Canadians Try American Poutine

– Right. (upbeat music) I have never had American-made poutine. I don’t know what they think poutine is. – People call it disco fries here and that turns me off. – I remember this looking better. Smells a bit like gasoline. Is that, should I,
should I be eating this? – Very gelatinous. – OK, here we go, here we go. – The cheese curds look
like they’re shredded. – It doesn’t taste awful, but it’s kinda got the texture of glue. – This is terrible (chuckles). – I would pay like three dollars at the most for this, Canadian. – I would not pay anything for this. You would have to pay me to eat this. (cash register) – No.
(laughing) – What? – This one’s got a garnish. – This one doesn’t have cheese curds. – I don’t think poutine
should have a garnish. – I mean, there’s no discernible gravy. There’s no discernible cheese curds. – This is also terrible. – The fries are well done, which I like. – I’d pay three bucks for this. (cash register) – I mean, that’s ridiculous. Poutine is like a snack food. – Oo, there’s chunks of meat in here. – Way too meaty. – I feel like I’m gonna regret learning what this was. – The meat is great. – Fine, hard to mess up. Not my favorite, but you know, edible. – If my goal is eat poutine, this is not it. (cash register) – Why is poutine so expensive here? Are they importing everything from Quebec? It doesn’t taste like it. – This is not poutine. – You tried, America. I think that’s the important part. – I feel bad for my American friends that have to try this and this is what they think poutine is. – This has made me a little homesick. And a little tummy sick. – That was a thing that happened. Nope. (chuckles)

100 thoughts on “Canadians Try American Poutine

  1. Poutine is gross anyway. Cheese and gravy should never go on the same dish. Its either one or the other but never both.

  2. Tim Hortons is owned by Americans/Burger King ?????????? we own your favorite coffee cafe and are Economy is the largest in the world at 22 trillion Canada’s economy is 1.1 trillion… yea Amazon makes that a year in sales …

  3. 25$ for that… from quebec where it was made…. i expect at least this.
    (Poutine : fry,gravy,cheese) + (smoke meat,sausage,bacon) + (black olives,onions) and even that. id pay 18$ at most.

    american pay 25$ for a basic poutine that cost 5$ to make at most….lol

  4. fuckin canadians lol american disco fries or even the vegan ones are so good, they were literally given the gross looking ones

  5. plus, disco fries are not that much, the price was ridiculous and not true at all. you could get some bomb disco fries for about $6 in jersey. this whole video is a lie lmao

  6. Any Albertans here? I know that our poutine isn’t as good as Quebec’s, but my mom’s is HEAVENLY. The gravy is creamy, the fries are flavourful and the cheese is so gooey! I’m really hoping to try Quebec poutine one day, since it’s probably even BETTER!

  7. $4.99 for a small one at New York Fries (You can probably find it at Niagra Falls on the Canadian side)
    $7.99 at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Mary Browns (The Mary Browns one is way better, they also have one with Taters)
    $2.99 for a large bag of Lays Ketchup or Dill Pickle flavored potato chips. (I know for a fact you can't find any of that stuff in america)

  8. I love this, because this is what we do to other culture/ nation's foods but I've never been on the receiving end of it. My Chinese friend had a similar reaction to "Chinese" food here in Ontario

  9. This channel, or Americans in general don’t make poutine the right way. Guess you gotta come to Canada for the good stuff. And so damn expensive!

  10. ? POUTINE ?IS?NOT? CANADIAN ? I wish the rest of Canada would find a culture for themselves instead of claiming Quebec culture as their own.

  11. Well it's 2019 and Canadians if you want to find a place in America that'll be somewhat decent, you'll probably have to pay 50 bucks.

  12. I'm American, we are sorry for making Canadian poutine because if you guys made American ham burgers I'd be upset, but I think Canadians are Really cool for Canadians who don't know what Connecticut is, it is a cold state under new York which new York is right under Quebec, Canada I enjoy Canadians and I want to go to Quebec someday, ????

  13. Yesterday I went to Detroit to watch the Raptors play the Pistons and I tried an American poutine and it was so disappointing. America is cancelled!

  14. 25 dollars in American?!?!?! What the?!?! The cheapest and the best poutine I've had was 6 dollars in American

  15. If you're Canadian, pronounce poutine properly please. It's pronounced poo-tsin. Or at least poo-tin. ✌️?

  16. i am Canadian but these people are wrong cheese curds are ass i don't like cheese so that could be why i dont like them but having the stringy cheese is the best when you cant taste it at least

  17. I'm American, and even I think the American Poutine looks…wrong. My French teacher made us poutine once, it was great! Her grandmother was from France and she often goes there and to Canada. Anyone have any good…recipes? I want to try making some for myself.

  18. As a native of Montreal, absolutely NONE of those even remotely resembled poutine and it's heresy that it's being called that.

  19. Where the hell is buzzfake shopping that poutine is so awful and expensive? Is Chicago just that much closer to Canada that we have decent Poutine for under $10?

  20. If you have actually visited Montreal something even better to try are bagels. They are THE BEST BAGELS EVER!

  21. Step 1: make fries
    Step 2: put cheese curds on fries
    Step 3: pour hot gravy on top

    How is it even possible to do this wrong? It's like failing at making a peanut butter sandwich.

  22. I can get better poutine in an Alberta food court or a McDonald's wtf is that

    (No shade to Western Canada, I'm from there lmaoo)

  23. I'm sorry… But that was not a Canadian poutine. Not enough gravy. And def not enough cheese. Just because you bought it in Canada. That ain't make it a Canadian poutine.

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