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Hello again you awesome people. This is Fiona Burdett from Fifonow Coaching At this time in history, there are more gyms, More fitness clubs, more diets, more Whole Foods and healthy options available Than ever before and guess what? There are also more unhealthy people There’s more obesity, more weight related illness and out-of-shape people than ever before Why? Well people who want to lose weight say “That’s it I’m going on a strict diet, no sugar ever ever again” “I’m going to force my body to be, perhaps “smaller than my sister’s” or “tiny for my wedding day or my daughter’s wedding” or Whatever it might be We literally decide that we will punish our bodies into submission And that is how most diets begin and Honestly with reasons like that. It’s not surprising that the results are not great!….. In fact did you know that 98% of all diets fail? So think about it… you’ve decided to go on a diet hoping that whatever the latest trends that you chosen is the best thing since bubblegum and You really actually only have a 2% chance of success! That’s pretty depressing, isn’t it? Statistics show the longest time that people stay on the diet is generally six weeks… only six weeks So when you say that you’re going on one diet or another, or when you say that you’re depriving yourself From a particular food or treat that you love You’re actually only generally going to do that for six weeks! If it’s depriving yourself You CAN change your nutritional plan for the rest of your life But you will only be successful if you learn to represent that change to yourself in a completely different way… for example, let’s take someone who decides to become a vegan…. a vegan usually makes a decision; They say “I love animals. I think that eating animals is cruel I think with livestock stock farming is cruel so that I don’t want to eat animals or animal products ever again” but someone who wants to lose weight Says “I love donuts and I adore pizza, but I can’t have them without gaining weight, so I’m giving them up forever and instead. I’m going to live on rabbit food and lean protein” There’s a subtle difference which, when you don’t know what to look for, is easy to miss But the truth is that the difference is huge Diets fail because they are too hard When you restrict yourself from having those treats that you love, you miss them and you feel a sense of deprivation… That’s why diets don’t work The only way to successfully achieve lasting and healthy nutrition is by wanting to do it It needs to become almost an instinct in your subconscious mind Think about it, when you deny yourself something You just want it more Don’t you? … When you say “I love cakes, I adore sweetened yogurt or ice cream, but I just can’t have them”… you only end up wanting them more Depriving yourself and punishing yourself to achieve a goal does not work! You CAN replace those representations with alternatives and I will teach you how to do that. I keep mentioning how easy my weight loss this time has been this time around It has it’s true Yes, I did improve my dietary habits, but I have not felt deprived at all I have not felt that I was missing out ever in fact I now observe with amazement and how most of us are live out our lives Almost in a hypnotic state of repeating the same destructive patterns without understanding what we’re doing or why we’re doing it If you have a dream of achieving your ideal size, if you would love to be smaller trimmer and healthier… I really want you to understand that forcing your body onto a restrictive diet will not work People do the same thing to themselves with gym and fitness They start up programs that are harsh and not sustainable If you don’t enjoy the program that you’re on If it’s difficult to maintain, it if it takes serious determination and willpower to stay on that program It won’t work not long-term Always remember that punishment and reward go together If you deprive yourself and punish your body in with harsh fitness regimes that you hate… then what kind of do do reward do you turn to after you’ve lost a bit of weight? Maybe it’s a burger and some french fries. Is it a pizza or some ice cream and a whole bottle of wine? You see punishment and reward go together So you must stop punishing yourself Think about it… You don’t meet vegans who say well, I’ve been such a good vegan for ages now So I’m going to reward myself in a big fat juicy steak That’s ridiculous. Why? Because vegans are not punishing themselves. They have chosen that way of eating because it’s what they want It’s what they desire When you’re not punishing yourself, you don’t need a reward People who diet fill their heads with what they want but can’t have… and when your head is filled with something and then you just deny yourself that thing… you suffer from a sense deprivation, which is a punishment The other big thing that makes people struggle to lose weight is that their reasons are incorrect Things like… “my friend or my sister is three sizes smaller than me And I want to be her size or even smaller”… or… “I must be slimmer than the mother of the groom at my daughter’s wedding” Sound familiar? “I must look the part to fit in with a particular group of friends” Or even “I must get the approval of my partner or my father or even my mother”….. I promise you, if your reason to lose weight is to impress someone else, that is not a reason that will help you! ……..In fact reasons like that are usually more destructive and actually make your problems even worse I’m going to show you how you can succeed and how it can be easy Your body does so many wonderful things for you. It keeps you going every day, It strives to achieve health even when your choices do not make it easy for it! What do you do to your body in return? You hate it, you criticize it and then you try to force it into submission! Can you imagine that forgiving yourself first and learning to love yourself again as you are right now could help? Can you imagine that with this new found self-appreciation, You could be kinder to yourself and choose a fitness and nutritional plan that you actually enjoy And you can therefore sustain? Learn how not to hate yourself learn how never to deprive yourself and then lose weight in the process How? By changing how you represent things to yourself. That is a hugely trans-formative part of what you will learn Learn to see eating better and working out as a way of loving yourself. It makes the journey easy and so enjoyable Imagine words like I have chosen to do this and I’ve chosen to feel great about it Or I’ve chosen to eat whole natural foods I’ve chosen to love them and I’ve chosen to feel great about it when you say or even think “oh Look, she’s having cake” or “he’s having pizza and I love those but I mustn’t have them. I just can’t”……. Your mind starts to say “eat that cake” or “just have a slice of pizza. Come on just have one slice” Why does it do that? Because you said that you want it but you can’t have it! Learn how to rephrase and re-present those thoughts to yourself in a way that your mind and your goals are all on the same track, on the same highway towards that ideal size that you should be at I’m going to show you how to achieve your ideal size by teaching you how to change those thoughts and representations in your mind Here’s another thing. I’d like you to think about Has eaten cakes or chocolate or pizza or whatever your treat is made you happy so far? It may have distracted you for a while while it was in your mouth It may have given you a few moments of enjoyment as you tasted it, but has it made you happy? Has it fulfilled you? Here! So is it going to make you happy or fulfill you in the future? It isn’t is it? It’s very simple; first you must change the words that you use You cannot continue by saying that you’re cutting out this or that or never ever eating cake again Or that you’re going to force your body to burn off calories at the gym You must learn to use powerful positive language Remember, I’m choosing to eat whole foods and foods that nourish me rather than foods that punish my body Or I’m choosing to stick to this plan and I feel great about it I’m choosing this fitness plan because I really enjoy it and I know how it benefits my body and best of all I am choosing to do this because I’m a great person and I deserve to be my best I I Will teach you not only how to use those words But how to install those beliefs into your mind so that they become a part of who you are When you fill your head with all the things that you are not allowed then the resistance just increases… of course it does When you fill your head with the positives of what you’re aiming for, then your mind will begin to work with you rather than against you This journey can be easy It does not have to be one of force and deprivation, which only makes you want those things more During the course We’ll also cover the importance of putting IN good food before you focus on taking OUT the bad food We all tend to start with what we must cut out rather than putting great nutrition into our bodies first We’ll also cover the tricky topic of how to cope with your social life and still stick to a plan This area is so often a minefield for many of us, and putting in great nutrition most of the time is what really helps you to incorporate dinner parties and social events easily into your life without feeling like you’ve destroyed it all And then when you feel like you’ve destroyed it all, you say, “I’ve messed up I give up” and you revert back to your old unhealthy habits, we don’t want that! Another thing that really helped me was when I improved my shopping lists to only healthy foods. And yes all your mum’s out there there who still have kids at home; it is better for them to! We’ll learn about why sugar is so hard to resist and why we should keep it out of our lives as much as possible Think about it, people who’ve given up smoking don’t keep a packet of cigarettes on their coffee table! Recovering or recovered alcoholics don’t keep booze in their cabinet! So help yourself out here remove junk food and sugary treats if not totally out of your home, then at least as a start, keep them out of sight or locked away and make someone else keep the key to the cupboard We’ll talk about the combination of sugar and fat ….a terrible combination. We’ll talk about it to help you to understand just how unnatural and unhealthy their particular combination is and why you must avoid it as much as possible Then we’ll implement the 10 principle into your life Now some studies say that 10 days is how long that it takes on average for your body to start liking and even wanting new foods or drinks? that perhaps you really disliked before let’s say for example coffee or tea without the sugar….. Now I don’t agree with that theory as it is. You see I went to a boarding school and I can assure you that months and months and months of getting certain foods every day did not make me like them or want them, not boarding school food! However, I was a young girl who everyday as those foods were served to me told herself Eeeough, yuck. I hate this! The 10 principle can work but you need to use the right words with yourself it’s the power of words that I keep talking about For example, every day that you sip on your coffee without sugar (if that’s what you’ve tried to improve on) you say “Oh, I like this… yummy. I love the strong warm bitterness and I feel good about it” We’ll also discuss how to start a new fitness plan that you enjoy When you start with a plan that you can cope with and enjoy you’ll be amazed at how it evolves and grows as you lose weight and get fitter. Always remember, punishing yourself on regimes that you do not like, does not work, it’s not sustainable. Don’t punish your body, work with it When you work with your body to create a regime that is healthy and enjoyable. You will feel great Nobody feels great when they are punishing themselves Change your mind to work with your body to make weight loss enjoyable. When you learn how to represent those regimes as choices…. Choices that you have made as ways of the loving supporting and celebrating yourself… Before too long you’ll find that you’ve become one of those people who does enjoy all those healthy habits and foods Remember your body is so supportive! When you do one simple thing that is good for your body like a daily walk or some yoga…Your body does so many things for you in return Stop feeling bad and hating yourself and feeling guilty when you make one mistake that makes you just revert back to punishing your poor body by eating rubbish or binge eating again. Don’t do that Love yourself Implement new habits, even one at a time if that’s all you believe if you can manage, and then congratulate yourself for what you’ve done right…. every single step of the way Celebrate……. Celebrate all your little micro wins You’ll find that it becomes easier easier to add new habits until suddenly. You have a fabulous regime that you’re loving, It’s been easy, and it’s giving you results The 6-week online course is a truly mind shifting experience Learn how to change your mind and then change your size…….I’m beyond excited to be working with you. Thank you so much for watching You can sign up for the course at the link showing above. That’s We’re going to have a blast and your mind is going to be opened up to new amazing outcomes that you’re going to love……. I Say it again. Thank you for watching and see you soon

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