Cara untuk mendaftar aplikasi myTNB untuk pengguna Smart Meter

This video will show you how to register on the myTNB app and view your Smart Meter readings to keep track of your energy usage. Use your Smart Meter with the myTNB app for smarter energy usage and bill payments anytime, anywhere. Saving time, money and the environment. Smart! Smart Meters and their installation are free. Download the myTNB app. Fill in your details. You’ll need your TNB account number. Find it on the top left-hand corner of your paper bill. You can also scan the barcode which can be located at the bottom of your paper bill. You can add more than one property to your account. Renting a space? Get access to your rented property’s account to view your energy usage and bills. Once registered you can view your usage by day or month. In the dashboard view you can see how much electricity you have used this bill period and whether or not you have been more or less efficient since your last bill. And how much your bill may reach for this period. Remember these are an estimate based on your consumption pattern in the last bill period. Rest assured, your final bill will be calculated accurately. Now you know how to read your energy usage. More questions? Read our FAQ or check out the other videos. Get smarter with your Smart Meter. Download the latest myTNB app now.

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