. Anyone here have any experience in owning a B7 3.0 tdi s line Quattro V6? Thinking of buying one and I've found an amazing example of one for sale that's been looked after exceptionally well. Are they good cars?

  33. I bought same car full Audi service history within 6 months and engine around 90.000 thousand miles oil chain pump destroyed bottom of engine had to spend around £4000 to fix three years on near 120k mileage I’m spending on average £1500 each year on wear and tear best drivers car I ever had worse car for reliability I’ve every had and Audi uk didn’t really give a shit.

  34. Hi, would you recommend a 2006 2.5 TDI engine? I think you said don´t buy those built before 2004 but im not sure. thanks in advance

  35. Is it true what people told me and i saw my self 4-5 cars on street, that B7 2.0 TFSI is eating oil ? and why is eating oil ? piston rings or turbo is the problem ?

  36. Azt tudod esetleg hogy a 3.0 TDI motorokban melyikben volt DPF? Elvileg a 204 lóerősben nincs, a 233 lóerősben van, de hallottam olyat is hogy mindkettőben volt opció, meg olyat is hogy a 233 lóerősben is csak opció volt. Hivatalos infót nem találtam

  37. Hi, would you recommend a 2006 August 2.0 TDI 140 hp engine? I think you said don´t buy those but i want this engine can you tell me for what i must look as code or somethink like that . thanks in advance

  38. Tfsi engine have issues with the cam follower. It's about 50 bucks for the part and it needs changing regularly. I also find that VW/Audi make terrible suspension components that don't last long at all. You're always replacing bushings and arms and mounts. There's often an oil leak somewhere.

  39. I got 2.0 alt 131km b7 and after 200k i have 0 problems and oil consumption is very low (100ml 1k km). I heared some ppl had problems with oil but i belive its because of long life service.

  40. Audi A4 b7 is a money pit.

  41. It's called maintenance look at the maintenance book and maintain it correctly and you will have a great running car. Yes Audi is a performance luxury car and is high maintenance because of it. But it you follow the manual you can have a great running long lasting car. I own a 06 b7 a4 with 2.0t I have done all maintenance on time and have never had 1 problem. It's a wonderful car. American cars are made for lazy people who don't like to maintain things so low performance crappy handling and even worse hp to liter ratio. If you are going to own a Audi don't be lazy. My Audi just hit 140k I've done timing chain tensioner high pressure fuel pump cam rider trans fluid change spark plugs carbon clean out timing belt and brakes oil changes and run only 91 octain ethenal free gas like it says in manual. I like my car I love driving it and I put 500-1000 miles a week on it and it's never left me stranded and has allways started.

  42. The 1.6 and 2.0 petrol engine are the most simple engines, I have the 1.6. The 1.8T can burn oil and have turbo problems due to the fact that the idiots owners change the oil rarely.
    The 1.9, 2.5 inline 5 are very good, the bigger the engine, the least wear on the parts, be careful with engines that have 5 valves per cylinder, those are hard to fix.

  43. Don’t buy one I own one and it’s fine at first but it’s a hassle after awhile cheap material break like window switches will break or door handle will break and some bullshit I’ve taken care of it until that happen just get a b8 version it’s worth the money and your time

  44. Audi A4 b7 is a money pit.

  45. My Audi A4 B6 (8E) Avant has 280 000 km now and the only problem i have is the automatic headlight, a little bit oil consumption and an party uupcoming Engine warning light which is from the Cat. (no worries at all)

  46. Was planning on buying my friends audi a4 b6 2.0fsi, the check engine light doesnt go off and sometime the traction control and abs light comes on and then randomly dissapears again, any advice?

  47. Im looking for a A4 b6 cabrio, but I'm nor sure what petrol engine to choose… the 1.8T, 2.4 v6 or 3.0 v6… please I need advice for the best engine choice of those 3

  48. Anybody have any experience with an 2005 A4 Quattro? I’m looking into buying one and was wondering if it’s a good choice.

  49. B6 1.9tdi with software @ 180hp, smooth power for overtakes and very, very reliable engine. 530k kilometers and going like a new one.

  50. I used to have 1.9 130bhp but have just bought a 2.0 170bhp for the little extra power. Gutted that you’ve pretty much told me I’ve fucked up by buying it…

  51. Fuking drivers door wiring breaks in pinch point fenders rust out control arms wear out fast …….. Wiper motors fail.

  52. Great video. I have acquired an b6 2003 a4 1.8t quattro tiptronic. The car only has 50k miles or 95k km, but it is 17 years old…. Should the timing belt be changed? Due to the age of the belt.

  53. Hi there , hello
    What can you tell us 'bout a6 f4c6 quattro V6 , 2,4 liter petrol engine manual gearbox 2006 , i love this car ….,,she's" my Dark Angel
    I'm pissed that i can't bring the car inside my badroom so i can sleep with it next to my bed

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