Calculate Celsius to Fahrenheit Easily

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In this video, I would like to discuss a shortcut for calculating celsius to Fahrenheit degrees
Temperature is measured several different ways. Two common methods are Fahrenheit and Celsius. Fahrenheit sets the boiling point at 212 degrees
and freezing at 32 degrees Celsius has boiling at 100 degrees and freezing
at zero I’m more familiar with Fahrenheit but in Science,
most readings are in Celsius degrees Here is a shortcut to help you estimate the
calculation from Celsius to Fahrenheit Image the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius
What is this in Fahrenheit? Here is the shortcut. Double the Celsius reading and then add 32
I like 30 instead of 32 because 30 is easier to add
25 times 2 plus 32 equals 80 Therefore 25 degrees Celsius is roughly 80
degrees Here is why this works
The formula for calculating celsius to Fahrenheit is
Celsius times 1.8 plus 32 1.8 is almost 2 and it is easy to double a
number Let’s compare our estimation to the calculation
The calculation is 77 degrees Fahrenheit Our estimation was close. Remember it is an estimation and not an exact
number. How about 15 degrees Celsius
15 x 2=30 plus 30 equals 60 Compare this to the real calculation
15 times 1.8 equals 57 plus 32 equals 59 degrees How about a negative number
negative 5 Celsius -5 x 2=-10 plus 30=20 Fahrenheit
Compare this to the actual calculation which is
23 degrees Fahrenheit Hope this shortcut helps
So there you go an easy way to estimate Celsius to Fahrenheit
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  1. So 10 degrees Fahrenheit x 2 = 20 plus 20 is … 40 Celsius? I know I'm wrong I've had a learning disability most of my life oh, so now take it easy on me where did I go wrong?

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