Changes to blood glucose meters for diabetes

Starting next February we will be funding a choice of four CareSens blood glucose and ketones meters, until 2022. These meters will be used every day, by people with diabetes. CareSens N and N POP meters will continue to be funded. These are the meters most people currently use. These will be joined by the CareSens N Premier meter. We’re also funding CareSens Dual which measures both blood glucose and ketones for people with type 1 diabetes. Freestyle Optium and Accu-Chek meters will be phased out. If you are currently using a CareSens II meter and eligible for funding, your community pharmacy can change your meter to one of the funded ones. All these meters have been tested, and meet international standards for accuracy and performance. Changes begin from 1 February, and there will be a 6-month changeover period. We’ll be working with Pharmaco, the NZ supplier, to provide information to diabetes clinics, pharmacies and general practice, to help people who will be changing. Go to our website to find more information about this change.

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