Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum

Hey everyone, my name is Ben and welcome on my channel Press tube Now, a couple of days ago I discovered a wasp nest in the back of my garden

100 thoughts on “Casting GIANT Underground Wasp Nest with Molten Aluminum

  1. Ok, like I said in the video and in the description : I live in Belgium, and when we have a wasp nest that is close to a house or a place where people are (like my children in this case) we need to call the fire department. They will come to exterminate the wasp nest with poison. Wasps are not protected in Belgium. Bees on the other hand are protected here!

  2. You know in Minecraft when you make a sick base and then go on an adventure and when your come back your house is covered in lava and destroyed I feel like that’s what a wasp feels like when it comes back to everything being covered in lava

  3. Guy: hey kids. Do you remember those wasps that were bothering you yesterday?
    Kids: yeah.
    Guy: (shows sculpture)
    Guy: this is them now

  4. Bees, yes wave your hand at a bee and flys away.
    Do the same to a wasp and It comes over for a closer look. Ah, I can attack that human, i am tiny bit I will attack anything.

  5. Woah woah woah bumble bees do good for the environment honey bees are invasive bastards do your research before you make that statement.

  6. There is this small wasp nest in my garden. One of them assaulted me for absolutely no reason. I kinda killed the nest with boiling water

  7. Wasp: about to enter it's nest
    Wasp: sees a huge bucket of molten aluminum about to be dumped on it's nest
    Wasp: yea I'm gonna go in my nest

  8. Fast forward 20 years, daughter brings home first boyfriend. Dad be all like "you don't want to be hurting or annoying my little girl trust me".

  9. For all that don't know it, usually wasps are removed with wasp spray, which is a neurotoxin and kills them rather slowly, the suffer for multiple minutes. But in this case, with molten aluminium, they actually die almost instantly with low pain.

  10. (No Joke) In Germany, you would now pay a fine of 65,000 euros and a prison sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment

  11. When I was a kid I shot at a nest in a tree,it was a big basketball sized nest and right before I shot at it with my pellet gun, I thought to myself," hehehe… There's no way they'll know what hit them because I'm like 30 ft away. They won't find me."

    I learned something that day…

  12. Look At 5:58 It’s seems like someone points out his middle finger 😂 idk guys but maybe I’m picturing things haha anyway have a nice day everyone 🤗

  13. I like to think that the wasps are screaming in pain as they try to evacuate their home thats being destroyed by the raging lava inferno.

    Fuck wasps.

  14. I am making this reply based on comments I read. I know a lot of people are going to see me as a problem because of this, but whatever. Predator species exist for a reason including wasps. They keep
    other species from over population that would cause ecosystems to
    collapse. I can understand killing wasps for our own comfort as humans
    for our survival, because we are predatory too. If you have kids around
    your backyard and they might disturb nest and the wasp will attack in
    defense. You have have a right to keep your home wasp-free.

    However, comments here are just examples of how modern
    day humans are still primitive and ignorant judging nature based on our
    concepts of morality rather than looking at the whole picture, hence
    post thinking they should be extinct. I keep wasp around my home because
    I have other pest I need rid of around my home and garden. They don't bother me, in fact I can make them walk on my finger and they don't see me as a threat. However, I will
    spray to kill them if I grow food that I know wasp will harm as some of
    my fruit trees. My needs as an organism and a predator myself doesn't stop me from knowing the whole picture that a scientifically proven highly intelligent predatory insect are critical to the over all balance in many ecosystems, even if I'll kill them for my own survival. I'm not going to eliminate them all. It's just very discouraging to read comments and see how most of us humans are a ignorant species over all.

    Also there is a irony here in America about our so called love of "bees ." We imported a foreign species of bee for food production that is endangering thousands of species of our native bee pollinators at the trade off of giving us honey. It's not my place to say if that is wrong or right, but I don't think we should be hypocrites talking about how we love bees, when we only love one species that's killing other native species due to human aid. Not to mention when it is all for what is now a luxury dessert we call honey – not survival or necessary food of our population in the US. It's just a market here – we love honey, not bees themselves.

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