Changing Raldey remote from MPH to Km/H and vice versa

Here I have my raldey second-generation and I’ll be showing you how to change your remote from kilometers to miles and vice versa So here’s the manual just press The board for 6 7 seconds and the remote here I have miles per hour on my remote so first, it’s all on click and hold the board and remote to power off Now click and hold the remote and hold that board as well Now it’s saying remote pairing then just click and hold the board once again Until it says remote paired And now it gives you an option from km/h and mph Use the flashlight button to switch between both to them then click on the power button to select which one you want Here I have km/h so now I’m gonna go from kilometers to miles power off once again Click and hold on the remote and click and hold on the board You can release the remote and hold the board button. It says it’s paired and choose what you want So I clicked miles per hour It was hard to focus but it works You click on power button to confirm and here’s your remote it shows you miles Raldey Gen 2 And then here’s some pictures and miles per hour And kilometers per hour. Thanks for watching

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