Caught between a Marriage Proposal and a Meter Molly

(upbeat guitar music) Good morning, your honor. Good morning, who’s this with you, your lawyer? No, your honor, I’m her fiance. My fiance. Your fiance? First of all, Karima you have some tickets that go back to 2010, which is eight years ago. Whoa. Three parking tickets. Three parking tickets?
Yeah. You owned a Dodge back then, do you remember that? Yeah. The Dodge, remember that Dodge. A Dodge Caravan. You didn’t know him then? Did you know him in 2010?
No, I didn’t. No. You were out of the picture. No, I was out of the picture. I’m with the new two, I’m with the two new tickets. (laughs) Listen, I wanna ask you a question. Yes, sir. You came here this morning with Karima, right? Yes, sir.
Yes. Are you here just to smile pretty or hug her? Or, are you here
No, I’m here, I’m here for moral support.
Then, forget moral support. Are you here for a little of the green support? You know? Yeah. Huh, are you gonna help pay? I’ll, yes. Good. Okay, Karima– Your honor, he don’t have no choice. (laughs) He has no choice? He don’t have no choice. We know who the boss is there. Absolutely. I can ad, hey, I can admit that. Yeah, that’s a good man. If I don’t admit it, then… Alright, the tickets that go back to 2010, I’m gonna fine ya’ $25 for those tickets. Okay.
Wait, we didn’t finish yet. Then, you have another ticket, on Dutton Street, that’s gonna cost you another $20. That’s the overnight parkin’? That was overnight. That’s him.
That was my fault. That was you? That was me, yeah. I was move, I was parkin’ the car and I went to move my mother-in-law, came in the house, went in the house to get the keys and I got screwed. It’s gonna cost you 20. Just cough up the money and forget the excuse. (laughs) And now we have a red light violation. Who went through the red light? Your honor, I have an explanation for that. Well, let’s take a look at it first. Okay, the explanation is that I let somebody use a rental car that was in my name because they had to go to work, ’cause they delivered pizza and that’s who got the ticket. But since the rental car was in my name, I’m here. This is a red light violation on Raymond and Chalkstone Avenue. Let’s take a look at it. It’s a red light, look. Boom, flashes right when he hit the corner. What do you think about that, Karima? What I really want, which I really think about, I rather strangle his neck. Strangle his neck? Yes. Who you talkin’ about? Him? No.
Oh. The person I let– The pizza guy. Me and the pizza guy. Oh. Was the pizza guy your friend or his friend? Your friend? Oh. When’s the last time the pizza guy gave you a free pizza? Oh, I don’t deal with him no more. He had busted that car right there he busted the windows out of my car. So I don’t deal with him no more and that’s the last time I got a pizza. The fact of the matter is, Inspector Carragin, I can’t make the determination whether that light is red or not because of the quality of the video. So, because I don’t think the city could prove its case by clear and convincing evidence I’m gonna dismiss that ticket on that basis. So because of the quality of the video, that’s gonna be dismissed. It’s gonna cost you $40 for the two parking tickets. Okay. Oh no, it’s gonna cost you $45. Okay. How long have you guys, how long have you guys been together? (exhales) How long have we been together? It’s goin’ on two years. Two years? Yes, ask me how many kids we have together. You’re fiances? Yeah, ask how many kids we got. That’s the real amazing question. You know, it’s funny whispers there. Now, you don’t have any children do you? Who me?
Yes. Both of you. Yes. How many do you have? Eight. You have eight? Eight. No, we have eight altogether. Eight, together. How many do you have? I got three small ones. How many? Three. Three little ones. Oh. Do you have any together? No. No, we lost our baby last year. Oh, that’s terrible. Got into a car accident on February the 8th. When are you guys gonna tie the knot? When you gonna make it official? That’s on him.
I proposed to her not once, not twice, but three different times. Wait a minute. So, Mr. Carrigan, go stand over there. No, I’m gonna get hit. (laughs) Oh, I wouldn’t hit you ’cause that means I’ll be goin’ to jail. No, wait I’ll take it, she’ll give me it by force. I can hit him cause I’m not going to jail. That’s divorce, I’m not a marriage counselor. You love me, though. I was trying to get Inspector Carrigan to intimidate him into poppin’ the question, and– Will you marry me? I ain’t got no ring on but I’ll get down on one knee and say, “Will you marry me?” in the middle of the courtroom. Alright, he’s on bended knee. Yes! (laughs)
I love you, judge! (applause) It’s official, okay? It’s $45 for the tickets. Let us know when the wedding date is. Alright? And good luck to the two of you. May you live happily ever after. Thank you. I just wanna say this, I seen you while I was in New Jersey, when I was livin’ in New Jersey, on TV, and I said to a friend of mine, I was like, yeah, one day I’m gonna go up there just to sit in his courtroom and I never thought I would actually make it up here to see you. (laughter) Thank you, you’re honor. Have a good day. (guitar) Did you see that woman’s face when he proposed? I think we now have a new definition for “caught in Providence.” Good morning, your honor. Mr. Ansilardi…
Yes, sir? You were charged with parking in a prohibited area on Fulton Street. Front of the City Hall. Yeah? How do you plead? Guilty or not guilty? I don’t know if guilty or not guilty, all I did was ran in to check on my bill I got for my ’95 Toyota pickup truck. Last year, it was $1800. This year, $4700. I don’t think they know what they’re doin’ down there. I ran in, and he wasn’t there, Gary, who takes care of that. So I came out, the meter molly musta been hiding in the corner, ’cause I wasn’t even out two or three minutes and, boom, I had a tag. Unbelievable, that fast. Had to be layin’ and waitin’. Not fair at all. At least give me a few minutes to go in and out. You went down to pay your taxes? Huh? You went down to contest the valuation? I went in to contest it but the guy that takes care of it had a string and I said I’ll phone it. He wasn’t in so I just ran right back out again. These meter mollies, they must hide in doorways. Mr. Ansilardi, you know the routine because you’ve been here before, but they are Parking Enforcement officers. I can’t hear you too good. I said, we don’t call them “meter mollies”. They are Parking Enforcement officers. Oh, I picked that up by other people. Forget other people, alright? Well, I apologize, I won’t do it again. I’m not asking for apology, I just wanna get you straight. Okay. That was a very difficult task, knowing you in the past. Yeah, at my age, I kinda get sidetracked. You know, I am 84. You make me laugh. I don’t think I’m gonna make it another year. What do you think? Think I’ll make another year? The nurse just left. If she was here, I could probably give you a better… Yeah, I’m gonna have a little operation on my shoulder. They found, they found it malignant. Got a little lump. So who knows? When they put the knife to me, it may be the end of the road. So enjoy me while I’m here.
(laughs) I hope it’s nothing serious. If it’s in your shoulder, I’m not sure it’s too much of a problem. No, it’s just skin, it’s skin. We don’t wanna get into your personal medical history. Yeah, I got a bad habit of goin’ into– Alright, here’s the story. The sign said you can’t park there. You parked there. So, it’s gonna cost you– Only ’cause usually all them spots are taken. It’s costing you $30. See Inspector Quinn. Thank you, your honor. (upbeat guitar music) You know, when you’re born and you grow up in a town where eventually you become a judge, it’s inevitable that, some day, you will come face to face with people you knew as a youngster. That’s the case with Raymond Ansilardi. I knew him when I was a youngster, he lived a few doors down from me, in the Federal area of Providence. He was a character then, and as you can see, he’s a character now. But I never forgot where I came from. I remember Raymie when I was a kid. He’s a character, but he’s basically a real good guy. All rise, and hit “subscribe” so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh-in on the cases. You be the judge. Subscribe now.

100 thoughts on “Caught between a Marriage Proposal and a Meter Molly

  1. If I could be just 10% of what Judge Frank Caprio is, I'd be a much better human being. Wow. Judge Caprio and his community move me.

  2. Watch "Caught in Providence" Monday through Friday.  Check your local listings for the time and station in your area.

  3. Parents should stop protecting their kids from the realities of Life once they reached adulthood so that they can start being responsible for their own actions and conduct.

  4. An old Persian/Iranian proverb says, "If you've got sweet eyes, you'll see everything/everybody around you good."
    My point is, you say he's a good guy, because you yourself are a good guy, that's why you see everybody around you good. ❤️

  5. Oh… Wow… NEVER NEVER NEVER let someone use a rental car that is in your name. So many ways that can go horribly wrong.

  6. He has to officiate the wedding now. Please, please Judge Caprio can we get a youtube special wedding video on this channel?!?

  7. What a hideous state, $4000 in taxes each year on some POS truck? Unreal. People talk trash about NY, it cost $120 for registration every two years here. THATS IT.

  8. Is the judge blind? Or do you think he is not being 100% honest when he says, "I can't tell if the light is red."
    Frankly, I suspect the latter.

  9. I wish that we have such a humanitarian judge like judge Frank in arab countries .
    justice + Mersey
    love you judge Frank ❤❤❤🌷🌷🌷

  10. I love your videos! Please make more, and always remember you have the heart of god himself. You are my very favorite youtuber, and you are the best. I found your channel just this morning, and now I am OBSESSED with your channel! I am so glad that you are having mercy on all the people coming into court. You are my favorite judge, other than my dad!!

    4:30, this happened: "It's $45 for the tickets, let us know when the wedding day is, alright? And good luck to the two of you, may you live happily ever after." –Frank Caprio AKA my favorite youtuber

  11. quality of the video? It was clearly red… this was obvious not only by the fact that the red light was lit up but by the traffic actively crossing within seconds of him going… the average time for a light change is about 3 seconds.

  12. These Meter Mollies must be hiding in doorways!! LOLOLOLOL
    Judge Caprio: (Adjusts mic)…"I said…we don't call them Meter Mollies. They are Parking Enforcement Officers!"

  13. sry for my bad mouth
    but if that couple gonna divorce, don't forget to make it on official air too

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