I don’t think I have an easy task here, Because Tommy has scaped this iwagumi in a perfect way. And today, I gotta do this. And it’s not gonna be easy. Competition is on! Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! I think I’m ready! How do you like this? Competition is on between me and Tommy. [Laughter] Hit the like button, if you like this video better! Alright, so the competition is on! But I’m not gonna compete, I’m gonna do something completely different. It’s gonna be an Iwagumi style, but it’s gonna be a monospecies layout, which means that it’s gonna have only one type of plant. And it’s gonna have three ingredients in the tank. We’re gonna have the Tropica soil. Thanks Tropica, for sponsoring this soil! We’re gonna have the mini landscape rocks, the black Seiryu stones, sponsored by Aquadeco, thanks again. And the Tropica sponsored Utricularia Graminifolia. It’s a carnivore plant actually, believe it, or not. This plant – as I told you in the beginning -, does not need base layer fertilizing substrate. The roots are gonna be deep in the soil, but not gonna go down that much. We’re gonna have a lot of soil in the tank. And I’m gonna show you how to “dry start method” this. The dry start method is obviously a procedure, where you plant these, and then you leave the tank empty, like moist, you’re gonna cover the tank and just leave the dumpy environment for this plant, to grow in the first say two weeks, or so. So you can see the difference between the normal Seiryu stones and the Dark Seiryu stones in the background. The normal Seiryu stones are more grayish, because it has a layer of Calcium on the surface of it. Actually if you’re very careful and you pour some acid on it, it will look almost the same as the dark seiryu. We’re not gonna try selecting the rocks, I’m just gonna bring in everything that I see here into the Gallery, and I’m gonna select it there. Oh cool! Vicki has brought me the best ones. This rock is very difficult to break. So what Matyi, our maintenance expert is doing, it’s that he’s pouring the Dennerle Plantahunter Baikal into that bucket, and just lets the wind blow the little particles away. So we’re cleaning it from dust basically, like that. I’m not sure, that this quantity will be enough for the big tank, for a 650 liter tank, but I’m gonna only use it along the paths, in the middle and in the foreground. Alright, so let’s start working! I’ve got the Baikal pebbles here with me. And I’ve got tons of stones there. Tommy! How many rocks do we have? He said 400. So we’ve got 400 kilos of rock here. This is quite exciting, because you guys will see the creative process, from the first moment. I have no idea, what I’m gonna do now. I will put some small rocks in the foreground first. That looks good! Alright, so this is the first stone, because I kinda like the structure of it. And the way that it has a plateau here. I’m gonna move this here in golden ratio, on the right side. I still have no idea what I’m doing. But you know, it’s progressing nicely. I’m trying to add some graduation towards the right. I’m not sure yet, where the big path to the back will be, or if it’s gonna be a path at all. This is the smaller pebble. I don’t wanna use a lot in the foreground, because I want the scale, the height of the tank to remain intact. So I’m just gonna add maybe half a centimeter, one centimeter at the front. So this is six bags right there. I can start putting in the big stones in the foreground, in the midground actually. Do not forget, that where’s dark soil now, it’s gonna be light green color. And I also wanted to have some paths of Utricularia, coming down from the top. I have the central chasm here, which is perfectly okay, but I kinda need paths now, so I will have to work on these curving lines now. This is nine bags so far in there. And I’ve gotta start working on the foreground as well. As we learned from Tommy, you’ve got to put in the small pebbles after you introduced the big ones. And this way, it will look very mixed. I’m introducing the biggest rock now. It’s gonna come in the midground as well. I think I’m gonna only have small rocks in the background, because I’m gonna elevate the substrate and when I did that, I think smaller rocks will look also big in the background. I almost broke the glass. [Sigh] Live dangerously! Scape! Don’t forget that the Utricularia is gonna be like 5-6 centimeters in the long run. And you cannot really trim that, so you have to always take that into consideration, when planting. I always want to have a lot of room for it, to grow. I keep changing it. I really need to raise the soil up on the left side of the tank. Twelve bags of Tropica soil went into this tank already, starting to take shape. I’m still thinking about the path. I wanna see, if I can add some perspective, by leading the lines backwards, with pebbles. I’m not happy with the flow of everything. [Danny] Why? So it doesn’t have lines. Should I rescape the whole thing? I could do this all day. [Sigh] I gotta ask Tommy’s idea. Is that cheating? You could use some small Seiryu stones on the path, or some Dennerle Baikal stones. [Balazs] Okay, so I took Danny’s advice and I kinda covered the main path with the pebbles and rocks and all. And now he’s missing the stone in the back, so I’m gonna listen to him and just put one in the back there. This whole thing is very flat. I wanna go up with something. The goodies. Hey, let’s start planting! Who’s gonna help me? Viktoria! And here you have your two-hour planting video. We’re gonna push in all the Utricularia pots as much into the soil, as possible. Only the tips are gonna be visible and then it’s gonna grow up from there. You wanna see the juicy details? When you’re building an Utricularia tank, you should use this plant alone, nothing else with it. And don’t add anything, but Brighty K to the water and you’ll be fine. Show your face! And tell them… [Clearing throat] Alright, so we’re kind of ready! Thank you ladies so much – for your help! I would’ve stood here for the rest of the next two hours, if you didn’t help, so thanks again. You’re welcome! Okay, so Tommy! Give me your final thoughts! [Tommy] I actually like it a lot! I like that this tunnel is being a but twisted towards the middle. Some concerns… About what? About some of the plants. If you look at those parts, they are actually just stuck into the rock. Not sure if the Utricularia is actually evolving there. [Balazs] Like an epiphyte plant. [Tommy] Yep! [Balazs] It’s different from all the tanks that we have here. Its contrast and its very bright colors… [Tommy] Two centimeters in the front and that’s it. [Balazs] Like this? [Tommy] Yep! Once a day, I like to open it up, at least halfway. The most important about opening it up is to get out all the clogged up air from inside and release some fresh air with CO2. So let’s do the two-week jump cut! Two weeks! Bamm! Two weeks have passed by! What happened? As you can see, most of the Utricularia had grown in nicely. You almost have one full batch of Utricularia in the center there. We’ve seen some fungus there, on the left side, and maybe two pots of Utricularia have melted, which is not a lot. So I’m gonna replace them now. Oh and before I forget, we introduced the CO2 diffuser here. Because we wanted to have some CO2 in the tank. There… And we’re gonna fill it up with water! Bamm! And another week has passed by and we filled it up with water. The Utricularia is doing fine, no meltaway, so I can testify now, that the Utricularia does quite well, if you do a two-week dry start method and then you fill it up with water. It’s not gonna melt away. We only have problems on the two sides, that I mentioned before. And those two sides have started to cover up nicely, but I added some pebbles there, to just cover the blank spots, just to be on the safe side. Actually, I didn’t tell you about the Utricularia, that it’s a carnivore plant. That doesn’t mean that it’s gonna eat your fish. Actually what it’s gonna do, it just gets the small, living organisms in your water and it’s gonna eat that. The Utricularia doesn’t tolerate nitrates, so you should actually only dose Brighty K, if you’re dosing anything in that tank. Other than that, I think we have a success. Tommy’s concerns were not justified, the epiphyte way of using Utricularia works perfectly. We don’t have a melt in these locations in the center, along that path there. And other than that, I think we’re ready. Three weeks into the lifecycle, the Red Neon Tetras have been added to the tank and I really love these little fish. They add a little color to this otherwise monochromatic layout. Let us know what you think! Vote below, by hitting the like button, or the dislike button! Shiny, right? I’m really proud of this! And I’m proud of our team, to have helped us into getting the 100k subscribers milestone, on the Green Aqua YouTube channel. Thanks to you guys! You are great, it’s because of you! We’re eternally grateful for that. So with that, I would like to ask you, to subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel, if you didn’t do so yet. Hit that like button, if you like this work and I will see you next week with Josh Sim. He’s gonna present you a very, very interesting workshop. The aquascaping legends series continues. Stay tuned! Bye!


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