Catching a Catfish 8 kg/ 17 lbs on Crankbait and 0.14 mm Line/ Waller Angeln/ Pesca de siluro

– Pull slightly! – I can’t. – Then just hold! – Don’t worry. – Reel a bit! – I can’t. – Just hold then like this! – I can’t do anything. – Reel a little bit! – No, don’t! – He’s pulling. – Reel now! – I can’t. – OK. – He doesn’t let me. – Bring the rod forward! – And then reel! – Stop! To me again! – Stop! Don’t pull so abruptly. – You are going to tear up the line. – OK. – Hold him! – Reel slightly now! – Now pull! – He’s going to the log, Katya! – Pull to me! – Now to the opposite side and reel! – Stop! – Pull again! – Stop, don’t! He’ll tear up! – No, not this way! Hold the reel! – Now reel! – I can’t! He’s pulling so much! – Let me check the reel! – I am warm now. – You see where he is? Reel now! – He went to the opposite bank! – Stop! – Pull a bit now! – When he doesn’t move, you can reel! – Should I pull him? – No! – Should I hold the reel and pull him? – Katya, I can’t give you any advise now. – He’ll go to the trunk and lie down there. – If you give me the rod, I’ll go there and take him out over there. – I’ll go there too. – It’s very difficult, Katya! – You don’t know the spots. – Let’s go there! – No, no!!! – I need to hold the rod and feel his movements. – If you want to catch that fish, you have to give me the rod. – Katya, give me the rod! – I won’t! – You’re like everyone else I’ve been teaching. – You’re the same! – Give me the rod! – Katya, give me the rod! – We’re losing the fish! – OK, come here! – My God! – That’s pity. – Hold here! – Let’s go here now! – Looks like a big one. – Good for you, Katya! – Good for you too! – What’s his weight? – It’s a good one! About 8 – 9 kg/ 17-19 lbs. – Nice! – Take a look where the lure is! – Yes.

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  1. Кате другия път пробвай сама пък каквото стане за Цецо знаем че ги умее тези работи 🙂

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