CANADIAN SNIPER SHOT ISIS FROM 3.54 KM / 2.2 MILES AWAY (simulated in Arma 3)

A Canadian Sniper (from Joint Task Force 2 team) saw an ISIS standing 3.54 km / 2.2 Miles away from him….. He checked out the real Distance with his Laser Range Finder…… The ISIS was 3540 m / 2.2 miles away from him He was going to shoot that ISIS with his Hornady 750 gr AMAX ammo (.50 bmg / 12.7x99mm round) He plugged all the ballistics data into his Ballistics Calculator (AtragMX)…. he dialed all the Elevation (Bullet Drop) & Windage (just the Spin Drift) adjustment onto his scope…. He could only dial 30 Miliradian of Elevation (Bullet Drop) onto his scope, so he still needed to hold 53 Miliradian above the target 😮 He was trying to hold over the target with his mildot reticle (at scope largest magnifaction) but the target was out of the scope coz the Holdover was too huge (53 Miliradian)… he needed to zoom out / power it backdown to 5x magnification at 5x magnification, he got the 53 Miliradian Holdover he needed to compensate for the bullet drop 🙂 BAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIIINNGG!!! It’s a solid hit! ^_^ A HEADSHOT!!! 😮 A HEADSHOT!!! 😮 A Solid 3545 m / 3.54 km / 2.2 Miles Headshot!!! 😮 Wow is this shot really possible in real life???!!! :/ A Solid 3545 m / 3.54 km / 2.2 Miles Headshot!!! 😮

10 thoughts on “CANADIAN SNIPER SHOT ISIS FROM 3.54 KM / 2.2 MILES AWAY (simulated in Arma 3)

  1. Had the canadian sniper used a Mil Dot reticle? I think it is very unusable for this distance. Tremor3 or MSR is better i think so, and got maybe used by them.

  2. Nice shot dude, but how did you see that target? i swear i didn't even see a fucking thing in that scope. Are you sure the canadian sniper use that scope?

  3. This is not a real footage of the Canadian JTF2 longest shot!!! This is just a simulation video of that shot!!! In this simulation, the shot trajectory most likely matches the real one coz i'm shooting the same ammo (with exact ballistics)!!!

    For those who don't know what simulator this is, it's ARMA 3 (with ACE3 mod)! It's the most realistic military simulator in the world created by Bohemia Interactive Studio! To me, it's the Best Sniper Simulator! 😀

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  4. Lmao, that really puts it in perspective holy shit thats a long shot had to be luck for that guy in real life.

  5. What add-ons are these (rifle, wind gauge, visualize bullet trajectory)? Can you provide links to the add-ons?

    Do you have a scenario you could share on steam workshop?

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