Catch & Cook Ep. 3: CATFISH 11 KG/ Angeln und Kochen von Wels/ Хвани и Сготви Сом/ Pesca de Siluro

Come on! Did you catch one? Nice! Hold it! Is it a big one? Yes. All right! Big one! Beautiful! Good job, Tsetse! Super! Well done! It inhaled it. Hold on! Very nice; well done! Come on! Caught on handmade lure Realwobbler Fat XS covered by real Nase skin. Yes, let’s see it! With chickpea flour. Yes. Little Cece: – Stab (and stabbed the camera woman with a fork :). Little Cece: I stabbed you. It’s splattering; go away. Cece: – Tsetso! Cece: – Tsetso, why are you getting dirty? Why are you getting dirty? Why are you getting dirty? He is preparing the meal. Therefore he’s getting dirty, there’s no other way. Guys, now we’re going to eat a part of the catfish that Tsetso caught yesterday. We are here at our friend’s place. This is Jorko. Hi! You might recognize him from our pike fishing video from last year. This is his wife Mimi and their daughter Cece. It’s OK. This is Mitko. Are you not going to present me? Of course, this is Tsetso, but you already know him. Tsetso: I’m like Casper. So now we’re going to have the catfish for dinner. It looks very delicious. That was it. Jorko: Wave to the camera! Jorko: Come on; wave! You were training before. Katya: She became shy now. Jorko: Wave with the hand! Cece: I’m mad at you. Exactly, start eating! Tsetso: It might need a bit of salt. Katya: How is is Mimi, is it delicious? It is good, right? Mimi: Just perfect. Nice! Mimi: Jore, it is very tasty, try it out! It is like chicken. Jorko: Sure, I will definitely try it. Mimi: Do you want some? Do you want fish? Jorko: Have some fish! Jorko: Cece, come to eat some fish! Mimi: Cece! Jorko: Come and try it! Nice! Jorko: Come on! Come, here is the fish. It is pulling. Should I let it go a bit? No, just hold tight! It is dangerous when it changes direction to the other current. Because it is a big catfish. Apparently.

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