Capital area will see strong winds into the night

now let’s connect to our Michelle park
at the Weather Center for more details on typhoon ling-ling
Michelle how far has a typhoon come up in the peninsula
well the 13th typhoon of the season ling-ling has passed the Capital Region
and reached North Korea at around 2:30 p.m. now it will continue to head north
at 40 km/h now at this rate the typhoon should make his way out of North Korea
later tonight and had northeast into Russia before dissipating by Sunday
afternoon typhoon is moving very quickly and so Jeju and the southern regions
have had their typhoon alerts lifted now however there are still strong winds so
don’t let your guard down yet and meanwhile the western parts of the
country is still under a warning while the eastern regions are under an
advisory now the throughout the day most regions are expected to receive up to 40
millimeters of rain while up to 60 millimeters are expected in the
southeast of the peninsula now even after the passing of the typhoon the
nation will be under a influence of strong wind and rain so stay alert
that’s all for now and back to you

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